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Memories of Lucky
Novemer 01, 2007

My name is Lucky.

I was born in Brewerton, NY, (25 miles north of Syracuse), sometime in the middle of summer in 1998. My brothers and sisters were all adopted, but I waited for the right person to pick me. I lived outside, played in a quiet neighborhood and ate scraps from a restaurant/bar called Rosie's where I slept on the steps that led up to a rented apartment where my maternal father lived.

One afternoon, I was resting on the side of the road when a car passed and then suddenly stopped. The car door opened and a woman came out. I recognized her as soon as I saw her. I ran to her and jumped into her out-stretched arms. My heart was racing. I knew. It's her! At last I found her, my person!

She held me close in the car, (my first ride). I clung to her sweater with my claws while she and another lady took me to a house just a few blocks from my hangout. She fed me chicken off a drumstick and let me fall asleep on her arm afterwards. The other people in the house were talking while I was naping. Then, after it got quiet again, she took me for another ride in the car. To my dismay, she dropped my off where she found me and left me there, heartbroken. I don't know what I did wrong. I sat there awile, hoping she would come back. It was dark and getting cold so I strolled back accross the street to go to sleep at Rosie's.

Two nights passed, when two young people called out "kitty" and I came over to them. The girl picked me up and took me for a ride in a different car. They brought me to that same house, just blocks from my playground, and there she was! She cuddled me in her arms and I knew everything was going to be okay.

She took me to a room and let me sleep with her that night, (my first time inside a home at night), I was so happy! I couldn't stop purring and circled her and touched her softly with my paw the entire night. We left together the next morning and went to an office close by. She told the lady at the desk that my name is Lucky and that I was going to fly to San Diego. Next thing I knew a sharp thing poked me and some smelly stuff was put on my fur and inside my ears. They put me in a hard plastic thing and that's what I had to lay in the rest of the day, but I didn't care cause I was so tired from what the woman Vet gave me that I just wanted to sleep.

My new Mom and Dad placed my carrier in front of them during the "flight"and I just slept. It was hours later when I woke up and everything around me was different. The air smelled salty and felt strange on my fur, and the plants were tropical and trees didn't have leaves like the ones in Brewerton.

On that afternoon, September 25, 1998, we got in a tall car and drove to my new home where I was sequestered in a nice bedroom for a few days because of something called ear mites. I could hear other cats and wondered when I'd get to play with them.

Completely well, I came out and met Cheech and Chong, two Orientals. They could tell I was an American and not a fancy pedigree like them. Cheech was very excited and happy to meet me, but Chong was jealous and didn't want to share Cheech's attention. I learned to keep my distance from Chong. In fact, I have stayed aloof until this last year. I recently tried to sit on my person's lap while the other cat's weren't looking, but as soon as one of them catches me, they come over and make me feel uncomfortable so I jump down to the carpeted floor. I am content to lay on the floor in the Family room with my family and come up for attention when I feel like it. My people seem to respond to my chirping sound and understand if I'm hungry or want attention.

Cheech and Chong are six years older than I am and they were getting tired of my kittyness that first month we played together so my people took me to a place that had tons of cats for me to pick a young playmate. One fury short guy came up to me and made himself at home in the transportation device I was brought in. "Mom" thought he was a match and he came home with us. Mom and Dad had a difficult time convincing Chong that his new guy was going to stay, but it took the focus off of me, (what a relief). Now Chong hisses and moans at the new kid. I felt bad for the newbe, but he is very strong and brave and didn't take any of Chong's lip. The new guy stood up to him and Chong hissed...running away from him. What a cool dude the new guy is!

New guy's name is Yoda...don't ask... And, again, he's an Oriental, and all fancy. We play some, but my best buddy is Cheech, which makes Chong mad. I like to play by myself and invent lots of games like pounce on the shadow, and I'm a great soccer player--I can score almost all of my mice under the sofa and I like to chase the long fabric attached to a stick around the room with Mom or Dad.

