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Memories of Molly
My dad and I found Molly at the pound, on March 11, 1995. She licked my face, and I knew she was the one for me. Molly rode in my truck like she was born to it. She was already trained, knew how to use the doggie door, took a drink from the toilet and jumped right up onto my bed within 5 minutes of coming through my front door. She plainly was happy to have found a home with me. What a joy she was. The vet said she was a lab/border collie mix, and I know mixed in there too was a big heart, lots of smiles, and unconditional love for me, no matter what. The last thing she did before she drifted away from me was to lick my hand, as if to tell me everything was ok. I miss her so very much.

9/4/07 - 2 weeks ago yesterday, Molly tamale, and I sure do miss you. Have you seen Miss Kelly yet? She probably won't hiss at you now, such a goofy bird she was, and so jealous when I brought you home. She did mellow, though, and learned to love you, too. You're back home here now, in time for Labor Day. I know you remember our Labor Day campouts!!! You and Jake have the place of honor in the livingroom, on Grandmother's precious tea cart...I know she's ok with that, in fact, today is her birthday! Wish her a happy one for me, ok? Love, Mom

9/17/07 - You've been away now for 4 weeks. I still see you at the fence watching me leave in the truck, and your little seat belt is still in your spot on the front seat. The weather is finally cooling down, your favorite time of year. Your chair is still by the firepit in the back yard, you always liked to sit in the chair or in my lap, though you were a bit large for a lap dog, and be warmed by the fire and enjoy the peaceful nights. The quail and bunnies still wait for me in the morning, but nothing's the same without you, my friend. xoxox, mom.

9/19/07 - Tomorrow marks one month since you left for the bridge. I thought it would get easier, but I still look for you at the door when I come home. When I lock the door at night I see you grabbing your snowman and running down the hall to jump in bed. All your toys were called 'snowman', even your tennis ball, which is still against the wall by the back door. Please share your toys with all your new friends, little one, and know you are loved and missed more than I can ever say. xoxoxo, mom

10/16/07 - Well, today is my birthday, and it is a sad day without you. It was a nice day spent with Dad, who misses you, too. In a couple days you will have been gone for 2 months. I miss you still, and not a day goes by that I don't think of you and smile and/or cry. Cousin Cathy lost her beloved Jasmine a couple days ago, so look for her and remember to share your toys and show her around, ok? xoxoxox, mom

11/13/07 - Hi, sweet pea. As you must know, Miss Ellie came to live here almost 2 weeks ago. I certainly had no idea I would have another dog so soon after you left. She needed a home, as her moms had their hands full with 2 other dogs and she needed special care. Ellie is a border collie, with a lot of your traits, but she was badly abused as a pup, and has a bad shoulder - like me - and is quite timid. She was nursed back to health by the ladies who gave her to me, and they did a great job. She has not touched anything of yours, except your tennis ball, and has decided to stay for awhile. I still miss you so, but she makes it easier to come home, and makes me smile. You'd like her, too, Molly tamale...xoxoxo, mom

12/19/07 - Tomorrow marks 4 months since you left for the bridge. The Christmas decorations are up, and your Christmas picture is up, too. I imagine all will miss your Christmas card this year, the tradition ends, but I certainly have a number of entertaining photos of you in your Christmas hat! I already miss you tearing open your present on Christmas morning...I hope you have lots to open from all your new friends at the bridge.....xoxox, mom

12/25/07 - Merry Christmas, my dear friend. I miss you so this day, but I know you are happy and enjoying all your new toys and friends. I sent my 'after Christmas' cards last evening. Your silly hat and 'I can't believe she made me wear this damned hat again' expression will be missed. Be well, and rest in peace on this blessed Christmas day...xoxox, mom

01/14/08 - Happy New Year, little one! A bit late, but I know you are ok with that....You are missed by all, your Christmas funny face made quite a few folks smile; many dear friends told me so. I hope you are enjoying your new flowers! xoxox, mom

