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Memories of Jacy
Dear Jacy,
You were my special angel from day one. I will never forget the day we met. My friend said she had too many cats and that you were going to have to go to the pound. I wasn't fond of cats but I agreed to take you on a trial basis. I fell in love with you the day you moved in. You taught me that it wasn't scary to love someone.
We had 6 wonderful years together, and you helped me choose your daddy.
I love you Jacy and I know you will be waiting for me on Rainbow Bridge.
Today I got a tatoo on my right arm with 4 balloons floating up to heaven and a letter of your name in each balloon. It helped me to heal a bit.
Love Mommy and Daddy
November 2006
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so you know what that means ... just a couple of days latter is momma's birthday. I miss you my friend and bought you an ornament and treat bag like any other year. Please come and tell me happy birthday ... momma
My angel,
I know it has been a while. I wanted to thank you for taking your baby sister Maggie into your wings. I hurt so bad when you died that I needed Maggie to help me through that time. Her love and devotion to me got me through the darkest times. Now I am without both of you, but you will always have a place in my heart!. I love you Jacy and I miss you. Come and visit when you can...momma. PS, Abby say's hello.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Be sure you are at the party tonight. There will be whipped cream and presents!!! I love you my first fur baby.

Today is July 12 and you have been at the bridge for a year now. I just wanted you to know baby Jacy that I love you very much. I can laugh and smile at your sisters but there will always be a sad place in my heart for your loss. Now though, in our new home I will have a room dedicated to you and your sisters. That will make me feel closer to you. You haven't visited in a while so it would be nice to see you my first baby. Momma loves you and misses you so much.


My dear Jacy,
I still remember the first time I held you,
So very soft you were,
You cuddled in and we knew,
You would be forever in my arms.

My sweet Jacy,
You always looked out for me,
Ate dinner with me,
Slept with me,
I knew ,
You would be forever in my arms.

My spoiled Jacy,
You were my girl,
And whipped cream you liked,
It was always in the house,
You would be forever in my arms.

My friend Jacy,
You were so sick and frail,
I knew the time had come,
I sent you off to Rainbows Bridge,
But without a doubt I knew,
You would be forever in my arms.

My angel Jacy,
You never left my heart,
I feel you by my side,
Rest in peace my friend,
You will be forever in my arms.

July 10, 2009
Three years ago today I made the decision to send my best friend to the Rainbows Bridge so she could be whole and happy again. Even though it was the hardest thing I'll ever do I know in my heart she has never left my side. ... Misty

On This Day

On this day,
Four years ago,
A decision I had to make,
My best friend was hurt and tired,
I truly thought my heart would break.

On this day,
Four years ago,
I decided to give her to god,
I prayed for her health and happiness,
I felt a piece of me die.

On this day,
Four years ago,
My Jacy entered the bridge,
She regained her health and happiness,
I swore I could not live.

My Jacy lives in my heart,
She is never far away,
That pain turned into love,
For she watches over me from up above.

Mm July 7, 2010

Jacy talks to my heart on a regular basis. I am hoping this may help some of the newer losses.

August 31, 2011
Dear Jacy, last night daddy found this site and read all I had written aloud. I cried like crazy but I could feel you with me. I know you are never far away.
Say hello to White Boots for me and fly safe my girl.
December 31, 2012
It has been so long since I have been to see you, but you have never left my heart. I love you more today than I did yesterday. I will be back soon my girl.

April 4, 2015
My dearest Jacy,
Your sister Abby came to the bridge yesterday. I pray that you were there to greet her with all of your friends. I love you my girl, take care of your sister ... Momma

April 12, 2015
Well my girl I have finished Abby's residency. I am sure both of you were with me to do that task. It always makes me feel better when it is done. Fly close to her for a bit and make sure she doesn't get lost. You will forever be my first baby, Momma
Jacy, your brother Scooby joined you at the bridge today, greet him with soft paws and little meows. 4-27-2016
My love, 11 years ago today I sent you on your journey to everlasting love. The pain was so deep that day that I didn't think I would ever heal. What I have learned is that the ache will always be there, but you learn to work through it. You will always be my first love and reside in my heart where I can talk to you whenever I please. July 10, 2017

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