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Memories of Lucky Austin
15 Years ago my husband was plowing snow for the local Highway Dpt. He calls me at 5:00am to meet him he has something for me. I meet him and he hands me his coat and inside is a dog. He plowed the road and when he turned around this dog was scratching up leaves to make a bed. I took the dog home and warmed some milk when she was done she brought the empty container to me at the sink. I called our local radio station to see if someone had lost a pet. They said no. My husband asked me that night if I had called the radio station I said "yes" he said he never heard them say someone found a dog. I proceeded to tell him what had happened that morning and I was keeping her. Who ever did this does not deserve to keep her. So we named her "Lucky."

One morning it was thundering and lightening so bad she would not leave my side, so I brought her into work. My boss, Steven Silverman, allowed me to bring her into the office and she came to work with me for 15 years. She missed 3 days in those 15 years. She never needed a leash she would always stay by my side.

Our neighbors (the Kerhley's) have a dog named "Star", Lucky and Star where the best of buddies. She would take it upon herself to walk around the back of our homes and go visit Star when she pleased. I would call them and tell them "wayward child coming your way." She would sit on their back porch and look in the sliding glass doors.

I never had such a perfect dog. She will always be "MY BABY." She will/can never be replaced.

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