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Memories of Ricco
Good Morning buddy, it has been a week since you left. I am sorry I did not have the
strength to write sooner. Tears are running down my face as I type.
I miss you every minute of the day. You are the best friend I ever had. I will never forget
all the traveling we did together. Wait for me I WILL see you at the bridge.

I will visit you as much as I can,
All my love, DAD

6/1/2016 Hey Bubba, just got home from vet with your ashes. Still crying, miss you terribly.
All my love, Dad
6/5/2016 Morning Bubba, Great news, messaged mommy and she found a bunch of pictures.
Uploaded a couple. MISS YOU SOOOOOO MUCH. So grateful for the pics mom saved.
Still hurting, I love you, DAD
6/12/2016 Good morning my boy, I was on the road this week and missed you every minute.
I am still in a fog, cannot do anything without thinking of you. Love, dad
6/19/16 My baby, almost a month. the pain is deep, the sorrow immeasurable. I am lost
without you. Be a good man, love dad.
6/23/16 Bubba, It has now been 1 month since your body has left for the bridge. I am crying less
but the heartache is still there. I am so grateful for the time we shared. I think of you
everyday, and will continue to do so. I will love you eternally, dad
7/7-16 HAPPY BIRTHDAY my baby. I miss you. Think of you every day. Tears are slowing down
heartache not so much. I remember all the great times we had and am grateful that you
were with me. Nothing will weaken my love for you. With all my heart, dad
8/19/16 Hey bubba, I have thought of you every day. I would give everything for just one moment
With you again. I am crying now again. It's funny, I cannot remember being without you.
I do not let go well. I stop by your residency often, just to talk to you. I miss you
with all my being. Forever, your dad.......
10/25/16 My boy, have missed you. Tears are flowing again, thinking of you every day.
Pain is subsiding, void in my heart, not so much. I love you.... Dad
11/25/16 Hey my Angel, been 6 months, can't believe it. Think of you every day,
I miss you so much....... dad
1/22/17 Hey buddy, 8 months apart, wow. Still tear up when here. Think of you everyday.
All my love, dad
2/25/17 Hey LUM. still choke up when I visit. Think of you every day.
My heart misses you...... dad
03/26/17 Yesterday was dad's first birthday without you in aa long time.
Still missing you... love, dad.
5/23/17 I cannot believe a year has passed. The void of your leaving has not been filled.
Your face is what I see when I rise and before I sleep.
Love you with all my heart........... dad
07/07/17 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BOY.... Miss you every day, always thinking of you.
Mushka is starting to slow down, fearful of the day he gets the call to
the bridge. Love you forever.....dad
9/14/17 My Boy, Been busy looking for final resting place. Miss you much.
Tearing up again.......... Love, dad
11/5/17 Hey bubba, thinking of you again, saw a red cocker, looked just like you.......
I love you, dad
12/29/17 Christmas has come and gone, how I wish you were with me....
Love you, dad
02/08/2018 Good morning baby, been a while. Still think of you every day, getting along
ok. I know you and uncle Val are having a blast...... love, dad
05/23/18 HELLO BUBBA... my gosh it has been 2 years already. I miss you every day and cannot wait to see you at the Bridge. Still get emotional coming here to visit with you. You are always in my thoughts, All my love, dad........

07/07/18 HAPPY BDAY BUBBA, Sure do miss you. Mushka still with me, he is ok.
I love you, dad
10/3/18 Hey You, saw another cocker looked just like you...........
All my love, dad

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