02/15/08 - Sweet Pea, it is raining so much lately, I know how much you hated getting your feet wet. I know you are warm and dry and healthy, and that brings me comfort. I miss you, little one. xoxox, mom

3/11/08 - Happy Birthday, dear friend. Of course I didn't forget! I know you have lots of presents to open, remember to share! Have you met Trixie yet? She arrived befoe you did, and tells her dad it is really a great place. She says angels give good belly rubs, but it isn't quite the same. Enjoy your special day, and know you are always in my thoughts. xoxoxo, mom

3/23/08 - Happy Easter, Sweet Pea! I'll leave your Easter Tree up for awhile, it looks cute. I'll bet you finally are enjoying chocolate Easter eggs...I wouldn't share them with you here, but I'll bet you can have as many as you want now, and not get sick from them!! Eat up, little one, and have a few Peeps, too! Run and play and have fun....I miss you. xoxoxo, mom

4/17/08 - The year is flying by, Miss Molly! The grass is silly-high in the back yard, I remember you used to hate the weed eater....me too! Getting warmer, your blankets are off the bed and back into the closet until winter. Wasn't the same without you this cold winter, but Ellie did her best. She's quite respectful of your things, and still won't let me take her picture. Did you warn her about having to wear a Santa hat if she got too comfortable getting her picture taken????
Miss you...xoxoxo, mom

5/25/08 - Another month almost gone, my friend. You're in my thoughts as always, and I miss you so. You're in good company up there on this Memorial Day weekend....xoxoxo, mom

6/14/08 - Well, it's hot today, 111 or something like that. I know you don't miss that, in your heavy black coat. Stay nice and cool my little friend, and say hi to mom....she left us 8 years ago today and I know she would love to visit with you! xoxoxo, mom

7/17/08 - Busy times, little one. My art is selling, and our new business is taking shape. God has blessed me with so much, especially all the wonderful memories I have of you. My goodness, it's almost a year since you left for the bridge. I miss you, pup. xoxox, mom

8/20/08 - Dear sweet Molly. You left me 1 year ago today. I know you're there, healthy and smiling, and know it is the best for you, but it doesn't make me miss you any less, my friend. Share your toys and dust off your Santa hat...Christmas will be here before you know it! I miss you, sweet pea. xoxoxo, mom

10/15/08 - Well, Sweet Pea, it's been lovely and cool, chilly enough to get the penguins out...where did the year go? I know your happy, especially now that you can eat all the candy you want for Halloween! Tomorrow's my birthday, wish you could celebrate with me. Miss you, sweetie. xoxoxo, mom

12/7/08 - My goodness, where did November go? I know you enjoyed your turkey. Christmas decorations are going up today, I miss your funny pictures. That tradition went away when you left, sweet pea. I've decorated your spot, too...hope you like it! Added some Christmas music for you, too!!

12/25/08 - Merry Christmas, sweet pea. It's cold and rainy, I know you're warm and happy and playing with all your friends. It's been a wonderful year, and I am blessed with dear friends and family and a prosperous business. You must be up there whispering in God's ear...Miss Ellie is curled up at my feet watching over me, and she'll have none of the Santa hat nonsense. You trained her well! xoxoxox, mom

01/01/09 - Happy New Year, pup!! Your darling Christmas pics are wrapped and put away until later this year...celebrate 2009, and know you are missed and loved. xoxo, mom

04/17/09 - Oh my goodness, pup!!! I have not forgotten about you, I remembered your birthday in March, just didn't stop by...I know you understand!!! The weather is lovely, the time of year you like. Scamper is there now, he's my friend's cat, I know you'll take good care of him!! xoxox, mom

06/14/09 - Hi, sweet pea! Been such a cool June, I know your black coat isn't a bother now! Planted a veggie garden, more careful now with my health since the diagnosis...I know God will heal me! Ellie is very healthy and watches over me, as do you. Say hi to Mom, been 9 years since she left us. You are missed, my friend. xoxox, mom

