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Memories of Rebel
I am a 79 year old man who still cries at times over the loss of the only dog really his. I was a junior in high school, age 15 when my parents gave me a boxer puppy. Officially registered to me as Shenandoah Rebel Belle she was always Rebel and provided with some of the happiest moments in my life. We did everything together until I went to college and even then I got home as often as possible. So many stories I could tell and when I look at pictures of her there are times when I do get choked up. Even cry, but always in private. I had plenty of friends, but no one loved me the way she did in high school and college. Yes, I had a very active date life, but preferred gals who were also dog lovers. We both saved each other's life in two different circusmtances. When I started my career as a teacher there was no way I could take her as I roomed in a private home 130 miles away. Sadly my second year of teaching my dad called to tell me she died. It was with a heart attack and sadly that happens too often to boxers. I sometimes wonder if she died of a broken heart from missing me. Since then I have been happily married, two children and five grandchildren. I married a cat person though we did have one dog, a half Lab, half Akita who lived 16 years who was more a family dog devoted to my wife. I do love cats and we have always had them. It is just that in recent years, despite more blessings than I deserved for God to give me, it is the memories of Rebel that have set me off more than any past family member. This despite having loving parents and other relatives, I was an only child. Perhaps Rebel represents in my mind that family love. I have to believe there are animals in Heaven including pets. I do want to see my Rebel again.

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