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Memories of Lucky
Lucky came to me as an abused and abandoned rescued dog. I nurtured him back to health and he went from a dog who was afraid of a voice, to a loving, smiling dog who loved to play with his carrot. He got me through some very rough times and we bonded from the moment we met. He wasn't even supposed to be my dog initially, but we bonded the second we met. We were instant best friends and we were attached at the hip. Wherever I went, he went too. We were inseparable and it was super cute. He loved his stomach being scratched and rubbed above all else. If you stopped before he was ready for you to stop, he would do this cute thing where he would move his paws asking for more. Everyone thought it was absolutely the funniest thing they had ever seen. It was very cute. He always was in my lap, and LOVED going for walks. The best part would be when he would grab his carrot and carry it around the block. When he actually got his carrot, he picked it out at the store and would not let it go. The person at the register actually had to scan the bar code while he was holding the toy in his mouth. They thought it was the cutest thing ever. He loved having his picture taken and was a very cute dog. Everyone always said he was the cutest dog they had ever seen. I thought he was too. When we went up north to my parents house for the first time, no dogs were allowed on the boat. I talked them into letting Lucky on the boat and he LOVED it. He was very well behaved and had a free pass whenever he wanted to go for a boat ride. He would jump up on one of the raised areas and feel the breeze running through his hair. He was super cute. I would hold onto him because I was afraid he might blow away. He was only 7 pounds after all. There was never a day he did not greet me at the door, even when you could tell he did not feel good. He was also affectionately known as the "Lucky Doorbell" because before someone could even reach the door you knew they were there. He was VERY protective of his property and the house, even if he did only come up to your ankle and weighed 7 pounds, he tried like he was a German Shepard. I never liked small dogs until I had Lucky, now I have fallen in love with them. Lucky changed my heart forever and I think I changed his too. I showed him it was possible to be treated well, and he showed me that unconditional love and acceptance was not a myth. I hope that one day, I will meet him again. Lucky, I have your jacket, your harness and your leash, want to go for a walk?

Lucky, you were more than a dog to me. You were not just a pet, you were like my child. You acted like a 2 year old and it was the cutest, sweetest thing ever. Even when you made what others thought were mistakes, I was never mad at you. I knew you tried your hardest to do everything right and to please me. Do you remember the times where I would cut the grass and you would run around in it and the bottoms of your paws would turn green? Or the first time I took you to the groomer and you looked like a completely different dog? You were always cute, and you always made me smile. Whenever I cried, you licked away my tears. You were always trying to give me kisses and when you were done, you would curl up in my lap and lay down. You meant the world to me. I never stopped thinking about you, loving you, or caring about you.

Lucky passed away from a Heartworm infestation. I really do not know how this happened. I got him about two and a half years ago I would guess and he was immediately tested. Over the next few years I took him to a few different vets until I found one that both him and I liked. Every single vet tested him. He was tested for heartworm probably about 4 times during that period. He tested negative every single time. He was on heartguard which I administered religiously on the same day every single month. He was out for a walk, when he just fell over one day. He was out doing what he loved the most. The person that was caring for him, who was his owner at the time (I had to adopt him out through a rescue due to my job requiring me to travel, being single and having depleted every spare penny I had to have someone watch him during the week, it was heart wrenching and I was given regular updates by the rescue woman who so kindly found him a loving home, with a woman who you could tell cared about him) took him for what I was told was about $700 in tests. They eventually figured out that he had heartworm, and I was told that it was so advanced, he had probably had it for 2 years.

Lucky baby, I am so sorry that nobody caught this. I feel like it is my fault for not getting you better care. I keep asking myself if there was something I could have done different, something I could have done better. You were an amazing dog and did not deserve to die young. I keep second guessing everything I did over the past 2 years baby Lucky. I wish that I had not taken this job. It did many good things for us, but in the end, it caused me to not be at your side when you passed away. I am having a very hard time forgiving myself for that. I still have your leash, your harness, your jacket that you loved wearing, some of your t-shirts that you loved and I can see you wearing them. I can see you walking down the street and everyone thinking you were the cutest dog ever. You were so smart and always knew which driveway was yours. You never did learn to bring a toy or stick back when you fetched it, but you loved finding it and chewing on it. You hated things sticking out on your toys and would always remove them by use of force, which was so cute.

I hope you have a toy carrot with you in heaven, because you loved your toy carrot more than any other toy. It was your comfort zone.

I Love You Lucky, and I will never stop loving you. You were my pride and joy. Maybe one day, when I am ready, you can guide me to a little dog with a personality like yours. You will never be replaced, but I would love to show someone the love that you and I grew together.

Lucky, I told you earlier, that I have your harness, your leash and your jacket (you need it because it is cold outside), let's go for one last walk together Lucky, so I can hold you just one last time.

8/3/2011 - Mr. Lucky, Grandma and Grandpa had to put their kitty, Jenny to sleep today. Her kidney failure finally got the best of her. You were always pretty good with her. You didn't harass her and only wondered why she was the same size as you but made different noises and looked "odd". Make sure that you find her, and that you show her around, okay? I miss you, and your carrot. A friend of mine bought a carrot at Ikea and all I could think about was you and your carrot. I found pictures of you with your carrot that I had not seen in a while yesterday. Do you remember your whistler ski jacket? What about your bumblebee outfit? You were so cute and tolerant of both! I miss you baby boy. :(

12/16/2015 - Oh Lucky - You popped up on my phone with a picture from when you first got your jacket. It was super cute and you of course are the reason it looked so fancy. I see parts of you in your brother Bear. I guess I should write a general update. I married a wonderful woman in May of 2014 who had a Doberman and a Irish Setter-type dog, both rescues. Shortly before I had met her, I had rescued a new Pomeranian\Chi\Chow mix. His name was initially Teddy Bear and I shortened that to Bear. Bear lives up to his name and is the biggest 13 pound dog you have ever met. He fears nothing and nobody. Much like Lucky. his bigger brothers play nicely with him and he is full of energy and has plenty of attitude. He loves sleeping much like you did. If it get's much past 10:00 PM, he will bark until he is taken to the bedroom and helped up onto the bed. He might be a little bit spoiled. Much like you were. I say it's just because he is small, but it's because he has a bit of you in him. He decided he wanted to use your leash, because it meant a lot to him. Much like you loved your carrot, he loves his duck. He HATES the Swiffer and the vacuum, much like you. He does warm our hearts though, and he captures the hearts of everyone. He is the favorite when he has to go to "Doggie Camp" - everyone always remembers him. He tolerates car rides, as long as he can get out every 1.5-2 hours. He, like you, needs a path when the snow gets too deep. He will simply follow his brothers and let them pack down the snow a little until then. He doesn't do the head tilt as often as you, but he does it sometimes. He polices his bigger brothers when they misbehave on the couch. He is definitely in contention for Alpha Dog. I miss you still, each and every day, but Bear tries to make that a little more tolerable as well. I hope you are doing well over at the bridge. I will see you one day again.

1/2/2018 - Oh Lucky, you still live on in my heart. Your spirit is still here and seen in our Pommer Dog Bear. I still cry when I see pictures of you and am reminded of you. We try and do you honor each and every day with the raising of the three dogs we have now, all rescues as you know. Bear has become the belle of the ball at the Doggie Camp he goes to when we travel. Everyone loves him and he loves being picked up and carried around, much like you. I miss you and love you and hope to see you again one day - Playing in the grass and being the great dog that you were.

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