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Memories of Jinx
I remember when you would always jump in my bed at night. I would always love it, but I would sometimes get annoyed because it was really late at night and I was tired. I especially remember when you hopped into my bed just to lick my face and then you jumped off. It was so sweet and touching. Now, all I want is to feel your paws land on my stomach one last time. I will always treasure our moments together whether it was the time you bit me or cuddled in my arms.

I also remembered how I would sometimes hold you like a baby. I would cradle you in my arms and sometimes you tricked me into thinking you were sleeping while I was holding you. One of your eyes was closed and I would think "Awww, you're sleeping" but then when I looked at your other eye it was wide open! That would always make me laugh. But then sometimes you really would sleep, like the first couple days I got you. You always looked so cute with your little paws sticking up.

I remember the first time I saw you. We drove over to where you were living at the time and saw you hiding in the back of your carrier. You seemed really scared. Right as I saw you I knew we were meant to be. You were my dream come true. I opened the carrier, but you were still scared and huddled up in the corner. I reached my hand in and started touching your fur. It was so soft. A few minutes later, I took you out of your carrier and held you in my arms. You seemed so comfortable with someone completely new and different holding you. I carried you into the car and you stayed in my arms until we got home. Then I took you outside and we played around. I took so many photos and laughed. I never wanted to leave you again. It was a day I will never forget.

Although it happened only a few times, giving you a bath was so much fun! After you were placed in the big container with warm water, and we would wet your fur. It would make you look so skinny! You hated getting baths and would always try to escape. I remember once I was giving you a bath and then you hopped out of the container and into the dirty grass. Then I had to give you double bath. We would play around with you while you were in the bath and then once you finished your bath, we would wrap you up in the blanket that you bit holes in, and I would hold you till you were all dry. When you were wrapped in the blanket, you looked like a tiny and furry burrito! It was so funny!

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