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Memories of Millie
The first time ever I saw your face You walked straight to me and captured my heart forever Millie. I remember how you were the gentlest one of the litter, your brother growled and you came to me for a hug. You were the sweetest most endearing baby and I knew that I had found such an incredibly sweet companion. Little did I know the next night at 6 weeks old would you be fighting for your life having been the victim of an unscrupulous puppy farm owner who had sold you to my trusting mother and you had been exposed to Parvo Virus. You were given a 4% chance of survival. Thanks to the incredible skills and love of my local vet, nights we spent huggled up together knowing you that you were meant to be here, hope beyond hope, you survived and I was given nearly 12 years of your beautiful presence my brave, precious baby. I didn't mind you planting yourself in my garden troughs, you were the most beautiful flower anyway. I don't think the pansies quite agreed! I loved the way that you always kissed momma and would bring momma your red ball. All your toys and red ball always got chosen. Mummy has made a special memorial of your doggie bed. It's got white roses.. To represent my beautiful white fur ball. I miss you so much sweetheart. Hope you're having fun with all the other doggies in heaven. I'll put more up about our story next time we chat baby. I love you so much.. Mummy xxxxx Missing you so much I feel like my heart is going to burst. Your smile lit up every moment of my life. I miss your soft paws, your gentle kisses , your warm tummy next to your mummy, I miss you following in mummy's foot steps checking where I am, your big gentle brown eyes, playing with red ball and seeing your happy face. I miss you laying on your back next to me in bed crawling under the covers and kissing me awake in the morning. I miss seeing you enjoying your treats. Nana has your first collar, lead and toys in her resting place and your sweet little red jumper mummy knit you. Your spirits entwine for all eternity. She loves you so much baby. Remember how nana loved you on her knee and mummy played piano which you loved so much at nana's nursing home..She was so happy and proud to see you. Everyone thought you were so special and loved seeing you. You both got your angel wings. I love you both dearly. You were angels on earth, now you're angels in heaven. One day we will all be together again.. Big hugs and kisses for my special baby and my beautiful mummy. I miss you both with every heartbeat xxxxxxx

