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Memories of Hunter
5/3/17 Well my friend you have left this life, but will forever be in our hearts and memories. We will always miss you, my friend. Your brother Jack is doing ok, but misses you as well. He is lonely without you, and doesn't lie on the hot tub cover, or driving mat like he did with you. It seems like he'll turn and look for you at the back door and then just come back in the house. Mom and I especially miss you at night, curling up on the bed between us, and after dinner when you and Jack would horse around the house.
You know I thought you were special even before you were ours. Jon, our son bought you from a friend who was breeding labs, and I just adored you. A couple of weeks later he realized he did not have the time to devote to you, so he sold you to us. You brought so much love into our lives. Thank you Hunter. I hope you are happy at the bridge and have found Buck and Whiskey and Babe. You should all have a blast together.
Spring is finally taking hold, and when working in the yard I look for you, and guess I always will.
Again thank you for the unconditional love, and all the joy you brought to this house. Love you Hunter, Dad and Mom
5/10/17 It's one month ago that you passed from our lives. Your ashes, paw print, a framed picture, and your collar are on the entertainment center in the living room along with the rest of the family pictures. Jack sniffs your collar from time to time. We all still miss you so. You will be in our hearts and memories as long as we walk this earth. Jack's doing ok though, still a puppy at six yrs old so it's hard to figure out what he's thinking. Tomorrow is your birthday, you would have been nine years old. My friend, you left way too early, but life is just that way. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUNTER, I hope you having a wonderful time at the bridge. We love you always. Dad and Mom. P.S. Nick is working at Lake George, very close to where you and he would go camping. Look after him for us.
5/11/17 Happy Birthday my friend! Just had to say it on your birthday. Love you!
5/19/17 Hi Hunter, your old friend Baxter passed today. Show him around and I can just imagine how much fun the two of you will have together. You guys do your best to let Brian and Katrina know it's all good. We love you, miss you. You were and are so very special! Dad and Mom
5/24/17 Hey Hunter, changed your play area to summer. It's finally here. Missing and loving you as always. Dad and Mom
6/10/17 Well Hunter it's two months since you left us, and you are so missed. Still a few tears from time to time, but more smiles remembering the good times we all had together. You were one hell of a fine dog. A great friend. We had our first 90 degree day yesterday, so Jack has moved off the bed to the floor. No doubt you would've too. We've got a new puppy in the house, Toby. He's a chocolate labradoodle, and he and Jack are already bonded and good friends. He reminds me a lot of you. Likes to stick his head under the pillows, he tilts his head to listen to us, just like you. You could never be replaced, and will never be forgotten. I suspect Toby will be my last puppy. If he lives a healthy life I'll be getting close to 80, if I'm still around. look in on us from time to time, and say hey to all our other canine kids up there. Missing you, but oh so thankful to have had you in our lives. Later my friend. 6/29/17 Thinking of you today Hunter, for some reason I'm just missing you, you're big lovable head and funny expressions. Take care my friend. Jack says hey.7/10/17 3 months Hunter since you passed, missing you just as much. You were such a good friend. You protected the house, made us laugh, and gave unconditional love. It's been hot, so you'd be spending a lot of time on the tile. I hope you're having a great time at the bridge, say hi to everyone for us. Love you my friend, forever. Come visit my dreams if you want.
