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My husband and I lost our best friend this week. We'd known him for almost 13 years. He was a true friend til the end, in spite of his suffering, he tried to make me feel better, but that was the kind of friend he was.. I'd never had a friend like him before, had never known the kind of companionship and loyalty he gave me. I had never had a friend I could depend on at any time of the day or night to be there for me, to love me, to protect me, to comfort me. He was always eager to be with me and talk with me. He disliked it if we hadn't seen each other in a while and would ask, "where have you been for so long?" He gave so much and asked for so little in return. He was happy, just to be with us, just to be close. On the day he left us, I asked him, "what am I going to do without you, i love you so much." He seemed to understand my pain as he laid his paw on my hand , as if to say, "I love you and I'll miss you too." Indy left us on December 11, 2007 to travel to the Rainbow Bridge where I know he waits for me. I didn't even know about the Rainbow Bridge until today, but I asked him to wait for me, that I'd be along one of these days. He must have known about the bridge; he laid his paw on me again for conformation and for the last time as he went to sleep.
12/14/07 I can't believe it's only been three days, good buddy, since you went to sleep. It seems like an eternity, I miss you so much. The pain is almost unbearable. I hope you like it at Rainbow Bridge, you already have friends, I see. All the fur babies must be so nice and I know they will come to love you too and everyone here does. I heard your chain and tags jingle as you followed me down the hall Tuesday after I got home from Dr. Crum's. It lets me know you are still close to me, but Oh, I long to pet you, to have you nuzzel me, to talk to me. I made a tribute to you on my myspace page, I made a slideshow of all your pictures. It looks really good and I added music by Tim McGraw called "My Old Friend" Boy, that sure describes you. You be good there at RB, my sweet boy, run and play with Dusty and Pressy and Bobo and all the other fur babies. Just know I'll be along to get you one of these days and we'll cross the bridge together. Daddy misses you too, he read all the messages here and your guest book. He started crying again too. We both just love you so much, but I know you know that, and that you love us too.01/04/2008-We brought your ashes home yesterday, I cried all the way from the vets. I didn't need them in the house to know you are still here with us. I hear your collar and tags jingle, I feel you come to bed and lie on the floor beside me. (I look every morning when I get up to make sure I don't step on you.)Daddy's heart is breaking too, he opened the back door to let you in the other morning, forgetting for the moment you were not there. We are both so lonely without you, perhaps we need to think of getting another fur baby and yet I know, none will ever take your place. It makes me so sad, Indy, to come here, I may not be back for awhile, but I still love you so and miss you. Life will never be the same without you. This is the last picture we took of you, you still looked so healthy, I still question how you got so sick so fast and we didn't know it. We miss you good buddy.
08/06/08 I've been here a few times, just didn't feel like writing anything. This is the first time I have been here and I haven't cried. I must be healing. It doesn't mean I don't still miss you, good buddy, and think of you every day. I have to tell you about a young lady that has come into our lives and brings us much joy. She is only a little girl, not yet two and she was so in need of a good home, she had been almost starved to death and was so thin. We really needed each other and we have been good for each other. A few weeks after she came to live with us, I was watching her in the backyard. She saw one of the whirly things in the flower bed and was investigating it. When she touched it, it whirled and she jumped three feet sideways. I laughed out loud and then realized it was the first time I had laughed since you went away. Well, her name is Shaley and she is a full-blooded German Shepherd. You would love her, everyone does already. She is a very loving dog and I know the two of you would get along so good. She sleeps beside me every night just like you did, Indy. She loves to play stick too, but she doesn't make me chase her with it to get it back the way you did. One problem is, she doesn't talk to me yet, like you did. I hope she learns to talk in time. That is one thing I miss the most about you. Dad still has your picture on his phone so everytime he opens it to answer a call
or to call someone, there you are. We accidently call Shaley by your name all the time. Well, we forget, and she doesn't seem to mind. I know someday she will join you at the bridge where you will wait for me together. Then we will all cross the bridge together. Until then, she is great company and I know you will be glad to know we are not as lonely as we were after you left. I'll send you some pictures of her soon so you can see what a beauty she is. Its good to beback here and visit with you. I love you my good buddy. Have fun and play in the sunshine today, cause it is raining here today!

12/12/2008 It snowed this week! I picked Rachael up today and took her home. On the way, I told her about Shaley wanting in and out last night. I think she wanted to play in the snow, but then her feet would get cold so she would want back in. Then, just a few minutes later, she'd want back out. All evening, back and forth. Then I told Rachael, she's a funny dog, isn't she. Rachael nodded yes and then said, "but I still miss Indy." And all of a sudden it dawned on me, it was December 11th. One year has now passed, my good buddy, but we all still miss you so much. Shaley will never be the dog you were, she just doesn't have that intuitive way that you did that always let me know you understood exactly what I was feeling. I can't believe you have been gone for a year. It almost seems like just a few days ago and the hurt is still so real. Daddy made a real nice case with a glass front for your collar and tags and he displayed some pictures of you in it
too. Then he hung it in the hall, so I see it every time I come into the computer room. The beautiful cedar box with your ashes is still in the dining room on the cabinet and I talk to you every time I go in there. It's almost like you are still here, I just can't see or hear you. And there is no one to talk to or to talk to me when Dad is gone. Shaley doesn't talk, I don't think she ever will. But she is a really sweet dog. You and she would get along great, she just loves everyone and everything and everyone loves her. We had a couple of cats for awhile and they even loved her! Well, I know you are safe and warm and happy there at Rainbow Bridge. Whenever the Lord calls me, I'll be ready to go, because I know you will be there waiting for me. So, I'll see you again someday, good buddy. I renewed your membership here today, so I'll be back here to visit you soon. I love you, Indy.
12/11/2009 It is so hard to believe it has been two years since you left us, good buddy. We still miss you so much. I will never be as close to another living thing as I was to you. We do have another fur baby at home now. You know how much Daddy missed Dusty, so I got him a baby dauschaund, a little girl, red just like Dusty and he named her "Rosie." He got the name from a character in the movie "The African Queen." So, I call her "Rosie girl." Shaley and Rosie get along great, just like you and Dusty did. Well, James and Jess finally got married in June. If you had stil been here, I know James would have wanted you to be his "best man!" I just renewed our membership here at Rainbow Bridge, good buddy. I will do so every year until I meet you at the bridge. So, for now, Merry Chistmas sweet boy. Run and play in the sunshine with your friends and know that we all still miss you terribly. Love, Momma
11/1/2014 Hello my sweet boy, I still miss you and always will. My friends,Martha and Ray, just lost their good buddy Scooter. I need you to watch out for him and play with him and keep him company as he will be missing them too. Be his friend and yall have fun playing in the sunshine! I love you good buddy, thanks for doing this for me. Love, Momma
08/18/2020 Well, good buddy, you are getting a special playmate today. Please look out for your little sister, Shaley
Who left us yesterday! Poor little girl was so sick and hurting so bad, it broke my heart to watch her try to climb the steps to get onto the porch. I'm glad she can now run and play with you and wag her tail!! Watch over her, she was a good dog and like you, she loved me unconditionally!!! She was good company after you left, but there will never be another like you. So now we have Rosie, she will miss her big sister, but she will probably join the two of you before too long. I'll be there too, someday but now Dad and I want to buy a motor home and travel and I don't think we will have any more fur babies. It's just too hard when they leave us! You be a good boy and take care of Shaley! Tell her I love her and I will miss her!!!Love, Mom. PS... I'm going to try and send you a picture of Shaley!

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