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Memories of Jake Childers

It was in August of 2000 I believe. The air conditioner in my car was not working and it was way to hot for that. I went to Ford ranger and leased a blue ford pick up. It was about 4 PM on this hot afternoon when I pulled in my drive way and there waiting for me was a small black dog. The temperature that day had gone to at least 100. The little dog was panting and in need of a cool spot. All right, come in. A good cool drink and a nice place to rest seemed just the thing. The dog had his eye on the couch and was about to take the leap of faith to get there. NO, none of that. Those were the only rules. No jumping on the couch. Other than that make yourself at home. The little dog did have a collar but no tags of any kind. It was made out of some strange green plastic and was much to big for him. A few days later it was time to go visit a vet and see what we have here. The shots given and the heart worm test was very positive. So a few days later you had your treatment. It was very hard on you, but you did survive it. Your place was on a mat in front of the dresser in my bed room. A few days after the treatment was over and I was just about to go to sleep- something very strange happened I had never seen before. You had a full blown seizure. What a frightful thing that was to see. I got David up and then I called a vets office and took him in. There was nothing I could do. The seizure was over and Jake was fine. Over the next few weeks you had a few more seizure- then there was a long cluster seizure. Many more drug combinations and dosages followed until you were finally under control. We noticed very early that you must have been badly abused- where ever you came from. The sight of a stick brought flash backs from earlier abuse I suspect. Never once did he ever walk in front of me- always behind,,,always. The medicine Jake took caused him to be very hungry - so he did put on a few pounds. When he came to my house I think he weighed 36 pounds. This past year he had gotten up to 43.8 pounds. He went on a diet food in July of 2005 and had lost down to 36.4.

Dear Jake, October 16,2005 7:15 PM Sunday
Are you there yet? Have you made it to Rainbow Bridge?

Dear Jake, October 18th, 2005 Tuesday 8:20 PM
Its just to painful to write about you today. Your memory is to fresh. David picked up your
blanket from the Vet and its all nice and clean. I will put it back in your spot.

Dear Jake. October 10, 2006 Tuesday 10:00 pm
It is still to hard to finish your story. You were so sick and suffering. I did
the only thing I could do and it was for you that you made your last trip to
the Vet that Sunday almost one year ago. I am so sorry. I think of you very
often. I think of you when it thunders and on the holidays when they shoot
off fire crackers. I can still see you running to the bird feeder to see if
you can catch a squirrel. I think about you when I see your spot in my bedroom.
I miss you Jake. Cinder, Oliver, Moses, Muffin, Boomer, Tigger, Cricket,
Pickles and Pepper also miss you as does David. Don't forget to look for Violet.
he was your best friend and back yard buddy. Mama cat is on your side of the
bridge don't forget. She arrived on September 26, 2005. Tell Mama her baby
girl Shadow misses her.McGregor sends his love and Whiskers..well you know
how he always was. Love, Mum

Dear Jake, Thanksgiving Day 2006
I guess its been two Thanksgivings since you left us. Please know you are thought of
every day. All of your old friends are fine. I miss you my little old man.
I love you, Mum

Dear Jake, December 8, 2006
A new family moved into the Duke's house and have lots of Christmas decorations up.
I am so glad you are where its warm. It has frozen here the past 3 nights. Even the
house is cold. Your bed is still under Grandma's drawer and the heat is on. Before
the night is over- one of the cats will be sleeping it. I think about you almost
everyday. Christmas will be here soon. Take care my brave little man and know I
miss you. Luv, Mum

Dear Jake, Christmas 2006, December 25th
Christmas finally came and soon it will be gone. I gave all the animals extra treats
today. It's going to get very cold again. I am sure you got lots of treats and its
nice and warm there. Please know you were thought about today. Take care little man.
Love, Mum

Dear Jake, New Years Eve 2006
Tomorrow, New Years Day, will add another year to the days and months and years you
have been gone. It must be wonderful to know there are no more seizures and no more
medicine. There is a new little Scottish Terrier that arrived over the bridge
yesterday. He had been very ill. Please look for him and look after him. His name
is Mr McGuffin. You will like him and you remember how it was when you first arrived.
Until we meet again, its always nice to have friends. I miss you and I would be
selfish to say I wish you were here. It's so nice to know you are in God's care.
Take care little man and know I love you. Mum

Dear Jake, January 7,2007
Another year. I hope this letter finds you well. I just saw in my minds eye, you
running in the back yard to see if you could catch that squirrel. You were such a
handsome dog. I am sorry you just can't stop by one more time. I miss you Jake,
and Love You. Take care little man. Love, Mum

