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Memories of Maddie
Our dear sweet Maddie was a short coated German Shepherd Dog (GSD)when she passed away peacefully in my arms she was 13.7 years old at 7.15am on Wednesday 16th March 2016. Maddie was a one in a million dog kind of dog that you only have once in your life time. I will never have another (GSD) quite like her again. Maddie had DM - Degenerative Myelopathy for the last 3.3 years of her life. But she also battled with Geriatric Vestibular Syndrome & had a Stroke too later on in her life..she always fought so hard to stay here with us. We called her "our true blue little Aussie battler"! She was a true survivor. But in the end her poor body just wound down like an old clock. On her last few days on earth with us I could see it in her eyes that she wanted me to let her go. It was just so hard for me to say goodbye to her. But in the end I did the most humane thing & called our Vet to pts, much to my dismay. It almost broke me. Maddie touched so many people's lives during her lifetime. Where ever she went people all fell in love with her. Maddie especially loved cats! Yes she actually made friend's with one cat that lived in our neighbourhood. We used to pass this cat's house whenever we went on our daily walkies. Here was this big GSD with a little cat as her friend. Maddie was so placid, gentle, loving & caring. Maddie was my best friend, my loyal companion, faithful & trusting my confidante. We always said she was a big girl with an even bigger heart. I really miss my sweet angel. It breaks my heart to look & see her empty bed & to never see her smiling face looking up at me anymore. Or to never hear your voice talking (moaning) to me again you sure did love to chat with me! Now our house it's so quiet..& silent. In all Maddie's photo's she was always smiling & always looked so happy in all of them. The only consolation is to know you are now running free on all four legs again Maddie..something that DM robbed you from doing towards the end of your life. Lucky for Maddie she was not in any pain at the end because DM is not a painful disease it paralyzes/numbs you all the way down your spine & down your legs. So you don't feel anything at all. But I know in my heart Maddie you are now reunited with your beloved boyfriend our past GSD called " Maximus". I'm sure he'll be waiting for you on the Rainbow Bridge Maddie.Maximus & Maddie were like soul mates,her life partner, always together,partners in crime, always up to all sorts of mischief together. Maximus had DM he passed away 2 years before Maddie on April 7th 2014.So now they are finally reunited together again forever on the Rainbow Bridge. Maddie will be able to play with our other past 3 GSDS who are now all reunited on the Rainbow Bridge together. Waiting until the day when all of us will be reunited together forever up in heaven. My sweet angel Maddie you certainly left your mark on this world & you left pawprints all over our broken hearts. On your memorial plaque in our backyard I had it inscribed -"No longer by my side but forever in my heart ". That's how I feel about you now my dear sweet old gal Maddie..my heart is still broken & I still cry whenever I think about you. Or when I reminisce about all the good times that we've shared. They say that time helps heal a broken heart & it has quite a bit now it's been 6 years on! I know you wouldn't want me to cry & be like this forever. So I waited a year & then finally bought myself another GSD. Another female a long coated GSD this time. This GSD looks the total opposite to Maddie. I called her "Ruby-Rose" she is a little dynamite, a bombshell.I call her my "cheeky lil'monkey".Ruby-Rose has helped me to move on living without Maddie.She is a beautiful natured, placid,gentle,soul too.I'm doing the best I can you were my life, my soulmate Maddie. RIP my sweet baby girl Maddie.I will love you forever & never forget you. You will live forever in my heart Maddie- Moo.
Love your fur mumma Debbie, Auntie Kim & Titan misses you & grieved terribly for Maddie so much they were best friend's. We are all still broken hearted without you MADDIE.

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