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Memories of Robbie & Whitey

I was flying with the Flock to the local feeding station when suddenly my head felt light and I could barely fly in a straight line. As Flock Leader it was up to me to guide the other pigeons and to make sure there were no predators so that we could all land safely.

"I have´to rest. Someone else must take over - you, Blackwing. Will join you later if I can make it". But in my heart I knew something was terribly wrong and that I would never see my Flock again.

My human found me lying down under a crab-apple tree looking miserable.
"What is it, Whitey girl? You not too well today?

She scooped my helpless body up with one hand and lay me in a warm, dark bag with air-holes. I felt safe at last. But I worried about my Flock. Blackwing was capable but he was inexperienced. I felt bad about leaving them.

I was taken to the Vet. and nursed back to health by the human who took me into her home. But I could no longer fly and eating was difficult as I was so unco-ordinated. I could only manage to pick up seeds in a pile. There was another pigeon with the same disability and over the years we became firm friends - and mates. His name is Robbie.

We all lived as one happy family for about a year. Max, who had been with our human for 20 years, died early one cold January morning and Robbie and I were glad we were there to comfort her. We preened her fingers as Max used to do. Robbie stood beside her at Max`s burial.

Then disaster struck and our human was worried that the new rules banning us from our home would be enforced. She explained it all to Robbie who seemed to understand better than me the awful consequences of our being discovered. There was nowhere else for us all to live and Tessa said she would not pass us on to anyone else.

As I speak she is holding me in her arms - stroking my head - and a pleasant drowsiness is coming over me. Tessa said that when I wake up I`ll be able to fly again - and that Robbie and I will be together - I`ve had such a happy life - now all I want to do is sleep .....


"Hallo! I`m Whitey`s friend. We lived with Tessa for at least 10 years - very happily. We had our own `set-up` in the bathroom and were free to come and go. I`m house-trained so kept her busy clearing up after what I left on the plastic mats in the living room.

My human found me running in circles in the busy traffic of London`s Edgware Road. She took me to the Vet. who diagnosed my state and said I could live happily as a pet but could never be released. I had the same pigeon illness, which affects the nervous system, as Whitey, my beloved mate.

I knew Max, her first pigeon, for about a year before he died of old age. There was some jealousy because he regarded Tessa as his mate. But on the whole we got on. I stood beside her when she buried Max in the special plant pot where we are now at rest. She seemed surprised that I understood what was happening.

For 10 years Whitey and I shared her life - going `house-sitting` with her at the place where she used to live. We had an indoor and an outdoor `arrangement` and enjoyed running around in the enclosed back yard - always looking out for the local cats. We enjoyed showering in the rain and basking in the Summer sun. And she called us her `clown birds` because we are so entertaining when we play together.

But all this had to end when she found out that our lives would be in danger if she kept us with her. It has broken her heart but she has done what is right for us. In a minute the Vet. will be here. Tessa loves me holding her finger in my beak and I know she is going to miss our `quiet times` together and the long talks we had - especially at night .....
The Vet. was well recommended and made us all feel relaxed. She was the best Tessa could find and really cared about pigeons. And she understood completely our dangerous situation. Whitey has gone to sleep and is waiting for me to join her. Tessa says when we wake up we`ll both be well again and able to fly. We`ll be with Max - and with her - one day.

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