February 14th, 2007 ~Happy Valentines Day Little Man and just remember I Love You
and Miss You Very Much. Mum

Dear Jake, March 7, 2007
Spring is only 12 days away. There are lots of birds singing these days. I can still
hear a few Robins singing that have not gone North. Moses had to go to the Vet
yesterday. Something happened to his eye. I tried to clip Cinder and ended up just
doing what I could with the scissors. I know she was glad to get rid of her heavy
coat. I think about you every day. I am looking forward to the day I can see you again.
Take care little man.Love, Mum

Dear Jake, March 12, 2007
I am thinking about you today. It's a really nice day, but there is plenty of pollen
in the air. All of your family are doing well. Miss Daisy can be a little pain and
she bosses everyone. She spends a lot of time begging treats from David. Your bed in
still in it's place and either Crackers or Pickles sleep
in it at night. Take care little man. I miss you . Luv, Mum

Dear Jake, March 24, 2007
I have a very special favor to ask of you. Just a bit ago I went to the front yard-
why -I am not sure. As I was about to come in I saw a small animal laying there.
I looked better and saw it was a baby possum. Need less to say he was no longer
living. I would say he may have been about a month old. I picked him up and took
him in the back patio. His little hands and little curled up tail. I feel he
was looking at me saying he was glad I found him. I put him in a nice clean wash
cloth and a little box and buried him in the little garden. Do you remember the
little possum that was in the top of a Norfolk pine swinging back and forth one
night a few years ago? They were about the same age. I put some fresh spring
flowers on his grave and he has a forever home. Would you please go to the gate and
meet him? He was so young and has such understanding eyes. Tell him I am sorry but
he is now going to be in a safe place and among friends. Take care of him Jake
and tell him I am sorry. Love Mum

Dear Jake, April 8th 2007 Easter Sunday
Its a nice day today. we hit a record low last night. I think it was 38. In two days
it will be in the 80's again. I wonder if I could ask you to do something for me.
Could you please find my Mother? I have been thinking about her today. Please tell
her I miss her so much and I wish I could tell her just one more time how important
she was to me. I also thought about Mr Bones and all of you who have left to cross
the bridge. Thank you Jake. Thank you for coming into my life. I miss you very much.
Love, Mum

My Dear Jake,April 10th, 2007
I am sorry you had to be sick for so long. Ask Mama cat if she will come with you
next time you go for a long walk. You were one of the kindest dogs I have ever had.
I would love to see you run and be happy just one more time. I Luv You Jake, Mum

Dear Jake, May 12th, 2007
Tomorrow is Mothers Day. You were my little boy for such a short painful time.
How I wish you could have always been as chipper as you were when you first
arrived. I miss you Jake. You were such a kind quiet dog. I feel so bad that
there was not more I could have done to keep you here with me. I guess that
would have been selfish, as I know you are now well and doing really good.
Please know I think about you and miss you little man. Please tell Mama Cat
we miss her to and all the rest of our family there.I love and miss each and
every one of you. Love, Mum

Dearest Jake, May 26th, 2007
I hope this note finds you well. It's Memorial day week-end. Its also a time
to remember all I have lost. Last night there were a lot of fire crackers. I was
glad you did not have to hear them. Its been a real long time since there has been
a thunder storm and we do need the rain. When ever I do hear thunder - or fire
works - or click the binder open - it makes me remember how you just hated
the noise. I saw a Mama raccoon the other night. She was real glad to have a meal.
I hope you take care of Mama cat. I put a little rose on her marker today.
Take care of the family. I miss you Jake.
Give my Love to all, Mummy

Dearest Jake, June 15, 2007
Hope this note finds you well. I thought about you yesterday when I saw Miss Daisy
sniff my leather pocket book. You always did that when you passed where it was hung.
I would like you to go to the bridge this evening and look for a little house wren.
The parents were making a fuss then I saw Whiskers running by with a baby bird in his
mouth. I had hoped I could get the bird before he killed it, but did not get it in
time. I held the little bird for a long time thinking what could have been. I buried
him in a little box right by Mama Cat. This could be a baby from last spring that was
born last year in the side window of the boys room. I felt so bad. If you find this
little bird- please tell him how sorry I am. Thank you Jake. I miss all of my family
there across the bridge. I love you little man and miss you. Love Mum

Dearest Jake, June 20th, 2007
I have two requests for you. Today would be my Mothers Birthday. My Mom would be
106 today. You never met her, but she was the best person I have ever known.
Please see if you can find her and tell her how much I miss her? Buttons, Gretchen,
Princess and Calico can help you find her. I bet you have already met them. Jake
you were older and a very wise dog. That's why I can count on you. Thank you so much.
Thank You little man. Thank you for being so kind to all you
met. I wish I could have you back if even just for a little while.Love, Mum