8/10/17 Hi Hunter. 4 months since you left. I think of you often, like every day. Fall's coming, not here yet but it's been cool and rainy. Jack is back up on the bed, and since Toby is getting bigger it's like having you and Jack up there. Crowded. P's mom had a stroke so she's having to deal with that. She could definitely use some of your comforting. Loving and missing you, Dad and Mom. 8/u30/17 Hi Hunter! Thinking of you today, and hoping you are doing well at the bridge. Brian and Katrina got married August 19 at the top of A basin. A beautiful wedding. They also got a new puppy, Walter. Chocolate lab mix, kind of a rescue through one of the bridesmaids. Haven't met him yet, but he is a cutie. Jack is doing well, and Toby is now 5 months old. They've become pretty good friends though Jack clearly thinks Toby is a duffous. Love you old friend, we will never forget you. Dad and Mom 9/10/17 Hi old friend. 5 months today you left our lives. Still loved, still missed. Jack is fine, just being Jack. Toby is six months old now and is a lot like you, gives Jack a hard time. Hope you are having a good time at the bridge. Jon and Rachel will be getting a new pup, a sheepadoodle. Very cute and much bigger than Cody was. I can just imagine you, Cody, and Baxter playing together like old times. Hunter we will always be thankful you spent your life with us, missing you as always. Love, Dad and Mom 9/25/17 Hi Hunter! Well fall is finally here for real. The gardens are done, the leaves are starting to change, so I changed your background to fall. You always loved the fall, loved walks to the park and playing ball with Jack. Jack and Toby are doing well, but I can tell Jack misses you a lot. We all do. Love you always, Dad and Mom. 10/10/17 Hello my friend. Thinking of you and a little teary that you are gone. Six months now since you went to the rainbow bridge. I have a picture of you and Jack in the back yard next to my chair, so I see you every day. We had a little snow yesterday, very little, but Toby was fascinated. I'm sure he'll love it when we get a real snow. You loved the snow and chasing snowballs! All the family is doing well for the moment, but you know how life changes. Nick misses you a lot. You were a blessing to this family, no doubt about it, but here for too short a time. You are always missed, always loved. You take care. Love Dad and Mom
11/10/17 7 months today Hunter that you left. We miss you so much. Winter is trying to show up and will eventually, but it's that bounce around season. Cold and wet, then warm and dry. Take care my friend, thinking of you often. jack and Toby are fine, so's Walter. Love as always Dad and Mom
12/5/17 Hi Hunter, I changed your background to winter. We have the tree up, and the lights outside. All the leaves are gone and it was 16 this morning when we got up. Winter is here! First Christmas season without you around. Missing your love, your big ole head nuzzling up to me. Hope you and the other friends, especially good old Baxter are enjoying the good life. Love you forever, Dad. 12/10/17 Hi Hunter, 8 months today you left our sides. You're still missed old friend and thought about often. Happy holidays to you and all the fur babies at rainbows bridge. You were such a blessing in our lives! You're brother Jack is doing well, just being Jack. Toby is 9 months now still growing and a sweet dog. You two would have been best friends I'm sure. Take care friend. Love, Dad and Mom.
1/10/18 Happy New Year Hunter! A new year rolls around, and still missing you. You passed 9 months ago. One of the saddest days in my life. Mom made a picture album of you for Christmas. A really sweet gift but it sure brought out a lot of tears. Your brother Jack is just fine, and Toby is still growing and learning. They tear around the back yard after each other just like you and Jack did. Jack is now the boss, just like you were. Thanks for your love my friend. Dad and Mom 1/29/18 Hi Hunter, thinking of you today, missinig you. My old recliner had to be retired so I got a new one. Much like the one I had when you were a pup. You would love it. Jack and Toby are fine, so's Mom and all the kids. I hope you Baxter and all the other fur babies are having a most wonderful time. Say hi to Buck, Whiskey and Babe for me. You never met them but I'm sure know them now. Been a very warm dry winter, We've been golfing almost every week. Anyway, thanks for being such a great friend, all my love, Dad.2/10/18 Hello Hunter. 10 months-Still missing you. Love always. All is well on the home front. Take care, Dad and Mom, Jack and Toby. 3/10/18 Hi Hunter, 11 months now since you passed. Hard to believe. I changed your play area to spring. It's really not quite here but trying. Missing you as always. Bless you for all you gave to us. Everyone's good. Love Dad, Mom, Jack, Toby.
4/10/18 Hi Hunter. Tears today. It has been one year since you left our lives. You will always be loved, always be missed! Hard to believe it's been a year already. Life just keeps moving on. My deepest thanks for being in my life, your unconditional love, antics, and smarts will be with me forever. All is well in the house. Jack and Toby doing fine, I'm glad they're here. Mom is having some problems with her hip and a shoulder. We'll try and get her better. You take care of yourself, say hi to all our other canine kids, Baxter and Rachel's dog Cody as well. Peace my friend, Dad, Mom, Jack, Toby.