07/26/09 - Sticky hot, my friend! I know you have some new friends to play with now, don't be too frisky around those horses, they're much bigger than you! God bless you, my dear friend. xoxox, mom

08/20/09 - My dear Molly...you're gone 2 years now, and it still seems like yesterday. As you know, my darling father, who loved you so, went home to be with God a week ago today. I know he stopped by and picked up his darling hunting dog Jude, and little Moose, too. The rest of the gang were waiting for him already, as I imagine mom picked them all up earlier. I hope you saw him, and he is ok...I miss him so, my heart is broken. Miss Ellie is at my side constantly, she understands...God Bless you, my friend. xoxoxo, mom

11/18/09 - I'm not doing very well without dad, but am adjusting, I guess. Not looking forward to Thanksgiving or Christmas, but I know you are - lots of treats for you, my friend! I think of you often, and miss you still....God Bless you, sweet pea! xoxox, mom

12/14/09 - Christmas is almost here, my friend. I hope you enjoy your treats, and all the stuffed animals you can handle! Thanksgiving was sad for me, but we made it through. Enjoy your tree...God Bless you. xoxoxo, mom

02/22/10 - Well. It's a new year and a lot of changes, but life goes on. Ellie has picked up on your trick with the rain. Did you tell her? Miss you, sweet pea. xoxox, mom

04/04/10 - Happy Easter, sweetie! No, I didn't forget your birthday last month, I know you had fun. Take good care of Bon Ami, his mom really misses him.... xoxox, mom

06/25/10 - Hi sweet pea! Well, it is sure summer now. Adjusting to many changes, but life goes on, and my memories of you bring me many smiles. Play nice and share your toys, ok? xoxoxo mom

08/20/10 - Gosh, my friend. You've been gone 3 years now....I do miss you, and hope you are happy and having lots of fun. I came across some pics of you today, darling as always. xoxoxo, mom

11/15/10 - Well, wrapped up the final paperwork for dad's stuff today....I miss him and you so much. Cooler here now, your penguins are out and ready to keep me warm. Ellie says woof, she takes good care of me. xoxoxo, mom

12/23/10 - Thanksgiving came and went, now Christmas. How fast time goes now. We still miss your goofy xmas cards, pup. Merry Christmas, sweat pea. xoxoxox, mom

02/09/11 - Already into the new year....you're my Valentine, sweetie! :) Have you met Shadow yet? Tell him he is loved and
missed, ok? :) xoxoxo, mom

03/31/11 - Hi sweetie! I know you had a fun birthday this month, I always remember you on the 11th, the day I brought you home. Spring already here, putting up the Easter tree this weekend! :) xoxoxo, mom

05/11/11 - Molly tamale, where do the days go? Warming up, settling in for the summer. Peaceful now, thank God. I miss you, pup. xoxoxox, mom

08/8/11 - Summer almost over, been a hot one. Miss Ellie is better, valley fever has settled in her bones but it is treatable. She takes good care of me, like you did. You left 4 years ago in August, and then Daddy left 2 years ago in August. I hate August. Hugs to you and big kisses, sweet pea. xoxoxox, mom

08/27/11 - All is well, my friend. Thinking about you. Ellie is much better, and says 'woof'! xoxoxox and hugs, sweet pea.

