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Memories of Sascha Hodges
From Frisbee catcher to senior lady I loved every day we spent together. I most every day rushed home to be with you and your excitement could be heard around the block. Those 8 hours must have seemed as 8 days to you. You truly are the only child I ever had and with your leaving, you took a good part of my heart. A love so pristine totally enveloped me when I arrived, but now things are quiet and I must go on. I catch myself looking for you, around the counter, thru a door, or waiting for me somewhere on the floor. I miss you baby girl, your daddy really misses you. Baby, if I could have cured your cancer, I would have done anything.

Tribute to my child
It has been a year since you left, yet still I wonder if I had truly done my best. Your love gave me every hope our days would continue on, then I came home only to find you had gone. I wanted to help you, to bring you back, to slowly wake you from your nap. Your crumpled body through glassy eyes I did slowly rearrange, as I wanted not to cause you any more pain. I gazed at you and stroked you too trying to sooth whatever you had gone through. I noticed my tears falling to the floor, first one then many more. Why did I leave and not go away, I wish to have noticed you needed me to stay. I miss your greeting at the front door, your love and excitement I had hoped to experience many more. You left a mark on my heart and even a void that tears it apart. Baby I will miss you till my time has come, then hope to find you in the heavens high above. I will search the universe all over and for eternity hope to find, this little girl who brought me so much love yet had to leave me behind.

Tony Hodges 05/2017

Your love was more true than most any human I ever knew.

Thanks mom, love you too.

Time with you;

You came into my life and immediately turned it so very bright. Never in world did I have a child such as you, Sascha baby your love was the finest of true. From the beginning til the end you were my constant companion, the best of friends. If you would have had your way, from your side I would never have strayed. Home with you was your dream come true. I remember your pout when I had to go out, but inside I hurt too and wished I could have remained with you.
When I returned your joy burst through and I am sure the neighbors heard you too. I had no doubt as you circled about, your world was complete and your daddy gleamed. Contentment returned and your heart was no longer concerned daddy was home, all to your own.
You enjoyed a dance around the pool and getting in too, the Frisbee or a ball with dad you felt you had it all. To sit and watch for hours on end your daddy looking at a thing called a book, even in this you found happiness and bliss. I loved every minute I spent with you for I found the same comfort in us two.
Now the days I spend alone and at times put off going home. The joyful greeting at the front door I sit knowing it is no more. In the car I wait for a minute, to prepare for the silence of which I continue to bare penance. This fact is hard to swallow and it leaves me with a sense of being bare and hollow. You enriched my life greatly, without measure without fake means so now I will forever hold you in high esteem.

You knew how to love perfectly, even our bond was perfect. I miss you!

Your dad's Birthday, wish you were here. 07/13/2017
Miss you girl
A little red boy is coming(Jax).

You still get me girl, you were so special! I miss YOU!
3 months today, love and miss you girl. Sweet pie.
First cool morning of the year's end(09/07/2017). I miss you baby girl and our routine of sitting out and enjoying.
Happy Birthday baby girl, love and miss you! Sat 09/16/2017
I miss you girl, it hurts. My only child.
you were perfect, what a pick I made.
There are days I wish to be with you! We could run together to the shores of Worlds far away. To have no fear, only peace and contentment each and every day. I MISS YOU!

Coming up to six months. Ever so and Ever now, I miss you as much.
1st year coming up, miss you baby girl!

Hey baby 1 year since you had to leave me, sweet girl. I wish you were here. Your daddy is becoming disabled and had to retire. I could be with you all day now and the comfort you would provide would be so great. You and I hugging I bed. I miss you angel girl, pumpkin head, sweet baby, darlin'. Wish I could kiss you and hold you tight. What a bond we had. May 25th, 2018.

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