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On Tuesday morning September 3 we sadly, after only being with us for six months, had to start our beloved Noah David on his way to the Rainbow Bridge due to an extremely aggressive Squamous cell carcinoma tumor at the back of his throat. The prognosis as indicated by our veterinarian was not good in any case. That Saturday morning as I was giving Noah his morning treats I noticed that he was having difficulty swallowing. I took him in first thing Monday morning for evaluation by our veterinarian and after giving Noah a little sleeping gas to allow for a definitive examination of his mouth and throat the vet called me into the surgical area and showed me this huge tumor in the back of his throat. I was stunned. The vet took a small amount of material from the tumor and went to examine it microscopically. He Indicated it was not good news at all. I took Noah home for his last day to spend with the family so we could all say our goodbyes and get prepared for the next day. When I arrived the next morning the staff had closed off one of the examination rooms and had put a very nice tapestry blanket on the exam table and they all came in and gave him hugs and kisses.
Noah came into our lives the last week of January of this year. We had just sent our beloved fur baby Maxwell David go to the Rainbow Bridge five weeks before on Christmas Day. He was Kathy's constant companion for his 10 years. I had sent out his picture to various friends and rescue centers in our area and had received a reply back from a lady in one of these rescue organizations from a nearby town. She indicated she had seen Maxwell's picture and that she had a fur baby up for adoption that looked a lot like Maxwell. His name was Noah and he was in a viewing area at a pet smart store. I made arrangements to come and meet Noah the next day.
I met him the next afternoon and as soon as I saw him and we made eye contact we were connected. I inquired as his history how he came to be up for adoption. I was told that he somehow ended up at the Humane Society in June of last year. During their initial examination was discovered that Noah had dental issues that required some of his teeth to be removed. It was noted that they were not able to remove all the affected teeth due to the lack of required instruments. In July he was given out for adoption to the rescue organization where he was cared for until we adopted him on January 17.
On his initial full physical examination under the care of our veterinarian Noah was found to be in good health except for the fact that for six months he had four bad teeth that needed extraction. After that little episode Noah seemed very happy that he had finally come to a permanent home where he had other fur babies to play with, plenty of food and lots of love. We think at first he was kind of in disbelief that he was really where he was. When I brought him home after his dental surgery and after his follow-up appointments he would always venture out of his carrier with this look of" am I really in the same place that I left from?" He bonded well with our precious little boy Bear and their favorite thing was to lie together at the front door when I would leave the interior door open and the sun would shine in on both of them as they lay there together. He had also started the same trait that Maxwell used to do by jumping up on the arm of the couch next to me and would sit there and look at me and it was almost as if he was letting me know that he was profoundly happy now.
I personally, besides being heartbroken was angry because I justified it in my mind that Noah had been robbed of the remainder of his life being in a safe stable loving home especially since we had no idea what his life must've been like before he came to us. The reality is that life goes on, no matter what and life doesn't really care. The final truth is that Noah had six good months of being loved and cared for unconditionally. I still have some internal conflicts about why after he had finally come to a place that he deserved why he was only here for such a short time. Kathy and I talk about that conflict almost every day and I am sure that I will be able to come to resolution over time. The thing that I remember the most about Noah that always makes me smile is the look on his face the first day I ever met him when we made eye contact,it was as if he was saying" will you please get me out here".
I will always remember him for that special occasion. Bear obviously misses him a lot also, because when I open the inner door so the sun can shine in he will go and lay in it, but in a new spot. Bunny and JoJo were always a little apprehensive around Noah especially when it was time to eat. They would both kind of set next to each other and stare at Noah when he came down to his eating spot.He would just sort of stop for a second, turn and look at them.The expression on his face was kind of like Cleghorn Leghorn the cartoon rooster who used to say" don't bother me now boy, I'm busy". Noah brought a smile to our faces every day he was here. We shall never forget him and he has taken his place next to all our other precious fur babies that have traveled to the Rainbow Bridge where I hope they all were gathered together to meet Noah at his arrival. Noah David our beloved cat never to be forgotten. We will meet you when our chores are done. So, another life experience has been completed. So Mote It Be!

Bob, Kathy, Bunny, Bear and JoJo


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