We all live together in a big house with lots of space to run and play, plus there are lots of windows for sun worshiping. We have our own bedroom and bed where we sleep together--well the three Orientals are together and I'm happier sleeping by myself close by them.

Mom says I'm her favorite because we have a "special bond". She says that I'm the most gentle and sweetest cat she's ever known. They call me a ballerina because I like to walk on the thinnest surface I can find, (those fancy boys can't do that). I like the other cats and when one of them sounds like they don't feel good I'm the first one to get to him and see if I can help. If they get messy I never wash them cause they're all fancy, but they make sure I'm clean enough to hang out with them.

Eight happy years came and went...and then the boxes showed up. Earlier this year (2007) brown cardboard boxes began appearing all over the house. None of us knew what was going on, but it was fun getting inside them and rustling in the paper.

Next thing we know we're in a different room. Mom and Dad kept us in there for a few days before we were allowed to see what was on the other side of our new bedroom door. I was too scared to come out from underneath my bed. Mom understood that I was afraid and fed me breakfast and dinner under there. I guess a week went by when she decided I needed to "get over it" and brought me out. She held me in her arms and showed me one room at a time, and how to get back to my bedroom from each one. Together we toured the whole house again before she put me down on the floor of my room. I went back under my bed to think. Well, after awhile I decided to venture out on my own and moved slowly toward the familiar noise of the TV and the voices of my people.

I prowled the new house and decided it was okay to settle in. My favorite thing is the window seat in my new bedroom. Me and the other 3 guys spend long hours sleeping on the long window seat in the sun. We LOVE the new window seat.

After some months passed, Mom and Dad left us in the care of a "kitty sitter" who came to feed us and play with us. She takes very good care of us and we love her very much and she loves us. My parents were gone for a few weeks and when they got back home Mom was too sick to pay any attention to any of us for another week.

Shortly after the week when she was sick I started to limp and that's when she noticed something was wrong. She and Dad checked me over and found a lump on my Mammary gland. I don't know how long the tumor was growing on my male breast gland but it was October 3rd when I went to see a new Vet and he discovered that I have Cancer. Mom slept with me in the guest room that night, and every night with me ever since. I wasn't sad until a couple of weeks later when I had trouble breathing.

When I saw the Vet for the first time my lungs were full of liquid and I couldn't be operated on until the virus was cleared up. I took all the medicines without complaining for a week but then I started wheezing and Mom and Dad took me to the ER Hospital immediately. Another set of X-Rays were taken and I was given a pill to help me breathe. The X-Rays were sent to someone in NY called Expert. I went back home and spent a restless night with my Mom in that guest room. Neither of us got much sleep that night. She and Dad took me to the new Vet the next day and I came home with more medicine because the Vet told us that Expert said that have Asthma. I don't feel like eating or drinking. Mom and Dad are giving me something liquid in place of my canned food, but it's not enough to keep me from losing weight. I'm skinny and cold. I've been to see my new Vet every couple of days for a shot under my skin that bloats me with fluid. I feel so weak and so very, very tired.

After a few days of refusing to eat and drink, Mom and Dad got tough on me, forcing canned food in my mouth twice a day. I like the food and will eat a quarter of the can each time. I'm just too tired to eat any more than that. After the last couple of days I am feeling slightly more energetic and speaking to my parents again. I even had a better nights sleep since the wheezing is not as intense when I take the new pills.

I haven't seen the other three guys since Oct 3rd, 2007. Mom said that the new Vet advised her against it because I was too weak and they wouldn't understand that I don't have the energy to play.

Today, Monday, October 15, 2007, I visited the new Vet again and he didn't give me any shots or pills! I think that's a good sign. Maybe I'll be okay and I'll be able to go back to the bedroom to play with the guys soon.

