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Memories of Gus
October 19, 2008. Three days ago on October 16, 2008 I lost my buddy of 18 years.
You are my beautiful baby boy. I can't believe you are gone from me. