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Memories of Sam
Our Sam was an extraordinary dog. He understood more words than we wanted him to so we resorted to spelling things we didn't want him to understand. Sam always had a bit of trouble sitting up, but he always tried and from that he learned to put his paws on our shoulders when we would stoop down and from that came the Sam Hug. He loved wrestling with his Daddy, chasing his Mommy's feet and getting Mommy Lovin' which was scratching behind his ears and under his chin when Mommy was sitting on the sofa. Sam loved watching the squirrels at the feeder in the backyard, but his favorite part was getting to chase them when he was outside. His favorite treat in the world was his evening "frozen confectionary treat" (that's Daddy talk for Popsicle). One summer we brought some Popsicles home and gave Sam a taste. He was hooked and Daddy was a sucker for Sam's big brown eyes so from there, the evening after dinner ritual of Daddy and Sam sharing a Popsicle began.

Sam was loving, protective and gentle. We all loved Sam deeply and he loved us all back the same, but it was no secret that Sam was his Mommy's boy. He rarely left my side. If I was sick or hurt, he was right with me making sure I was safe. Sam was far from perfect as he never could quite understand when it was OK to bark and when it wasn't. Before "Sissy" left for college, Sam used to chase her feet and play with her when she got off the school bus at the end of the day. After Sissy left for college, Sam missed her so much that he would sit outside her bedroom door and stare at it. He would even "ask" to go into her room and see if she was there. When Sissy came home from college to visit, Sam would get so excited to see her again and barked so sadly as she pulled out of the driveway to leave again.

The day he died he gave us the most special gift of all. Mommy and Daddy had cried until they thought they were out of tears. Sam wanted to send them a message, so a storm came up, the sun came out and the most beautiful rainbow with raindrop glitter appeared outside. Mommy cried, Daddy cried but they both knew that it meant Sam was safe at the Rainbows Bridge. Mommy ran in and grabbed her camera to take pictures of this miracle gift that Sam had given them. We'll still be sad, we'll still cry and the house will forever be empty without Sam's beautiful face to keep us happy and safe but we know without a doubt that he's waiting for us at the Rainbows Bridge: he showed it to us.

Sam was a busy boy after he went to Rainbows Bridge. He knew we were heartbroken and needed a fur baby in our house. Three weeks later, Sam sent Mommy to the Animal Control Center. There she found a beautiful, loving new fur baby who would be named Gracie. Gracie talks to Sam every day. We think, no we're certain, that Sam is giving her all the tips she needs to get her way with Daddy and to give Mommy the love and puppy kissies she misses.

Today is January 5, 2009. While I'm not one to give into mourning losses, this date does send me back. I won't let it send me back to this day two years ago, though. We choose to remember my beloved Sam when he was strong, healthy and doing all the things we loved about him. Daddy chuckled when he remembers how you used to go to the pile of old sweatshirts, pick up one, drop it in his lap and so very clearly, said "Let's have a go, Daddy!" Sending a big sloppy kiss and bear hug to our boy today, Love Mommy & Daddy. Gracie sends her kissies, too.

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