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Memories of JOKER
A life experience by Bob Fields

On 8-16-10 I received an E-mail from a friend of mine whom I had worked with long distance in Alabama at a Motor Home OEM, when I was working in the RV field. He regretted to inform me that his adopt furbaby Joker, a rescued 8 year old Rat Terrier adopted from my vet, had passed in his sleep on 8-12-10.

I first met Joker on June 25, 2009 when I went to my veterinarian to take pictures of a cat the staff had asked me to assist in finding a home. As I was going back to the cat housing area I noticed in one of the inside long dog runs, was a small black-and-white dog standing on three legs watching me walk down the hallway. He and I made direct eye contact for a second or two. While I was taking the pictures of the cat, I asked the daycare provider why was that little dog standing only on three legs?
He informed me that the little dog was named Joker, and he was a Rat Terrier who had been kept in a very small cage by a backyard breeder for most of his seven years of life, and only out of the cage for breeding purposes. Therefore, because not being able to have appropriate regular exercise he developed severe arthritis in his left rear leg, and he held it up most of the time to ease the pain. He had been brought in for treatment of this arthritic condition, and when this person found out the cost of good appropriate medical treatment,she signed over Joker to my veterinarian. I inquired as to what could be done to help the little guy the best way possible with this arthritic condition.
The vet indicated the best thing for Joker was to be on daily low dose pain medication, and receive daily exercises to help keep the joint mobile. The daycare provider and his wife were spending extra time daily taking Joker out for extra long walks and indicated that he was beginning to walk some with all four legs. His wife had even made a special blanket and toys just for Joker, which he guarded constantly. During the discussion, I ask if it would help if I would come in daily in the afternoons and take Joker for walks outside. He and the vet indicated that would be good for Joker.
So began my daily encounters with Joker every afternoon as we continued trying to find someone who would adopt him and give him a loving caring home. I even brought Joker home for a couple days and attempted to see if I could convince my four cats to accept Joker as part of our family. However, that was not to be. Every staff member had taken special interest in his all four leg waking inprovement, and as we would leave for or return from his walks, they would all praise Joker on his continual improvement and give him special diet treats. During the time I spent with Joker daily, we discovered that Joker had never learned how to bark or growl.
After a few weeks of working with him, when he would hear my voice coming down the hallway to take him on his walks he would start barking softly, or make a low happy growl, knowing he was going to be able to go outside and run for a while, walk for a while and sit on the picnic bench with me and listen to my voice as I talked to him. I sent Joker's pictures out to every body I could think of requesting they take him and give him a good loving home. A friend of mine in Red Bay Alabama sent me an e-mail informing me that one of his coworkers saw Joker's picture and said he would be happy to give Joker home if I could get him down to his small farm in Golden Mississippi. That was good news, and I made arrangements to have Joker transported down to his farm as soon as possible.
At midnight Sunday August 11, 2009, a very nice lady arrived at my vets in her transport van to pick Joker up, and take him directly to his new home in Mississippi. After explaining Joker's situation, She said she would take special care of him, and ensure that he was delivered as quickly as possible. She called me early Tuesday morning to inform me they had arrived at Joker's new home, and he was already out in the backyard playing with his two new family members, a beagle and Miniature Dachshund.
I would hear reports back from his new home that he was happy,and always made everyone laugh with his happy bark. I spoke with his parent today and Joker is buried next to his run. I shall never forget this funny little guy, and always remember the days we spent together. I will see him and all our furbabies again when our life chores are finished. He is in good hands now with all the other furbaies at the Rainbow Bridge. We all will miss him each and every day.
We and Joker's adopted Dad establish this residency to ensure Joker will always be remembered and close by to visit. Thank you for allowing me to share this heart warming experience.

Love, Us

Bob,Billy, Kathy
Bunny,Maxwell,Bear and JoJo


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