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Memories of Harley Bodani
May 1 2023 -

There were three things Harley loved more than anything in this world; food, pillows and his parents. Harley loved to be cuddled, even though he was 110 pounds he saw himself as the little spoon. He loved to lay on all the pillows he could find either on the couch, bed, and anywhere in between where there was a pillow. He would just lay down on them which caused him to lay in some very unusual positions. Harley loved his mom, some would call him a mommas boy. He would follow me in every single room I entered, even if I was just grabbing something quick. Looking back at these moments make me realize just how incredibly loyal Harley was. He didn't follow me for his own interest, he followed me because I know he thought he always needed to protect me and keep me company.

Covid was the best thing to happen to Harley because this meant that he would be with me all day long. I started to work from home, so not only was he my love, he quickly became my therapist and coworker. I would talk out loud and complain to Harley about work and while he slept through majority of it, him simply being there and being him released my stress instantly and gave me joy.

He was a special boy, not just to me but everyone he met. I truly believe my life was made better because of him and for that I can never repay him. Harley was more than a "pet", he was my family and my best friend. How lucky I was to have had him in my life for so long. In his final year, Harley did become a lot more dependent on me which made us have an even closer relationship. Harley gave me a purpose and he gave me drive. He may not know how much of my life I owe to him but I hope I made him just as happy and proud as he made me.

Continue to be you Harley, there is nothing better in this world and beyond than YOU!

February 25 2024 -


It is your birthday tomorrow!! My baby boy you are going to be 19! How crazy is that?! I wish more than anything that we could be celebrating it together this year but as you know that isn't the case. While I can't change what is, I want you to know that you are not celebrating it alone and I am not celebrating it alone! I will be blowing up balloons and laying in your bed and I hope that in heaven you are given all the balloons to pop! I wish you are being loved as much as I loved you or more by all your friends in heaven. I love you baby boy so much! I wish I could kiss you just one more time. Until then, I'll keep all your personal items close and cherish the fact your scent is still present on them. I love you, I miss you, I cant wait till we meet again!!!!

You mama!

April 30 2024 -


It has been a year since I have lost you. This has been one of the craziest years of my life. A lot has changed in this year, as you know I got married, we adopted Riley and a few months after this we adopted Maci. I could have never imagined my life would be where it is currently right now if you told me this a year ago. I truly never could have predicted I would have ever had another dog again after loosing you. At first it did feel a little like betrayal even though I knew it wasn't. Which was hard for me to overcome and till this day has still this thought haunts me. Having a dog is really hard, it consumes a lot of time and patience and really makes you consider how you can change to help make another living souls life easier. That is why once I lost you I knew I could never do this for another dog again. However, what I didn't realize is you made all the sacrifices and all the patience and hard work so easy because you were so worth it. What you gave me I could never find again. Because of you Harley and how awesome you were you made me able to be a good mom again to Riley and Maci, now they don't appreciate it as much as you did but they are babies and they will one day know. (or so I hope). I wouldn't be able to open my heart again if it wasn't for how effortless you made loving you be. I also wouldn't be able to open my heart again if it wasn't for how much love YOUR love filled me life with and made me feel complete. You truly showed me the important of having a hour legged friend in someone life, and while I would any day choose you in the meantime I will do my best to give everything you taught me into making the lives of Riley and Maci just as amazing as yours was. I know I may loose them one day- and when I do I know they have you to continue to love them in heaven.

I love you so much and no day goes by where that love ever fades or is forgotten. Your name continues to be the #1 name I say daily and your memories continue to be shared with anyone who will listen.

I will see you again - not sure when - but when the day comes my heart will finally feel whole again.


Your Momma !

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