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Memories of Hoya
Hoya and I spent over 16 1/2 yrs together.
One day, in Florida, a Rottweiler just showed up at our door. We named him Sandbag. He was very friendly and energetic, but it was evident that he needed some veterinary care.
Unfortunately, Sandbag wasn't healthy enough to be adopted, and in fact, had to be put to peace.
My family could only take consolation in the fact that he was treated kindly in the end, until the rescue facility told me about the 9 month old rottie mix they had available for adoption.
His name was originally Ranger, and his kennel was on my left as I approached.
He was there, right in the corner, sniffing the air, tail wagging... knowing that I was there, just for him!
It was fun introducing Hoya to our Black Lab, Dobie, and the true alpha... Kitty Kitty!
We were all family right from the get go!
Hoya was always quiet. Not much of a barker, until later in life, when he learned the art and power of the bark.
He was very skittish. Loud noises, especially kitchen noises, scared him... but so did the wind blowing through the trees.
He'd tuck tail and head.
Once, during a thunderstorm at my parents house in Ohio, he disappeared from all his usual hiding spots. Noone knew where he went, until he was finally found in the bathtub!
Hoya LOVED getting on the leash and going for walks!
More than that, Hoya loved to commandeer the leash! Sometimes, he'd just walk himself! Other times, I could walk him, while he walked either Dobie or Koba. Always cute!
Even on our last day, he actually had the leash in his mouth trying to help direct a visiting goat off the porch.
Hoya was born in Florida, and later lived in South Carolina, Ohio, and finally, Texas.
He's been on many road trips, hikes, parks, etc... making lots of friends, both human and canine, along the way.
Hoya is predeceased by his brother, Dobie, a sister, Koba, and special BFF, Kitty Kitty.
Hoya will be missed most by: Tyler, Kellie, Amanda, Darlene, Keith and myself.
I've been blessed to have his faithful companionship for as long as I have.
It's difficult to not see you in my daily life. I see your memory everywhere!
You've brought me a lot of happiness, and I hope I was every bit the friend that you needed!
Thank you Hoya, for enriching my life with many great memories!

It's almost April, 2024 and a little over a year since Hoya was here with me.
Hoya was the constant through many changes in the 16+ years we were together, and his absence is felt every day.
I have a framed picture that was given to me as a gift a few years ago. It stays on my dresser with the commemorative pendant his grandmother gave me, along with a special shirt that honors Hoya.
Every day I wink at the picture, as this was something that became muscle memory when looking at Hoya, and that goes way back.
He just used to notably wink whenever I looked at him, so, I'd wink back... and I still do!
Think about him at Rainbow Bridge. Hope he's happy and busy with lots of friends.
I trust that my other pets have welcomed him, and thinking of them all running around makes me smile.
I have yet to welcome another pet in my life, but I will when the time is right.
Especially since Hoya was a rescue himself, in his honor, I will again provide a home to a new companion.

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