Dearest Jake, July 3,2007
We just had a big thunder storm and lots of lightening. I am sure you did not miss
that at all. Cinder, Oliver and Moses were all upset but not as much as you would
have been. Tomorrow is the 4th of July. You know that means lots of fire crackers.
I also could do with out them.I know you are busy. I sent you a big ham bone.
Give Mama Cat, Mr Bones, Calico and the rest a little piece. Just be careful.
I know you teeth are all good as new but be careful of the
bone. Take care little man. I miss you and LOVE you. Luv, Mum
HAPPY 4th of July :-)

Dear Jake. July 5th, 2007
No requests this time....I just wanted you to know I am thinking about you today.
Love, Mum

My Dearest Jake, September 6, 2007
In ten days it will be two years since we made our final trip.
I can cry as easily today as the day I had to make that trip. You were so very
special to me. I am happy you are now free of pain and I must remember how happy
you must be now. It is only for selfish reasons I wish you were here.
I know you are happy and are still here - if only in my memory. Do you remember
the cat I made a web page for? She was a black cat- just like Mama cat.
Could you please see if you can find her and tell her we miss her? Her name is
BUTTONS. Buttons the cat. You will like her I am sure. Soon it will be fall
and will be getting cooler. I wish you were here to enjoy the yard, but I know
you have no fences - just a beautiful world. Enjoy little man and know I have
not forgotten you and one day we will be together again. Love, Mum

Dearest Jake, September 27, 2007
Almost two years have now passed since I had to let you go. As time goes by
it is getting harder to let special friends go. I have begun to feed the birds
and squirrels more food by the kitchen window. There are so many new birds I
have not seen here before. A couple of months ago I saw a Wood Thrush and it
was always under the area where the water tub is. It would come out from
underneath it and scurry off when I came out. Last Friday I went out and he
was just sitting there. His feathers were all disheveled and it was having a
hard time breathing. He had been attacked by something. Finally he hopped
off to a thick bush at the corner of the house. The next day I did get his
picture. I saw him again the next day, but I did not see him today. I fear
his injuries were fatal. He was a very nice fellow and I was so pleased he
chose to let me meet him. Please look for him and Thank him for his visit.
Tell him how sorry I am he was injured. I will never forget him. I miss all
of you so much and Pray I will once again meet all of my family.Love, Mum

Dear Jake,Oct. 8th, 2007 ~Just want you to know I love you and miss you.
Luv, Mum

Dearest Jake, October 16, 2007
Its been two years since you left. A while back I started looking for the old
green plastic collar you showed up with seven years ago. I could not find
it and decided I had given it away. Well- yesterday I found it. I guess it
was a sign you were thinking about me. Yes, you can feel my tears. As long as
I live I will remember you. Luv, Mum

Dear Jake, Monday November 12, 2007
Well another little friend came to the bridge today. It is a young little
Squirrel whom Moses injured last night and Whiskers mortally wounded today.
Please find him and please look after him and tell him how sorry I am. He is
buried under the bush near Mama's grave. I think of you very often and love
and miss you Jake. Thank you for helping me. Luv, Mum

My Dear Jake, Saturday Dec 8th 2007
Another winter has come. Another Christmas and soon another New Year. Another
year you have been gone. I miss you Jake and if I could have just one thing
for Christmas - I would wish you could come home just one more time.
I love you Jake and miss you. Mum

Dear Jake, December 22, 2007
A Christmas Promise to you:
How nice it would be to visit you on this Christmas eve.
How clear the Christmas star would be from your Celestial home.
So many friends I want to see, and many from long ago.
We could visit the animals from Manger square,
and many more we know.
If I am chosen - one day - to cross the bridge to you,
there will never be another Christmas that I won't share with you.
Luv, Mum

Merry Christmas, Christmas Eve 2007
Mother, Jake, Mama Cat, Mr Bones, Baby Squirrel, Mr Glover, Princess,
Calico, Julius, Butch, Spike, Mr Rooster, Four Eyes, Kalu, Tiger, Violet,
Little Patches, Little Karuppu, Baby Wren, Buttons, Gretchen and All the
rest who have touched my life. I love and miss you all. Mum

