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Memories of Jasmine
Oh my dear Jazzy...my pretty girl...words can not express how much I miss you.

From the moment our eyes met, we knew we would be bonded. You had been abandoned, tied to a tree, and we needed each other so very much. You have been more than a best friend to me for over 14 years and life without you is unbearably hard.

I have such wonderful memories of playing hide and go seek with you...I could never win for you would ALWAYS find me! You loved to retrieve tennis balls. You could do it for hours. Once you learned how to swim at the age of 6 (at Lake Alpine), we couldn't get you out of the water.

You loved your family with your whole heart and soul. Justin was not quite 12 when you came into our lives. He was your first "boy" and you really loved him and his back rubs. Once he moved out, you would so much love his visits. When we brought Spencer home from the hospital, I laid him on the couch and invited you to come over to meet YOUR new baby. Boy did you ever take me literally for after that point you became his second mom. We all remember how you'd alert Nana and Papa to the fact that Spencer was awake when they didn't hear him cry. You were such a good mother to us all and couldn't stand it if we were on a walk and any of us were out of your sight.

You were such a gentle soul and didn't have one single mean bone in your body. You had so much love to give and never held back. In the end, you were trying to comfort us. Rest in peace now my baby and play with Daisy, Dandy and Dutchess in heaven. I know that one day, we will see each other again.

I will always love you.

There are so many people who entered our lives while we had Jasmine. At this point, I would like to take the time to say "thank you" to some who have just stood out:

Ardith O: You are the one who found Jasmine and gave her to me. You were a Golden Retriever rescue agent who was looking for a Golden for me. When you found Jasmine at the Suisun Pheasant Club, you thought of me. You told me she would be perfect for me and to just think of her as a Golden without the long fur. You were right! I have loved every second of her being a part of my life and it would have never happened if it hadn't been for you!

Jennifer W: You knew how much I needed Jasmine in my life. You knew that my financial situation was very tight and you took the time to go to garage sales to find me dog beds, toys, food bowls, and a dog house. You also bought dog food for me. I can not tell you how much that meant at the time and still means alot!

Lisa E: You were my roommate when I got Jasmine and were going to Sonoma State to study to become a veterinarian. You helped so much in the beginning from helping to get Jasmine spayed, to helping when Jasmine and I were going to training school. After not seeing you for over 10 years, she was so happy to see you when you came to visit.

Everyone affiliated with the Animal Hospital of Cotati:
Dr. Katheryn H: Oh dear, dear Kathy, you gently made the call and told me there was nothing more we could do. I really appreciate your sincerity and strength. You have known me for more than 17 years and have been a gift for our household. You tried the Bioresonance therapy on Jasmine and when she was going downhill, you generously allowed me to meet Laura.

Dr. Laura A: You and your gift of weekly acupuncture gave me eleven additional months with my baby. I know you loved her and she loved you. She knew you wanted her to feel better. Thank you for getting close to and loving my Jazzy.

Heather R: What can I say...I don't know how I have been so lucky that you chose my family to take on as your special client and now close friends. You have loved all of my fur babies and they love you. You have been so willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to help me. After my knee surgery, you took the time to come and pick up Jasmine to take her in for her treatment so that she wouldn't miss any. Words just aren't enough to say thanks.

Mary Ellen, Tina, Jenifer, Julie, Lisa, Zineb, Faith and any one else who I may have seen but don't know your name. You have all made the animal hospital our home away from home. Thank you for taking such good care of Jazzy over the last few years.

Update - March 13, 2009
Oh my sweet baby, it has been one year since you went to the rainbow bridge. I can't believe that the time has gone by. There is not one day that goes by without me thinking about you. I miss you so very much. You will always be in my heart and that will never change.

