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Memories of SAMBA NYAK
3-10-95 -- 5-06-03 Our Dearest Samba Nyak, I remember the day I brought you home eight years ago. You were such a feisty little puppy and already head strong. You were definitely the Alpha Female. I knew you liked your freedom when I came home from work one day to find you had ripped up every piece of linoleum off the floor and the wall paper off the wall as high as you could reach. I guess the kitchen wasn't big enough for you being blocked in. After that you had the run of the house and you behaved yourself. Nonetheless, you had already started to find a big place in my heart and life. I know you enjoyed our many walks together through all kinds of weather especially the snow. I should have named you Houdini because you were the best escape artist I had ever seen. I couldn't turn my back on you for one second if you were off the run. Either through an open gate or your leap over the three foot fence you kept me in shape by chasing and trying to catch you for miles at times. Even thought you were bad at times you still received your beloved Pig Ears twice a week. You were by far the smartest and most beautiful Husky I have ever seen. You had a vocabulary of about 80 words in different languages. You never ceased to amaze me or others with your intelligence. In August 1997 I transferred to Spain with the Navy and you traveled with me. I still remember your Husky scream when they took you off the plane and were bringing you into the terminal. The Spanish people thought someone was getting killed when they heard you. But once you saw me and knew you were safe did you calm down. You no longer had your squirrels to chase in your big yard but you found a new pastime chasing Geckoes. You were very persistent but never caught a squirrel or Gecko. You always made your rounds with me to the Spanish Cafés and Restaurants because the Spanish people were nice enough to let you tag along. And they always gave you treats like -- Jamon, pico's, and your favorite Spanish cheese. I'll never forget the day we went swimming in the Atlantic and you decided you wanted to swim to Africa. I had to tow you in to shore from about 200 yards out. Later that 30 foot leash kept you closer to shore and less swimming for me. We had many good memories from Spain except for you developing your agonizing allergies. When we returned to the U. S. in 2000 we took you to the Puppy Dermatologist and made you feel better. I know you didn't like me giving you two injections every three weeks but you were a brave girl and knew the shots would stop your itching and scratching. I knew you enjoyed your many baths because you would always be waiting for me in the bathtub. Then your new Mommy came into your life and she loved you as much as you loved her. It gave me great pleasure to see both of you cuddled up together, taking your long walks playing together and you joining us on our many trips away from home. When you suddenly got really sick and the Dr said you were suffering terribly Mommy and I had to make the toughest decision of our lives. Extending your life would only deny you the quality of life you deserved. That was the toughest day of our lives Samba Nyak and not one day passes where we don't think about you or mention your name. I have to tell you what I did after your passing in my arms at the Dr's office (Mommy was crying too much and very upset to be there with you and me). I had your beautiful, curly tail cut off and had it treated by a taxidermist. Some people thought it was morbid but it came out beautiful as if you were still wearing it. It lays next to your ashes in the living room next to your lazy boy chair. I pet it every day and talk to you. Our precious Samba. You are truly missed by Mommy and me and we will meet again one day at the Rainbow Bridge where you, Mommy and me will exchange many hugs and kisses. Rest in Peace our beloved pet and member of our family, and know you have brought so much joy and happiness to our lives. We miss you terribly!!!! Daddy & Mommy 05/06/2009 Our precious Samba. Today is the day you left us six years ago. Not one day goes by that Mommy and Me don't think about you. You are truly missed and I still pet your beautiful tail every day. I am glad I kept it as a tribute to my beautiful girl. Rest in peace our beautiful, missed, precious Girl. We will join you one day. Until then Rest in Peace. Daddy and Mommy & Tristan & Trevor (Your Brothers) 05/06/2014 Our dearest Samba. Mommy and I had tears in our eyes yesterday and today thinking of our beautiful girl and all the great love and memories you provided us. Your brothers Tristan and Trevor will never take your place but we've grown to love them as we did you. Rest in peace our precious girl and know that we will join you one day. Mommy and Daddy XOXOXOXO

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