10/6/11 - Hi, Molly Tamale! Fall finally here, cool mornings and nice days. Your favorite weather, I know. All is calm here, I'm grateful. xoxoxo, mom

12/01/11 - Thanksgiving come and gone, Christmas right around the corner...we all miss your funny Christmas cards, goofy girl...Miss Ellie refuses to follow in your footsteps! Sweet dreams, little one....xoxoxox, mom

12/26/11 - I miss you opening your gifts, funny girl! :) Another Christmas come and gone, it was a peaceful day spent with dear friends. You are missed, sweet pea.....xoxoxo, mom

04/01/12 - My goodness, the year is flying by. Our Easter tree is up, and spring is in the air. I miss you cutie pie, Miss Ellie is feeling much better now, and taking good care of me. xoxoxo, mom

04/11/12 - A peaceful Easter, and hoping for a calm spring, sweetie pie....xoxoxo mom

8/6/12 - Another August, as you know NOT my favorite month. I miss you, sweetie...Miss Ellie says 'woof'.......xoxoxox mom

8/21/12 - 5 years yesterday, little one...you must be having such fun. I miss you, sweet pea....xoxoxo, mom

10/5/12 - Fall is finally here, sweetie pie. Cooler temps, and big adventures ahead. You are missed...xoxoxo, mom

11/22/12 - Happy Thanksgiving, little one. Eat all the turkey you want, and whatever else!! ...xoxox mom

01/09/13 - Well, little one I imagine you had quite a Christmas! Of course your picture was under the tree, along with Jake. Imagine, January already, and we have big adventures ahead! Exciting stuff!! ...xoxox mom

04/01/13 - Little Molly, we're almost packed and ready to go! Your chair is still by the fire pit in the back yard, and the bunnies and quail still play back there, too. So many new things to get used to, but your memory and your goofy ways are still with me, and will go along to my new home. I promised you a big adventure. It's April already, spring is in the air, and this year we'll have snow. I would have loved seeing you play in the snow...Miss Ellie will be wearing her jacket! ....xoxox mom

05/28/13 - Well, we're here and settled in. What an event! We made it safe, and love it here. You would have too, sweet pea....we finally have lilacs!! xoxoxo mom

08/20/13 - 6 years today, little one....just unpacked your pics yesterday, all moved in to our new home. Miss Ellie is taking good care of me. Say hi to everyone, big hugs and treats to you, sweet pea! xoxoxo, mom

10/31/13 - You're always in my thoughts, little one. I miss you...xoxoxo, mom

12/14/13 - Thanksgiving come and gone, and Christmas is upon us...your funny pics are under the tree, and folks still ask about the 'Molly' cards! :) Hugs to you, sweetie! :) xoxoxo mom

03/11/14 - Happy birthday, little one. Time passes so quickly, and I don't get here to say hi often enough. Know you are always on my mind, and I love and miss you. Miss Ellie is well, as am I. Hugs and kisses to you! :) xoxoxo, mom

04/08/14 - Spring is here, little one! Will still get a bit of snow, but the robins are back, and the sun is warm....God is good, and all is well. Hugs to you, sweet pea. xoxoxo, mom

08/17/14 - Dear Molly, in a few days you will have been at the bridge for 7 years...so long ago, but seems like yesterday. The summer has been beautiful, a wealth of beauty and special people. Hugs to you, sweetie pie. xoxoxox, mom

10/6/14 - Hi sweetie!! Cool, crisp autumn days...transitions for me as well as the seasons but you'll always be with me. Hugs, sweet pea. Xoxoxox, mom

12/4/14 - All moved, again! Safe now, and blessed. You're always here, and I suppose you're wearing your favorite little santa hat! :) Hugs, sweetie! xoxoxoxo, mom

1/4/15 - A new year, precious one. Snowy and cold, beautiful and peaceful. You're never far from our thoughts.... xoxox, mom

3/11/15 - Happy birthday, little punkin'! I know you are happy....been a rough start to the year; God is good, and will keep us safe..... xoxoxox, mom

7/23/15 - Sweet pea, you are missed. You're never far from us, and God is good.... xoxox, mom

10/5/15 - Beautiful Autumn, the smells and colors are lovely. Cooling down, Miss Ellie says hi to you, sweet pea. xoxoxo, mom