Dearest Jake, December 30th, 2007
I am so happy its warm there beyond the Bridge. I wish I could sit and
visit with you a while. I have welcomed two new guests to the Bridge.
They are Tatiana and Charu. They are Tigers and both of them were killed,
not because they were sick, but because they were Tigers. They are young
and may be to frisky for your taste, but do meet them and welcome them
home. There is also an Older Lion you just have to look up. He arrived
several years ago was horribly abused. His name is Marjan. He is a kind
old Soul and I just know you will enjoy visits with him. Thank you Jake.
I Love and Miss You Little Man. Luv, Mum

January 1,2008 Midnight : Happy New Year Jake I Love you. Mum

Jan 20th, 2008: God Bless you dear Jake. I love you. Mum

Dear Jake : Jan 26th 2008
Its real cold here now. I am glad you are where its always warm and nice.
Your bed it still in place and warm. Pickles uses it at night. I wish you
were still using it. I love you, Mum

Dearest Jake : February 14, 2008
Happy Valentine's day little man. I miss you. Thank Pressy for helping you
make such a beautiful card. Love, Mum xoxoxo

Dear Jake,: March 8th,2008
I have added a picture of Puppy. Puppy was tossed off a cliff in Iraq,so
the US Marine could post it on the internet. He was kicked out of the Marines.

Dear Jake : March 25, 2008
I buried a baby squirrel by your marker. I am not sure how he died, but he
will now live forever with our family. You boys play nice with him. I hope
you have a nice Easter. I Love You. Mum xoxo

Dear Jake, April 14, 2008
Spring is here and I miss you. Luv, Mum

Dear Jake, June 1,2008
I have thought about you every day lately. I hope it's because your are
thinking about me and your home. It is going to be a very hot summer.
Can you see my tears as I write this? I will never ever forget you and please
be at the gate when I come. I love you Jake and you were my little man.xox Mum

Dearest Jake,June 7th, 2008
I am trying to learn to take one day at a time. That's really all I can do.
Yesterday is gone,and tomorrow is not promised. Its just today. I miss you .
Luv, Mum

Dearest Jake,September 13, 2008
I have just learned Cinder has cancer. I am still not over your passing. Please
gather your friends and give me strength to do the best thing for her.
I so miss you Jake. Luv Mum

Dearest Jake, September 30, 2008
Cinder passed away this afternoon. They had given her one chemo treatment.
It was just to much for her. Please Jake, meet her tonight. Let her know
I am so very sorry. I am looking forward to being with you both again when
the time comes. In the mean time, Please take good care of Mama Cinder. Luv, Mum

October 16,2008,
Dearest Jake,
Can it be that 3 years ago today you crossed the Bridge? It seems so
long ago. Now Cinder has joined you. Mama cat arrived Sept.26th 2005. Will
you please tell her- her baby girl is fine and misses her so. We all do.
I love you Jake. Kiss Mama and Cinder for me. You are not forgotten.
I love you, Mum.

December 1,2008
Dear Jake,

I stopped by today to visit Mama Cinder and of course I want to visit you also.
Winter is coming. It will freeze tonight, so I have feed all the wild animals
and brought in all the plants. Did you know your bed is still on and warm?
Take care little man and do know you are all missed. Luv Mum

Christmas Eve 2008

If I could wish upon a star
and travel to the place right where you are.
I would climb the Bridge on Christmas Eve
and take my turn to wait.
To wait right there at Rainbow's Gate,
To have a chance to visit you .
I would hug you tight and be so thankful that very night
to have a chance to see you well and happy too.
Your eyes so bright, your coat so fine.
You have gotten younger over time.
We could talk about the days gone by
and then the day I had to cry.
You could assure me you will be right there
when I too will open Heavens Door.
Its just a dream I know, I can not come until its time .
Until then, just know, I will close my eyes this Christmas Eve
and think of you. We will be together again and when I arrive,
we will never ever have to part.

January 29th 2009
A New Year Little Man. Every year that passes brings me closer to
the day we will meet again. I LOVE YOU. Mum

April 17th, 2009
Happy Spring Dearest Jake. I miss you. Luv, Mum
PS~your bed is still in its place. I just thought you would enjoy
knowing that.