Rica misses you too. She is now getting acupunture treatments so Dr. Laura has gotten to know her as well. We still see everyone at the animal hospital. You know that they had been trying to get me to adopt a kitten after Daisy and Dandy passed. In July, when Rica and I were in, we saw a their kitten cage with two litter inside. When we walked by, they were not at all afraid of Rica. I decided to ask to pick one up (of course Heather said I could just open the cage up and pick one). Well, we now have had our Rosie for over 8 months. I know that you, Daisy and Dandy had something to do with it. Rosie is like having a combination of Daisy and Dandy's personalities. Rosie and Rica are getting along great and they do love one another. Rosie (being a kitten), does pester Rica quite a bit and the both of them make us laugh so much! Rica has been suprisingly patient with her new sister. Of course, she would never bite her but has HAD to snap and bark a few times. Rosie also plays with Skittles (the bunny) yet she respects him more than Rica. I really wish you were here to meet her as I know you would be so good with her.

My sweet Jazzy, I will never get used to life without you but I do know that I will one day see you again. Until then, rest in the peace.

I love you,

Update - March 13, 2010
Time will never lessen our love and how much I miss you. You are still giving me gifts. When I see your pictures, a smile always comes across my face, The thought of you will always brighten my day. Thank you so much!

Love, Mom

Update - March 13, 2012
Dear Dear Jasmine.... I can't believe that it has been four years since you went to the Rainbow Bridge. We think of you so often. Even dad said recently that he used your nick name as a password on a new account. See, he still misses you too!

It doesn't matter how many things change in our lives or how many new fur babies we adopt, I will always love you and think of you.


Update - March 13, 2013
Oh how time really does fly by. This is not a day for sadness. It is a day for remembrance. A day to honor your memory and the life I had with you. Jazzy, you will always be in my heart. You set a high standard (and I do remind the "double trouble" of this fact). I love you always!


Update - March 13, 2014
Wow - 6 years....really??? I thought of you this morning well before I realize the date. You are forever in my soul. Rica and Skittles have gone to join you in heaven. I know you were there to greet them and are taking great care of them. By now you know that we rescued Chloe in June of last year. She, just like you, was not loved in her first months. I call her my gumby dog because she tones it down for Dolly, but can really put up with Vito the tank.

Oh Jazz, I wish with all my heart that you were still here. Your spirit is still with me. Love you forever.


Update - March 13, 2015
I can't believe that 7 years have flown by. I still talk about you and the love you gave me. No one can come close to replacing you and I will always miss you. I know you are looking down and shining over us. I smile when I think of you. All four of the little munchkins are keeping me very busy. My heart has enough to love each and every one of them....but I will always have room to remember you.

Love you always!

Update - March 13, 2016
Well, you sent us another one!!!!! Yes, Katie has joined our pack. You would love her. She is a lot like you. But....for some reason, today is harder than years past. Miss you lots! Love, Mom.

Update - March 13, 2018
I would be lying if I didn't say that today is a hard day. I am burying myself in work but my heart isn't in it. 10 years have passed but the pain is still there. I will always miss you! Love you always! Mom.

Update - March 13, 2019
11 years....wow. Everyone and anyone who knows me knows about my "heart dog". I will never stop talking about you or thinking about you. xoxo Mom!

Update - March 13, 2022

14 years! I will never stop missing you. Katie will be joining you soon. She has battled cancer valiantly but like you, I can't have her suffer. Dr. Rhonda Savage has been an angel as she is there for Katie and me. You also know that I added Ms. Kitty Valentina to our family. You and her would have been such good friends. She is so affectionate and isn't scared of dogs at all. I know you had something to do with sending her our way. She is very bonded with Katie as she knows something is wrong.

Well my baby, time will never stop my love for you. xoxo Mom!

Update - March 13, 2023
I can't believe that it has been 15 years since you had to leave. I miss you so very much! I know you greeted Katie with open arms. You and she must have had a hand in sending me the new recruits. Bella and her mother Sophia have settled in and are a blessing. I know Katie sent me down Karina (her sweet but rambunctious opposite) LOL! My heart opens up to these new babies but I will never ever forget you and how much you taught me about life and love. You will always be my most bonded sweet soul. I know you are looking out for me from above.

I love you! xoxoxo MOM!

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