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Memories of Samantha Jane
11/11/05 Samantha, today you went to Rainbow Bridge to join Boots and Misty. It was time. You were our link to all of our furbabies and you remained so for 21 years and 2 months. I can't imagine a time when you were not part of our family. You were our once in a lifetime cat. Half Siamese and a beautiful calico with a white muzzle and a little pink nose you were exquisite. Frightened by a possum into our window well and frightened by a basket ball player who rescued you, you were only 6 weeks old when we met. I think even then that you knew that we needed you as you came to us on the very day that Boots went to Rainbow Bridge. I know that your spirits talked to each other. Now you will finally get a chance to meet. Little did we plan on having a cat, but you picked us and stayed for 21 years. You had no use for the outdoors and that kept you safe. You were independent, definitely not a cuddle cat and very determined and with lots and lots of personality. That determination has kept you going. You had a wonderful purr and I loved when you licked me with that little rough tongue. Shy around visitors, especially men, you had your hiding places. You loved to eat and loved to talk to us. Your favorites were tuna and I could count on you to beg food when we ate, especially tuna, eggs, bacon, cheese, and chicken. You loved catnip and crumpled up balls and climbing on things, You put up with first one new dog and later another who would try to herd you as if you were a sheep, plus another cat. You stood your ground. In recent years your favorite place was right in front of the refrigerator, where you would keep warm. I could always find you there. If your dinner were not on time you would come and tell me insistently. You were such a presence and the house seems so empty without you. I will especially miss your talks with me and not having anyone to share tuna with. Your very presence is what made you so unique. Last night, before you left us you curled up with me on the sofa for the entire night, something I had always wished you would do but never did before. What a wonderful memory. I know Misty and Boots were there to greet you when you arrived and show you around. You are able to move around again and I am sure there is a supply of tuna there as well. I know that you will be looking down on us to be sure things are OK. Someday we will meet again at the bridge, and til then we will talk like this. We love and miss you. Daisy and Lucky send their love. With all our love, Your people.11/30/05 Samantha, I know you have only recently arrived at Rainbow's Bridge but I must ask you to watch over another furbaby who will all too soon be arriving at the bridge. His name is Max and he was the dog who did therapy work with your sister, Misty, and in fact was even "married" to her in a mock wedding. He is very ill and I pray that his time left will be as peaceful and comfortable as possible. When his time comes, please welcome him. Misty will introduce you. We now have your ashes in a beautiful urn to match that of Boots and Misty. I look for you daily in your special place. We all love you and miss you so much. Your people. 12/12/05 Samantha, today Dorothy helped Max to cross over to Rainbow Bridge. It was time. Misty will look for him and introduce you. I know you will become friends. Please look for them. We miss you so much. Lucky & Daisy are doing well. Wih all our love, Your people

Please also visit Colorado Mist, Daisy, Lucky and Max.

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