I spoke to a "Cat Whisperer" who could tell Mom how I was feeling and what I needed her to do for me. Mom can usually understand what I want, but it's hard for me to communicate with my parents when I don't have the energy to talk or show them so having the Cat Whisperer do it for me was a blessing. Now they know to keep me warm and dressed me in a sweatshirt and give me more water with the eye dropper sveral times a day. Mom has stayed with me at longer intervals because I need her to get me through this rare accellerated form of cancer. It's not fair that I have this.
I wish I was fine like the other 3 guys.

It was hard to breathe on Mom's Birthday, October 20th. My parents said there was a "Santa Ana" wind. The very next day it was dark in the day time. The darkness slithered into the house like a venonous snake, making it harder for me to breathe. My eyes burn. Mom said it was smoke from the fires and that we need to leave our house.

The following day I was packed up with the other 3 guys and we were transported to another location where the air was much lighter but still had a slight odor of smoke. The place was small, but comfortable. I stayed in a warm room and was happy that I was still able to sleep with my Mom at the foot of the bed. I'm not feeling very well. I'm too weak to eat...I can barely breathe...it's so hard to breathe. I'm so tired from trying to breathe.

The next day, October 23rd, I could barely move. Mom picked up my head in her small hand and tried to feed me but I just couldn't do it. I couldn't even speak. I opened my mouth to protest, but I had no voice. She cried. I don't want to hurt her...

Later that morning she held me, but I was too uncomfortable to enjoy it. She said that I had a choice, to stay and fight or to go and be free of the cancer and the ache in my chest from not being able to breathe... I just want to sleep.

Mom came to find me a few hours later and held my head in her hand again and told me that she knew it was time for me to stop fighting, to let go, to go to the light. She told me that she loved me and didn't want me to stay for her anymore. She said she'll miss me, but always love me. She said that she was so proud of how brave I'd been, but the battle is over and it's time to give up the fight to stay alive. She said that I could go. She asked me if I would please come back into her life again.

I feel so happy that she gave me permission to go to the light. I'm going to go to sleep now...

I hope you enjoyed my life story as much as I have living it.

Purrrringly Yours,

Our Lucky passed away in my arms, his father by my side, two hours after I told him he didn't have to fight to live anymore. He just went to sleep and never woke up again...

During Lucky's ordeal he never once complained. He was a fighter to the very end. He took every pill, shot and trip to the Vet without a hiss, growl, or cry. When I force fed him, he was amenable to sit without being restrained and let me place the food in his mouth. It still amazes me how well he adapted to whatever means we used to get him strong enough for the operation to remove the cancerous tumor. Our goal was never realized, not because he wasn't willing and not because the team of Vets didn't do everything they could, but because his time was up and accomplished the job he was assigned to...to give love and make people happy, amd the gift of teaching me how to give Reiki to him and to above all, to honor his wishes and respect him.

It's been two weeks ago today that Lucky passed over the bridge between this living world and the world of light. My heart still aches for him. Every time I open the pantry door I still hope that he'll be in there eating his snack of dry kibbles in private. I pause slightly as I open the guest room door hoping he's there waiting for me to join him on the bed. I call his name out loud, hoping he makes his entrance trilling his beautiful song of happiness...

I miss you Lucky. I love you sweet boy. Mom

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October 23, 2008

Dearest Lucky,

Today is the first anniversary of your passing over to the Rainbow's Bridge. Your Dad and I miss you just as much today as we did when you took your flight a year ago. Every so often I can hear you joyfully chirping and look I into space, and I know in my heart that you're thinking of us too at that very moment.

We will always love and miss you sweet boy...God Bless...

Mom and Dad

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October 23, 2010

Dearest Lucky,

Today, it has been 3 years since you crossed the bridge to the other side. We miss you as much as the day you left this life. We speak of you often and always call your name when we pass by Bennet St. in Brewerton.

Lucky, I know that you are with me in spirit. I can hear your happy chirp and feel the air against me when you are near. Thank you for being an animal guide and assisting me during my Reiki sessions with all the animals that need Reiki's healing energy.

You are never forgotten, always missed, always loved, and always blessed...

Your Mom and Dad

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