5/11/18 Happy Birthday Hunter! I hope you and all the other fur babies are having a blast. Still missing you, always will. We will never forget you my friend. Love as always, Dad Mom Hunter Toby. Changed your play area to summer, enjoy! 7/9/18 Hey Hunter, thinking of you a lot today. Miss you! Drove by the park you and Jack played in and it brought back a lot of memories. Take care, Love always. Dad
8/21/18 Hi old friend. Missing you again! Summer's not over but fall sure wants to say hello. Nights are cooler, days too. Got down to 49 a couple of days ago. Time keeps moving on. Hope that you and all our fur babies and friends are enjoying the other side. Love from all.
9/26/18 Hi Hunter, I've changed your play area to fall. It's here! Leaves are changing and falling, cooler all around. Almost a year and half since you passed. Not a single day that I don't say hi to you. of course your pictures are here by my chair so it's easy. Jack has been sick, seems to be doing better but I'm still worried about him. He's only seven! Toby is fine, Mom and I are well. Miss you Hunter, you were so special. Say hi if you can. Love from all.
10/10/18Hello old friend. A year and half since you left our lives. I still miss you every day. Jack has gotten better, back to normal. Toby is still a pup at 18 months, and Mom and I both doing ok. Getting older but still hanging in there. Bless you and thanks for all the love! 11/15/18Hi Hunter, Brian's missing Baxter today, and I'm missing you. Love, Dad. 12/3/18 Hi Hunter, I've changed your play area to winter, enjoy! We've got the lights up outside, and the tree is up in the house. Snow's on the ground. Not much, but it's white. Another holiday season without you. We still miss you, think of you often. I hope you and all our other fur kids are having fun. Love you Hunter, Dad. Jack says hey. 12/31/18 Last day of the year, and missing you. Mom is ok, so am I, and Jack and Toby are well. Wishing you and all our fur babies a happy new year! I hope 2019 is a good year all around, the earth needs it! Love you Hunter, Dad
4/10/19 Hello old friend. 2 years ago today you passed from our lives. What a difficult day that was! You have been so missed Hunter. You just had to be "that" dog. You brought a lot to our lives, much love, much happiness. I occasionally wonder if you are now in human form. You were a much better person than many I've known. Thank you. Bless you. Run free my friend, forever in our hearts! Love, Dad and Mom 4/10/20 Hi Hunter. 3 years you've been gone, 3 yrs missing you. Your brother Jack is still Jack and doing fine. Toby is doing well too. Thanks my friend, love, mom and dad. 5/11/20 Hello Hunter! Love you, miss you. Happy Birthday-you were born on Mother's Day 12 years ago today. We're all ok, a little stressed with pandemic. Wish you were here. Hope that you and all our other fur babies are ok. Brian still misses Baxter, I'm sure the two of you are always together. Jack sends his love. 5/29/20 Changed your play area to summer. Miss you my friend, Jack is doing well, Toby has some digestive issues-vets are stumped. Say hey to Baxter. Run free my friend. Love Dad
9/9/20 Hi Hunter, changed your play area to fall. It's a little but we have snow on the ground so hey, enjoy! Been a tough year with the pandemic, but still playing golf. Jack is good, Toby too. Bless you my friend. 12/10/20 Hi Hunter, changed your play area to winter. The pandemic is raging and life has really changed. 2020 has been a total shit pile. Bless you for being with us. Love, Dad 3/29/21 Hi old friend. Changed your play area to spring! Enjoy!! It's been a long time coming this year. A lot of cold and snow. We're all doing ok. You're brother Jack is getting up there in years and is slowing down, but is healthy. Hope you're having lovely days with all our fur babies . Give a special shout out to Baxter. Miss you much and think of you often. Love
4/10/2023 Hi Hunter and sending our love your way. Six years ago you had to leave, still thinking of you. I think your brother Jack will soon be crossing the bridge to be with you and all the others. He's getting old and having problems getting around. He and Toby are good friends but not best buds like you and Jack. Peace my friend, Mom and Dad 9/15/23 Hi Hunter. Cold and rainy today so I changed your play area to fall. jack is still hanging in there. Love you!! 1/21/24 Hey Hunter, much love to you and all our friends. Winter has been really cold, but warming today. Jack still hanging in there, Toby is fine. Miss you, Love Mom and Dad 3/31/24 Hi Hunter, changed your play area to spring. Grass is starting to green up and it's getting warmer. Still think of you miss you. Jack is still hanging in there, but he's old now, deaf and slow. Love Mom and Dad
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