12/6/15 - Did you eat lots of Turkey, little one? Miss Ellie enjoyed hers....Snow and cooler temps, Christmas around the corner. All is well in our little house in the woods. xoxox Mom

1/6/16 - I know your Christmas was grand, sweet pea. A new year is underway, and all is well. We are truly blessed. xoxoxo

2/5/16 - Some snow and cold, but we are safe and warm. God blesses us all, sweet pea. xoxox

3/7/16 - Spring is right around the corner, sweet one. Lilacs and robins are on the way. All is well, and we are blessed. Say hi to Jake and Kelli for me!! xoxoxo, mom

5/1/16 - The lilacs are blooming in the city, sweetie pie...snow still on the ground a bit here in the hills, but spring is here. Beautiful. God is watching over us. xoxoxo, mom

6/2/16 - Summer will be here quickly, sweet pea. We send our love, sweet girl and God is with us. xoxoxo, mom

10/4/16 - Sweet pea! October already, the leaves are beautiful. Summer flew by, a lovely time. We're settled in our new home; you would love it. Be good, little girl. xoxoxoxo, mom

11/14/16 - No big snow yet, little one. We're settled in our new digs, and it is grand. Say happy birthday to Aunt Babe today. xoxoxo, mom

1/2/17 - Lots of snow now, a lovely Thanksgiving and Christmas and on to the new year. Be good, sweet pea. xoxoxo, mom

3/6/17 - A little early for Spring, but its on the way!! Love to you, sweet pea. xoxoxo mom

5/10/17 - Beautiful here, sweet girl....summer is close, and the flowers are blooming. Be good, little one. xoxoxo, mom

8/3/17 - Sweet girl, summer has been very busy. Be good, sweet pea. xoxoxo mom

10/24/17 - Beautiful fall is here, cool and lovely. My birthday was great fun, as you know. Be good, little one. xoxoxo, mom

12/21/17 - Merry Christmas, sweet girl. Are you wearing your hat?? You were so patient every year for our Christmas pictures!! xoxoxox, mom

02/19/18 - Cold, snowy and blowy little one!! Spring is around the corner, and we're looking forward to it. Be good, little one. xoxox, mom

04/25/18 - VERY cold and snowy winter has finally thawed, sweet pea. Spring is here, and we're so grateful. Little one, stay sweet. xoxoxo, mom

10/29/18 - Sweet girl, I know you've met Miss Ellie and Shunka by now. My heart is broken again; a rough summer. God is good. Say hi to everyone, sweet pea...xoxox, mom

12/22/18 - Merry Christmas, sweet girl. Hugs to you and Miss Ellie, and Jake, too. I love and miss you all. A lovely Christmas here in my new home, but you already know that. :) xoxox, mom

1/2/19 - A new year, sweet one. I trust you all are well, safe and warm. I miss you all so very much. xoxox, mom

3/17/19 - Spring is on its way, sweet one. I hope you celebrated your birthday with lots of cake; you know you were on my mind. xoxoxo, mom

5/30/19 - So much snow this spring!! Lovely now, will plant this weekend, as you know. Hugs to you all, sweet pea... xoxox, mom

7/22/19 - Are you loving the garden? I know you are all there helping me...hugs, my sweet friends. xoxox, mom

10/14/19 - Our first snow has come and gone...I miss you all. xoxoxox, mom

1/6/20 - I know you had a fun Christmas...your ornaments were on the tree, sweet pea. xoxoxo, mom

4/6/20 - Hi, sweet pea! Warming up, beautiful Spring so far....I'm sure you and Miss Ellie have met Molly the Chocolate Lab, please be sweet to her, her mama is very sad. xoxoxox, mom

5/18/20 - Gardening and painting outside, sweet pea....I know you are all here helping. xoxoxox, mom

8/19/20 - The summer is flying by...you've all been so helpful! You left me 13 years ago tomorrow; I miss you, still. xoxoxox, mom

