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Memories of HEAVEN
Today on 9-25-7 we placed Heavens little ashes to the urn that will always be with our other four Furbabies.We can now know for sure that Heaven will always be remembered each day.I still carry a part of Heavens soul in me. We will meet you when our chores are done. I had the pleasure saturay to give the only furbabny of the three, that survived, to a loving family to start his chores.

Bob Fields

A Life Experience Happen to me Today 9-11-7, a day to always remember

Today was a gloomy and rainy day. I had taken Maxwell, one of our furbabies, to the vet for an appointment.
As I was paying the bill, a mother with a child on her right hip
Came in and stated she needed to see the doctor right away. In her left hand was a very young black and white kitten, maybe about four to seven weeks old soaking wet, limp and not moving. I heard her say that she had found the kitten on her front porch steps.
She was standing next to me waiting for someone to come to her aid, and as I stood there I touch the limp wet little body, and suddenly, felt as if a part of the baby kitten's soul passed to my hand, and in to me. I said to the staff person at the desk, "If this furbaby survives, we will adopt it and take it home to our family." Several staff members came and took the tiny soaked kitten to the examination room. I left and took Maxwell home so I could go to my dental appointment.
When I arrived home there was a message from the Vets office that the precious little kitten had passed away, despite all efforts to save its life. I was overcome with sudden feelings of sadness, that this beautiful little furbaby would not be coming to our house, to be loved and cared for the rest of it's life, or never even had a name to be called. As we talked, I realized this little life would never have the chance to grow and live and become one of our precious beautiful furbabies. I felt in my heart, that there was indeed a part of that kittens soul in me, and that I would carry it with me the rest of my life.
I ask the staff member to have the kitten cremated, and the ashes returned to us so we could place this unnamed furbabies ashes in an urn along side with our other four furbabies who have already made the trip to the "Rainbows Bridge." A place where all furbabies are well, happy, safe and play until the day we will all meet them again and all be together forever. My sincere wish and prayer is, that our four furbabies will seek out this little kitten, and when we arrive, it will remember a part of its soul has been with me, and will meet us as a part of our family.
If you have furbabies in your family, please love them and truly realize how loving and precious they are to you. Their love and commitment to us is unconditional. If you don't have furbabies, please find it in your heart to adopt or sponsor a furbaby at a good shelter like this little kitten,who never new the chance to be loved. It will make you feel good in your soul. We will establish a residency for this precious kitten at the "Rainbows Bridge" where anyone can visit . This was a true life experience for me, and I thank you for allowing me to share that experience with you. We have decided to name this precious kitten "Heaven", from were it came. We pray that all your furbabies protect,guide and love this pecious creature sent to us for only a short time here on earth, but who gave me a part of it to care for until my chores here are done, and we meet again forever.

Respectfully Yours,
Bob, Kathy, Bunny, Maxwell,Bear and JoJo


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