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Memories of Nanook
Today we lost Nanook to get his silver wings and join his brothers and sisters at the Rainbow Bridge. Nanook was 16 and had been in charge of our pack of huskies since he came to live with us as a baby pup. Nanook was the runt of his litter, with an inverted belly button, kennel cough, and a howl that caused the police to visit our house on more than one occasion for fear someone was being tortured or worse in our home. Nanook with his alpha female, Nya ran a pack of dogs sometime numbering more than 10 as we had rescues coming and going all the time, and for the most part, ran a pack of at least 6-8 for the last 16 years consistently.

Nanook has been fighting hip issues, incontinence issues and slowly succumbing to dementia, when his condition recently went downhill rapidly to where he was in so much pain he could not even sit down or lay down without howling in pain and then once he was down, it was excruciating to get back up if he was even able to do so. This was not the quality of life Nanook deserved so we brought in our amazing Dr. J. Something magical, amazing and a little scary took place as the doctor came to our home to take Nanook to the Rainbow Bridge........ once she arrived all of our other huskies, 4 of them now, who were spread all throughout the house as to not interfere with what Dr. J. came to do started barking. The bark that said get me out of this room, I know there is a visitor and I might want to play with them or eat them! Let me out! As Dr J. started to give Nanook the injections, all the random barking became in unison.... there became a deep howl, growl even by all of the huskies, girls and boys... a howl that was loud and ominous... as we held Nanook tight and told him we loved him, scratched his ears and pet him, the howl continued.... and got louder! As I was holding Nanook and felt his last breath, and felt the Dr touch me as if to express, its ok now.. the entire house went silent. Every husky, from the 4 corners of the house - silenced at once as if singing a song only they knew, which ended only when they knew it ended.

We were sitting in the middle of the living room, with the mighty Nanook, who we just realized had his entrance into the Rainbow Bridge announced by his remaining pack, as if to say, " Make way and make room, the mighty Nanook is on his way" we were all brought to tears instantly.. more than one would even think was possible on top of already crying for the loss of our best friend, our alpha pack leader. The only thing I can compare this to is a Star Trek episode where a Klingon died and at his ceremony, all the other Klingons started howling and yelling as they were announcing the passing of their warrior friend into Stovokor. I had thought back then how amazing that was, but they were all in the same room and it was tradition. Today I witnessed the exact same thing by 4 huskies, in all parts of the house who could not see each other, but knew what was going on in the living room they could not see, as they announced the arrival of their Alpha into The Rainbow Bridge. If anyone reading this ever thought or thinks huskies are ignorant or not pack animals, or at worst, are just dogs and have no feelings or don't know loss, you are 100% wrong. These animals are the most amazing, intelligent and compassion dogs I have ever hard the pleasure of knowing.

Today my Nanook went to live with his female alpha, and all of his pack. He stayed on and outlived all but one of his original pack of 7. He left Nubix a red and white husky behind who is now 11, in good health, and who gets more attention than any animal probably should. It was time for him to join is family and I know he is happy again now. Ninja, Nitrous and Nakita will all miss him like Nubix, however have already created their own pack under Nitrous, as Nanook had a black and white husky pack and now everyone is red and white or all white. Amazing again - or just coincidence? All I know is Nanook was an amazing friend and husky and we will miss him forever.

The Dad.

6/17/18 - Hey buddy, how you doing? you find Natasha, Nya, Nelix, Niko and Nikki ok? they were waiting on you up there! thank you so much for making sure the whole pack was safe before you left us, we miss you so much, but are so proud of you that you made sure everyone was safe and you fought till the end to be with us. Everyone still here misses you so much, and you will always be the Alpha, even though Nitrous thinks he is now. Everyone just looks and is " yeah right" as he prances around. We all know what is going on. Please take care of Natasha- she needs you every day. I will check back with you in a little bit, have a good time buddy, we miss you! The Dad.

4/9/2020 -Nanook- how you doing big guy? you taking care of everyone else till we meet up again right? I miss you so much buddy- you always looked at me like everything was going to be ok. I don't know right now buddy- but you have to take care of everyone till we meet up again ok? I got Ninja and Nitrous and Nakita for now, I will be back soon buddy, Love you- The Dad.

4/8/2021 - Hey buddy- whats happening? just visited with Nya, hope you are doing good. Its been a year, so sorry its been so long. Miss you so much!! Ninja is up there with you now, we miss him so much, he was just like you, such a good boy ALL the time. Take care of everyone buddy, can't wait for you to visit the new place, will have a big back yard!

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