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Memories of Raider
To: Emmo,
Emmy; Daddy and I are so sad about Raider,...and we are so sorry for you and for Brendan. He was just a wonderful doggie, and such a wonderful part of our life. He will be so greatly missed. As I told you before - you don't ever have to get over it. Raider will always be a part of you. We were lucky to have been chosen by God to be his family for his life on Earth. I'm thankful we were shown the way to the LAB RESCUE,..and that they chose us to adopt him. We were the lucky ones. Raider would probably miss us, too, but he's probably so relieved to be out of pain and struggle. He would not want us to grieve. And he will understand when it's time to get a new puppy. In fact, somehow I think Raider will give us a sign when it's time to take on a new member into our family - and it will be in his spirit that we do so. We love you Emily. You are sad now, because you have a loving and beautiful heart. You will feel stronger - I promise you. It won't always be so dark. Love to you,

- Mom & Dad

To: Brendan,
Dear Brennie;Dad and I want you to know how very much we will miss Raider in our family life. What a wonderful addition he was for us, and it was all because of you! It was you who wanted a doggie in our household, and we got Sparky. Sparky barely had a chance at life, but we helped him as best we could - just like we did for Raider. Because of Sparky, we were led to meet Raider. I think it was a GodPlan. Then we went through the adoption process for Raider, and his LAB RESCUE chose us to be his family. We were so lucky, and so blessed. Like all the blessings you bring to us - Raider was one of them. I remember training him at Highland Oaks school - while you were playing Little League. It was so fun to bring him to your games. He loved going to the ballpark. He will be greatly missed. But I know that there is a place in your heart,& in our family to adopt and love another pet. Just like Sparky led us to Raider - Raider will guide our next adoption. When the time is right - we will know. It will just be right. It's a GodPlan - I'm sure of it.

Please know, we did everything humanly possible for Raider - and so did his wonderful doctors - all three vet's, Dr. Prescott, Dr. Shaw, and the wonderful Dr. White, and all of their staff - and even the emergency Vet and staff, too. And when Dr. White called me at work - there you were, right with me. I think it had to have been a God Plan - that you would have stopped into my office at the exact moment of the vet's phone call - to learn of our loss, together, just as we celebrated together when Raider came into our life. How lucky to have had such a wonderful pet - who was so deeply loved and appreciated by all those around him!! - all our family - even Bumpy, and Joel the tree trimmer, Carmelo our gardener, our neighbors, our friends, your friends, and even people who didn't like dogs liked Raider. Dr. White was so, so sorry and sad for us. He worked so hard to save him. It was just time for Raider to pass over Rainbow Bridge. Keep your faith, Brendan. I'm pretty sure that we won't be sad forever. We won't ever forget Raider, but still, we will be able to find joy again - and our hurt won't be quite so heavy then. It's all in God's Plan. We Love You,

- Mom and Dad

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