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Memories of Kobe Bryant Metz

I was just 4 months old when I saw your face, that's an image that will never be erased.
I was broken, battered and red tagged for a cruel reality, you said what's with this little guy, what's this tag mean?
My head rose slightly as I looked through my swollen eyes, could it be that this one will safe my life?
The guy with her said, he doesn't have a chance, but she just smiled and said EVERYONE deserves a chance!
You reached into my cage and looked me straight in the eye and then you said, "Hi you sweet little guy."
I was weak and broken as she lowered me to the floor; her touch was so gentle and warm.
She said, "come here sweet face let me see that you can walk". I struggled a few steps then I stopped.
She said, "that's that I want to take him home, he's so sweet and I just know I am meant to be his mom."
The mean guy said you're making a mistake; he will not make it through the next 3 days.
I nuzzled in her arms as she walked me to the door. She said, I am adopting this sweet boy and taking him home.
Before I knew it I was in the car, I was so scared I had an accident before we even got far.
I thought to myself, this is it I am through.
But she just picked me up and said to me...its okay, I am with you.
I nuzzled into the crook of her arm and fell asleep as we made our way.
Our first stop was a doctor who didn't have anything good to say, he gave me 3 days and a good luck that day.
My new mom took me home and I was so afraid of the stairs, I had another accident, oh goodness I was scared.
Again this sweet angel said to me from above...do not worry for you are mine and all I have is love.
For the next 3 weeks she nursed me back to health and I knew in my heart things would be alright.
This lady never gives up without a fight.
She will never know my gratitude for bringing me home with her; I hope one day I can give her something more.
From that moment on we became more than best friends, we could read each other, she was my mother.
We had so many adventures through our years together. We lived in so many places I cannot count.
It didn't matter for I was with my mommy and that is all my world was about.
I couldn't wait for my walks and my talks with her she always showered me with goodies from above. Who needs toys and treats when all I needed was love.
We celebrated birthdays and triumphs and pretty tough defeats. It broke my heart when she wrapped her arms around me and say it's just me and you.
She would cry and nuzzle her face in my fur and she would say Kobe, why do people not understand me like you.
All I could do was lick her face and love her...after all she was my mother.
That was all she needed from me I know. Then the next day would come and from that experience we would grow.
She was the best mommy a dog could ever have. Who else gets to go to the park, go to the ocean, walks on the trail, car rides, trips to Gram's for her special treats and my favorite camping in the wilderness?
Some say here that they all got to do that...I just smile and say...only I can say that!
I had the best family...that is not a joke. I lived for my walks with my daddy and my scratchies from my mama Metz
No one here at the bridge can say that...I had the best.
For 12 1/2 years, my mommy and I were together. There were so many times that it was just us now and forever.
I was much older and wiser than that little pup at the pound. I had a chance to live because I had been found.
My mommy always said, I saved your life one time, but you my dear Kobe, you saved mine a 1000 times over.
I knew it in my failing heart she would be devastated when it was my time to go.
I wanted to go home and see my family, got to go to my favorite track and curl up as they watched TV.
Then it was bedtime and I bounded up the stairs, man I was tired but I didn't care.
I got my good night kisses from mama and daddy...mama said your mommy says she loves you and here's a kiss from her to you.
That night, I feel asleep and I saw a rainbow...it was so beautiful and bright I knew it was my time to go.
I was on my bed in the house I loved...I took a deep breath...and followed a white dove.
It was just right there, just over that ridge. It is true there is a Rainbow Bridge.
The meadows are so beautiful and all my doggie and cat friends are here. I see Princess, Aussie, Sophie, even Guinness and Louise are here!!
But then out of the distance I see Gram and the rest of my family. Even all my human friends are coming towards me.
Court's even here, man we were always great friends. I was so happy to see them and they all know who I am.
They said Come on Kobe as they turned to walk away...I said I can't I have to wait til that very day.
They said what day Kobe, come on and go with us. I said, I am waiting for my Mommy and she isn't in a rush.
I told her I would wait for her, by the bridge with the beautiful light. They told me they would wait there too it was such a beautiful sight.
They laid a blanket on the grass and we had some hot dogs...it's a family reunion in heaven and we are happy and healthy all the day long.
We are waiting for our families, and we shall not leave. Someday we will all be here and once again be a big family.
When that day comes there will be hugs and smiles and more. But for now, just take your time and live your life, there is no rush at Heaven's door.
I am running free and having fun with all my family and friends. They say how wonderful it is to see me run so fast again.
So, don't worry Mommy, I am with people I love...and we are all watching over you...looking down from above.

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