17/06/2016 My heart is breaking so much today my sweet angel Milliekins. I'm finding it so hard to come to terms with your loss. Please give mummy a sign you are still around. I hope Henry is showing you the ropes. It hurts so much that the vet didn't give me your ashes. Yes mummy is quite cross about that. He stole a part of you that was ours. I love you forever baby.BIG hugs angel.. Catch my heartbeat sweetheart. It belongs to you, always Xxxxxxxx 29/06/2016 Mummy and daddy are missing you loads. We often cry soft tears of love knowing what an incredible companion you were. You're always deeply in our hearts baby. It's hard to forget someone so incredibly special as you and we know that we never will. You meant everything to us Milliekins. I hope Sandra is giving you lots of hugs in heaven. She loved you so much and gave you the name Milliekins. Sleep tight sweet angel. We all miss you so very much. Tom said he will never forget you, Bron knew you needed to rest the last walk we had when you were so poorly. We know you're still here in spirit sweet angel. Little signs you constantly give us. Your bed is filled with all of your beautiful memories. Red ball is my most precious possession which I'll keep until we meet again in heaven where we can play chase again. I hug your collar and lead so often, feeling all of your love flooding back. I often stroke your precious fur which still has your scent on. That really comforts your mummy so much. We love and miss you so very much, Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
29/06/2016 My sweet angel. Mummy just can't stop crying today. I miss you like oxygen so much I keep feeling poorly as I ache for you so much darling. I'm still putting your water and food out and making your bed. I just can't bear not to. I know that you're in a better place free from pain and suffering but it's so very hard without your sweet kisses and cuddles. I miss you so much Millie. You were an angel on this earth. I guess I have to accept that you're now an angel in heaven waiting for mummy to come home to hold you once again. I know you're still here in spirit as I often feel your presence. I love you so much sweetheart. Miss you like crazy, Mummy loves you eternally. Biggest hugs and kisses baby xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Missing you so much today baby I feel like a piece of me has gone. I miss stroking your head, giving you cuddles, your face that lights my day.Please give mummy a sign that you're still around. I feel so lost without you Millie. I can't stop crying. I love you so much xxxxxxxxxxxx 10/08/2016 I've called the RCVS for the suffering that you were put through because of the vet who treated you so badly. We will get justice Milliekins. I'm so sorry for allowing him to cause you unnecessary suffering on so many levels. He still hasn't apologized baby. That really hurts. I'm so sorry that I didn't take you to another practice who may have saved your life, not cut your claws so badly and who would have given me your precious ashes. I will not let your life, your memory be trodden upon. You mattered sweetheart. I miss you so much. I'm so sorry baby. Big mummy hugs always xxxxxxxxxxx I love you with all of my heart Millie xxxxxxxxxxx 16/08/2016 Crying so much today I feel like my heart is bursting. Going to get your lead and collar sweetheart. It should still be full. Filled with your beautiful presence. I hope you're playing in the most beautiful fields chasing your favourite red ball Millie. I really miss your sweet face bringing your ball back, that happy little face filled with joy. You lit up my life in so many ways, words just aren't adequate. Remember when we went to Greenham Common, it was such a amazing day. All the beautiful animals, birds and flowers. That's where I feel that your spirit still is, playing freely without a care in the world. I hope that you come to me in my dreams tonight. I just want to hold you again my sweet baby, to feel you next to me, your lovely soft fur and that little warm tummy. Thank you for being a part of my life baby. You taught what real love is. I miss you deeply my perfect sweet companion. Life is so lonely without you. I'm lighting a candle tonight, the scented ones you loved. Oh Millie if only time was like a magic cloud, I would bring you back home :'( You were my everything xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 23/08/2016 I feel so blessed to have had you in my life Millie. I'm thinking about the time we went to the river on our little "beach", the sunny day that brought so much joy to us both. Watching you swim and having so much fun. All of our memories I will keep in my heart forever. I miss you my ray of sunshine with all of my heart. Please come and meet me in my dreams one night. I love you so much baby. Big momma hugs, Always xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 27/08/2016 I love you Millie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 02/09/2016 I miss you so much Millie I can't stop crying. Keep hoping that the pain will get easier. You were so special. You were my little miracle. I love you so much. Biggest mummy hugs angel xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 02/09/2016 Today has been so hard without you.I really hate the fact that I wasn't given your precious ashes. It would have been something to hold on to. I feel so alone without you, my heart is truly breaking. As you will know I have a very sweet little puppy called Maisie who is a adorable but I guess our love was so strong I still feel a huge part of me went with you too. Hurting beyond hurt :'( xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 10/09/2016 You were my best friend Millie and I miss you with all of my heart. I feel so lost without you. Maisie is very sweet and settling in but being a bit naughty. You could have shown her the ropes Milliemoo you were always so incredibly gentle and I miss that gentle soul who used to kiss me so often, follow me everywhere and always comfort me. It's so ironic that the one thing that could comfort me right now is you my sweet baby. It hurts so much that the vet got the diagnosis wrong and we had such precious time stolen from us. I doubt he truly understands the bond that we had. I'm so cross Millie. I wish I'd gone to another vets. I feel that I let you down :'( I knew it was more than IBS. Our last weekend was the most precious gift we ever had. I love you baby. You'll always be in my heart and mind. Til we meet again I hope you're close by and happy in your new forever home. Mummy loves you so much. Biggest mummy hugs ALWAYS <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 19/09/2016 Remember me and smile ... You're in my heart forever. I feel so incredibly lucky to have shared time on this earth with you beautiful Millie. Until we meet again biggest momma hugs Millie.I love you, eternally xxxxxxxxxxxxxx28/09/2016 Life without you is just not the same Millie. I wish there was a magic cloud which could bring you back home. So heartbroken it's untrue. I miss you every moment baby :'( Biggest mummy hugs Angel xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Joined a group called Westie Warriors on facebook Milliemoo. Lots of mummy's and daddies who have beautiful babies like you, some babies have crossed Rainbow Bridge just like you my precious angel. Westies bring something to our lives that words just cannot describe. There is already over 100 reactions to your post sweetheart. You are SO loved Milliemoo. Yes. lots of tears as I am missing you greatly but thinking of how incredibly privileged that you were such a huge part of my life and my best friend. I'm here baby, til we meet again. You're in my heart, always Millie. Biggest Momma hugs. I love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 26/10/2016 Not a day goes by that I don't think about you my precious angel baby.Tears flow like my aching heart :'( xxxxxxxxxxxxx 03/11/2016 I missed you so much yesterday baby. First Birthday without you. It just wasn't the same. My heart is hurting so much. You were my everything :'(05/11/2016 I'll always love you Millie. Hope you're in a better place baby xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 05/11/2016 I wish you were here baby. You made everything right. I miss you so much :'( xxxxxxxxxxx 06/11/2016 I'm sat where I last cuddled you and I still feel your presence Millie. You will never leave my heart baby, never. Love you sweet heart xxxxxxxxx 23/11/2016 If I had one wish on this earth Millie it would be to give you a big cuddle for real right now. I miss you soft fur, your beautiful smile, your sweet nature, I miss playing ted ball with you, your little nose peaking up under the bed covers, your little paw gently reminding me you're here, I miss your kisses baby, I miss you, Your presence. I hope heaven is a very special place my beautiful baby. I love you so much. You're always in my heart and thoughts. I hope you can see mummy typing this. I love you with all of my heart Millie. Biggest mummy hugs. Kiss my tears away in my dreams. I so miss you :'( xxxxxxxxxxxx 26/11/35 Crying my heart out sweetheart I miss you so much. I miss all our fun times. You were my light and life seems so dark without you. I wish I could turn back the clock just for one day with you. You touched my life in more ways than you will ever know Milliemoo. You were my angel, my rock. I love you so much. I miss you baby :'( xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 08/12/2016 I wish you were here baby. Part of me went when you went to heaven. It's still so hard to accept that I can never hold my sweet baby again in this life. Maisie is keeping mummy company, she is so naughty but adorable. you're such different characters baby. I'm hoping she'll settle down soon. I'm missing daddy too. He can't be here with mummy and it might be a very lonely Christmas. My heart is hurting so much. Please send me a sign that you're still around. It would mean so much. I hate cancer :'( Biggest mummy hugs baby. You were my world :'( xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Missing you baby. 25/12/2016 CHRISTMAS DAY Hope Christmas is special in heaven with your new friends my precious Millie. Maisie has a little patch of curly fur so I guess it's your way of telling mummy that you're still around. Biggest mummy hugs. So miss your kisses and our hugs. Love you eternally. Miss you so so much :'( xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 28/01/2016 If i had one wish today it would be to hold you in my arms. I love you baby. I'm here sweetheart xxxxxxxxxxxxx 01/04/2017 I miss you gentle soul. Why doesn't it get easier? Miss you like crazy my sweet baby. Biggest warm gentle mummy hugs. I love you sweet heart. I miss you :'( xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 08/05/2017 Oh my sweet baby I can't believe that tomorrow it will be a year since you crossed rainbow bridge. I miss you so much. It was the hardest decision in my life having to have you put to sleep but I really couldn't let you suffer as you are way too precious my darling. I hope that you know how much I love and miss you, that you were my absolute world, my best friend, my all. I love you so much my angel. Hope that you are in the most beautiful place that you so deserve. This is a tough day :'( xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx .

I Haven't Left At All

i saw you gently weeping as you looked through photographs
you paused for just a moment at one that made you laugh;
but as you turned more pages the tears began to flow
you whispered that you missed me but I want you to know;
i softly licked those stinging tears that down your cheeks did fall
i want to help you understand I haven't left at all.

on those days that you are overcome with sorrow, pain and grief
i rest my head upon your leg to offer some relief.
when you take our walking path I've seen you turn around
because I know you surely heard my paws upon the ground.

At night while you are sleeping I snuggle at your side
you stroke my fur as you touch that place where I used to lie.
you said it's just your heart playing tricks upon your mind
but rest assured I'm really there, my spirit's left behind.

I know your heart is hurting; it's like an open sore
you think my life has ended and you won't see me anymore.
But for those of us bound tight by love, death is not the curtain call;
it's really the eternal beginning that waits for us all
so, dear Master as you live your life I patiently await
for us to be together when you pass through Heaven's gate




I miss you Millie my brave, beautiful girlie. One day, we'll be together again. I know you've come to see me as I've felt your presence so often <3 <3 <3 I love you baby xxxxxxxxxxxxx Big Momma huggies XXXXXXXXXXX

"Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity." (Henry Van Dyke) <3 <3 <3

I miss you baby 😭 xxxx

They say 'Time heals' but my heart will never heal from your loss... ❤️🙏

No more pain no more fear.

Thank you for always being there with your love and loyalty through everything we endured. Your beautiful spirit will always be with me.

For the happy times we had together when we were free.... Mummy has met a lovely man called Steve. He lives in New Zealand. You would like him Millie. He has a good heart just like you. He's very special ❤️ Sending hugs from us both ...

I miss you every moment. I will always love and miss you xxx

CREDIT to Thomas Appleby who took the main photo of Millie looking so happy. He is a great photographer and captured a beautiful moment. Love you Tom xxx

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