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Memories of Jake
My Jake was special. Extremely intelligent and quick. I always said the term "in the dog house" was meant for him. He was curious and it often got him into trouble especially with food but once he gave me those big, brown eyes I could never stay mad. Jake personified the personality and devotion of a Labrador Retriever. Ever loyal and lovable he and I were practically glued at the hip. He loved people especially children. His main duty that he carried out faithfully was retrieving my morning paper. Didn't matter the weather, Jake was ready at 7:00 every morning to get the paper. If I wasn't up I would hear the "woof" at the side of my bed. He was up (slept with me) and ready to get it. One of the son's of our delivery man was battling brain cancer and accompanied his dad. Sure enough one morning as they came to deliver the paper there was Jake sitting by the side of the garage door waiting for the paper. It perked up Kinnon's son.

Jake's life was cut short in 8 years. In 2007 he battled bacterial endocarditis, spending 5 1/2 days in the hospital. The vet said clinically he should have died but the strong love and bond between Jake and me gave him the will to live. But this condition damages the valves of the heart and a year later while battling lymphosarcosa his heart gave out. He passed away in front of his vet, my husband and me. The three of us cried like babies. While I have lost other dogs in my life his loss was especially devastating and I still grieve. His partner was lost as she was bought at the same time. Unbeknownst to us at the time a litter of Labs was born 4 days after Jake's death. If there is a thing called reincarnation and I truly believe there is we brought home Jake Jr. on 4/25/08. While having picked out his brother and upon visiting the litter before Zeke was ready to be brought home I was asked why I didn't like the smaller of the two Black Labs. As soon as I held this tiny puppy we bonded and I had to pry his paw off my wrist. Consequently, we brought home both boys.

Our Zeus is the splitting image of our Jake and just as ornery but just as lovable and is just as attached to me as Jake. We all laugh and claim Jake needed a younger, healthy body and manifested himself into our Zeus. If I mention Jake's name Zeus wags his tail. Animal telepathy? Possible. Gwen immediately took to these two young boys as their mother and when mentioning Jake's name she still wags her tail. I truly believe our animals wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge. As my mother has quoted, "you better be wearing a crash helmet and pads as you will get bowled over by your dogs especially Jake". When she and I would take our mini trips to Michigan Jake would lay around, mourn & not eat worrying my husband. As soon as he would be told Mommy is coming home he would go ballistic. It is the same with Zeus. My mother and I have said that God heard my cries of pain and anguish upon losing Jake and sent him back as my Zeus. And yes the tears will flow and my heart will break when I lose Zeus one day but this poem and God promise us that we will be reunited and live together eternally.

While our grief seems endless on earth we have the hope of tomorrow when we meet up with our beloved pets at the Rainbow Bridge. Oh Jake, Mommy will run just as fast you to meet up again! Until then, I love you and miss you. Can't go on as the tears are flowing down my face.

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