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Memories of Layla
We adopted Layla from our local shelter when she was just about 3 months old. We wanted to get a dog, but our kids were small and afraid of the bigger dogs, so Layla, at about 10 pounds of soft yellow fur, fit the bill perfectly. Our kids all grew up together, which is a wonderful experience. We then adopted Roxie when Layla was about five. She was not thrilled to get a sister, but Roxie immediately loved her, and they grew close. Over the years, we added Jasmine, and then Zoe, to make our pack of four.

Layla was a brave girl. One time, she and Roxie and I were walking in our neighborhood, and were attacked by two larger dogs. Roxie turned and ran home, but Layla stood in front of me, and took the attack. She always was ready to defend our home, from the deer to the UPS guys, she stood strong!

She had a number of medical problems over the years, including two knee surgeries, and was always so stoic. In the past year, her arthritis really limited her mobility, but not her spirit. It was difficult to see her not able to jump up on the bed, or to go for walks, as she always had loved our long walks.

Right now, it's Hanukkah, and we remember how she had learned over the years from watching us do Shabbat with the kids, that candle lighting in the kitchen meant BREAD! She would come over and wait, not always patiently, until we gave her a piece of challah. She also loved story reading at bedtime with the kids when they were little. She would come in and lie down beside the bed and close her eyes.

One other thing about Layla was that she TALKED! She would not just bark at us but talk when we came home, when she was hungry or wanted to go out, or when she wanted attention. We loved that about her, her sassyness and personality. Another thing was that as she went from being a puppy to an adult, her nose turned pink and her tail curled. We used to say she was a little piggy in a dog suit. We loved how she wagged that curly tail!

Layla was a wonderful companion for our family, both human and canine. She was always friendly to our visitors and loved kids. We knew our time with her was getting shorter, but did not think it was so soon. We will love and miss you forever, and hope you are in doggie heaven with Jasmine and Zoe now, free of pain and able to run and play as you had.

Please also visit Jasmine and Zoe.

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