1/10/21 - Well my sweet girl. Know you are never far from my thoughts....the time has flown by, and I am sorry for not visiting. I always see your pictures at Christmas, and they bring me joy. How is Miss Ellie? We have a new year ahead, sweet pea. I love you. xoxoxo, mom

3/29/21 - Hi, sweetie pie! Spring is on the way...I see you playing with Jake and Miss Ellie....Do say hello to Clyde the cat if you see him, OK? I love you all, and miss you still. xoxoxox, mom

5/16/21 - Cooler Spring, rainy, lovely as always. Seedlings almost ready to go outside! I miss you, sweet pea...say hi to everyone! xoxoxo, mom

8/7/21 - Sweet girl...summer goes so quickly, lots of miles on the bike, and in the garden. Love to all, sweet pea. :) xoxoxox mom

9/12/21 - Fall colors are showing...I miss you all, and treasure the memories. :) xoxoxoxo mom

10/12/2021 - Sweet girl...first snowstorm today! a doozy! Technically it is still Autumn...Love to you all, sweet pea. xoxoxoxo

11/29/21 - Sweetie pie! Please say hi to Jake and Miss Ellie, I miss you all. Lovely Thanksgiving, Christmas here soon. Love to you all, sweet pea. xoxoxox

1/16/22 - Well, happy new year! Time to take down the decorations, little one. Starting some planting indoors already - hooray! Love to you all, sweet pea. xoxoxo

3/15/22 - Hi sweetie pie! Kind of spring like today, it is on the way! You would enjoy it. Love to you all, sweet pea. xoxoxo mom

6/20/22 - Summer is here! Officially tomorrow, but here, of course. You would love the garden, it is a happy, blessed place. I miss you all, my sweet pea. xoxoxox mom

8/7/22 - Sweet pea, it has been a lovely summer. I think of you all so very often. xoxoxox mom

9/20/22 - Hey, Sweet Pea! The leaves are turning, and the garden is still producing. God is good. Hugs to you all. xoxoxo mom

10/26/22 - Hi, Sweet Pea! It's been a great bday month, I know you guys were here with me. It's getting colder, time to bundle up. Garden almost cleaned out. I miss you all. xoxoxo mom

11/28/22 - Wow, Sweet Pea! Winter already, snowing today, home and enjoying the day. I miss you all, and love you so. Christmas is so close, will be putting the tree up soon. xoxoxox mom

12/29/22 - Christmas was nice, your ornament is on the tree. I miss you all so very much. xoxoxo mom

1/30/23 - Happy New Year, it has started out well. Hugs to you all...pretty chilly here! xoxox mom

3/11/23 - Happy birthday, my sweet pea. I know it isn't really your birthday, but it's the day we found you at the pound all those years ago. I miss you. Hugs to you and Jake, Miss Ellie and Miss Kelli. xoxoxo mom

5/2/23 - Spring is actually here, but of course we can still get snow! Hugs to you all, sweet pea! xoxoxox mom

6/14/23 - The garden is in, and everything is beautiful, sweet pea. I love and miss you all. xoxoxo mom

8/18/23 - The days are getting shorter, sweet pea. I miss you all, and think of you often. I love you. xoxox, mom

9/28/23 - Autumn begins...harvesting the garden, remembering you and Jake and Ellie, and the little birds. I miss you all, sweet pea. I know you are well. xoxoxo, mom

12/28/23 - Winter is here, sweet pea. Lots of snow on Christmas, I know you were celebrating me not taking your yearly picture with hat. Jake and Ellie, and you and the little birdies, I love and miss you all. xoxox, mom

01/31/24 - The new year arrived, sweet pea, and January is closing out. Crazy cold and unseasonable warmth - it's been quite a month! I love you all. xoxoxo mom

03/4/24 - Sweet pea, your birthday is in a few days!!! We'll celebrate the whole month, like I do. Love to you all. xoxox, mom

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