Dear Jake, June 10th, 2009
Another summer is just about here and it will be very hot this year.
I am so happy you are in such a wonderful place. Not a day goes by that
I do not think about you. You, Cinder and Mama cat and all the animals
are in my prayers every night. I want to know if your found your
friend Violet? You must find him as he really loved you so much.
Please tell him his Brother Whiskers is here. Also please find Violets
Brother Tigger. Also remember he can not hear. I am sure he will remember
his brother Violet. He may be playing the piano at one of the celebrations.
He was very good. Tell them all I love them and miss each. Thinking of
You Dear Jake. Love to my Little Man, Mum

Dearest Jake, November 6th,2009
I still cry when I think of you. My Brave Little Man. I miss you
Dear Jake. I am so happy I have gotten a few of your pictures on your
page.I also put a picture of Violet- Your BFF I don't know why he loved
you so, but he did.I know you are with him now. I will be so happy
to find all of you one day. Take care Little Man. Luv, Mum

Dear Jake, November 24, 2009
Happy Thanksgiving Little Man and Thank You for coming into my life.
I miss you. Luv, Mum

Dearest Jake, Dec.24th, 2009
It is with a sad heart I write to you tonight. Whiskers, Violets brother,
has been missing since Dec 15th. I have no idea what happened to him.
I hope you and the family can see if he has crossed the bridge. Please
let me know. Tomorrow night is the Memorial dinner for Tatiana.
If you can help in anyway, please do. It was really cold last week
and I needed to put out another warmer for Shadow and McGregor.
I finally removed your heated bed from its place and gave it to Shadow
and McGregor. I just know you won't mind. I love you and miss you sweet
boy. Merry Christmas to All. Love Mum

Dear Jake, Nov 5, 2010
Please go to the gate tonight and welcome "Prof" He lived at the home
of the Sunshine kids. He is blind in one eye and as he was attacked
by a hawk. I know you loved to chase squirrels but this little fella
is family and you need to take care of him. He comes from the Sunshine
Family home and they loved him so. RIP Little "Prof". I just know Jake
and all the family will take care of you. Thank you Jake. Luv, Mum

Dear Jake,Nov 6th 2010
I have added a pix of the baby Squirrel I sent home this spring.
Please make sure he finds Prof and they will be best friends.
Thanks again, Jake oxoxox :-) Luv, Mum

Dearest Jake, Dec 15,2010
Today one year ago was the last day I saw Mr Whiskers. It was a cold
day and he was talking to me near the magnolia bush. I wish I had
listened. I waited for him every day, but knew he would not be back.
I pray he is with you and his brother Violet and Tigger. Perhaps he
has also found his Mother Scruffy, who left after she knew they had
a good home while they were still small children. I love you ONE AND ALL.

Dear Jake, December 2010
I added a pix of Sadie, who is Mittens kitty sister. Sadie died of
cancer and Mittens was very ill for some time They lived in New
York and were being cared for by a very nice lady. These sweet cats
are now well and healthy and happy. Each, never the less, has one
thing in common. They all have someone below who misses them and are
so glad they touched their lives. Please welcome them Jake, into
our extended Bridge Family. Love, Mum
2-18-2010 Miss Sadie Katchmer BY: Gloria Jean Childers

Christmas 2010 ~ Luke Chapter 2 verse 8-11
May you have a very special Christmas. LOVE From Mum and all my Animals
here and beyond the bridge.

Dear Faithful Jake, Sept-22-2011
Earlier tonight I saved a baby raccoon fm busy Azalea road. I got a cage
from next door and hoped he would be OK till I could take him to the
Environmental at first light. That was not to be. I was with him when he
took his last breath around 11:15 tonight. Just a baby. I think he had a
broken leg or hip. He was not meant to be with me Jake. He was meant to come
and live with you and the rest of the kids. Please meet him at the gate
tonight or early AM. He may be limping so help him along. Please give
him some warm milk,and a warm blanket. Thank you Jake. I always know
you will be there to help me. Love Mum. :-(

Dearest Jake, May 3, 2012
Please gather the family together tonight and pray for Cinders little
boy Oliver. He is going to have a tumor removed from his mouth in the
morning. Pray for him and be a comfort to Mama Cinder. Thank You Jake.

Dearest Jake, 10-14-2011
Sunday the 16th will be your 6th Homecoming Anniversary. I can't believe
its been 6 years since you left me. I cried all the way to the Vet and
all the way home. You touched my heart with your bravery through your
illness. May all your friend's attend and may you have a wonderful
celebration. One day I will meet you. Until then, enjoy your days beyond
the Bridge and know I think about you. You were a good boy.
Love Always , Mum

Dear Jake,January 10, 2013
Tonight please go to the gate tonight and look for a little
white rabbit. My neighbor, next door has been feeding him at the
nursing home where her mother stayed for five years. Today, when she
went to feed him, he had passed on. His name is Gordie.He is all
white and has beautiful pink eyes. Tell him who you are and where you
lived and you know his caretaker. He will be very glad to know
these things. She is very upset she did not even get to tell him
Good-bye. Spring will be here soon. Please have Jenny make sure
he is comfortable. Thank You Dear Jake. Remind Gordie how much
he will be missed.
He will be a wonderful family member. xox Mum

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