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Memories of Poofie
Poofie was a beautiful young cat from the shelter we rescued when she was almost a year old. When we went to get a cat, we walked through the main room of cats and saw so many beautiful little friends...then we heard a meowing coming from the infirmary. We asked about cats in that room and were told that that was where the sick cats were.

We walked in and there she was...she was in a cage and was suffering from an upper respiratory infection. Prior to being at the shelter, she lived with an old woman who had passed away. Out of all of the kitties there, she called to us before she even laid eyes upon us. She began slamming her head and body up against the cage and we knew she was meant to come home with us. We fell in love with her on the spot.

We took her home and later that night when we had dinner, she stood up next to me on her hind legs and started to beg. My heart melted. I picked her up and gave her kisses and then some kitty treats. The next day she hopped up on the counter and stole a loaf of bread...she bit into the bag and dragged it under my desk. I gently picked her up and told her she never had to do that again, then I gave her more kitty treats and refilled her food bowl.

As she got older, she took over the whole house. She was in charge and she knew it.

She would wake me up for breakfast; at lunchtime she'd look at me until I asked her "is it time for lunchy?" then she'd meow and we'd go in to the kitchen where I'd crack a can of her favorite food for her. At dinnertime she'd wait until I sat down to eat, then she'd sneak up behind me and start smacking me until I got up to take care of her. At night I'd sing "bedtime...bedtime..." and she'd come running from wherever she was in the house, hop up on the bed and take her place on her pillow behind my head.

I was so lucky and blessed to have my sweetest girl with us for over 8 years before stomach cancer took her back home to God. She was my best friend, my constant companion, my everything. She spent her days curled up next to me while I worked, her nights sleeping behind my head on her pillow.

She loved to eat, sit in her multiple window seats and soak up the sun, and watch the birds and squirrels. Together we would watch the trees and nature and enjoy our time together.

Poofie was loved by everyone who met her. Whenever someone would visit me, she would get very jealous and rub up against my leg until I picked her up so she was the center of attention.

I am completely heartbroken and devastated that she is gone. I prayed to God that I'd have her for 18 years, and I got 8. I am eternally thankful and grateful for every second I had with her.

I will never forget you Poofie...I will always hold you in my heart and I will be in love with you forever. I will miss you and think of you every day of my life...I can't wait to see you again.

Daddy loves you Poofie.



Update 3/12/15: Thank you everyone for your incredibly kind and loving messages. I have been struggling all week...I went to the grocery store this morning and when I walked past the cat food aisle I almost burst out crying. I am thankful and grateful for all of your messages...your kindness and support means the world to me. Poofie was my baby and I miss her more than words can express and I know you all understand. I feel like I was in love with love itself, and now that she is gone, her profound absence is crushing. I am saying prayers for all of you and I hope and pray with all of my heart that we will all meet our beloved babies when God calls each of us back home. I can't wait to see and hold Poofie again.

With Love to you all,

David (Poofie's Daddy)

Update 3/13/15: Today was very difficult, it was one week ago today that we learned of Poofie's terminal condition. I gathered up all of her cat food and treats, and gave it to my mom for her cat Lily who is now 17 years old. Lily went nuts for the treats and I know she will enjoy the food. I cried the whole way home after seeing Lily.

I miss Poofie with all of my heart.

I love you baby...

David (Poofie's Daddy)

Update 3/21/15: I picked up Poofie's ashes and paw print from the vet's today, it's been 2 weeks since she left us. I cried the whole way home after going to the vet.

I miss you Poofie with all of my heart.

I love you baby...

David (Poofie's Daddy)


Update 3/7/17: Today marks two years since my baby left and took a piece of my heart to heaven with her.

I think about you every day. I love you and can't wait to see you again.

Love you baby...

David (Poofie's Daddy)

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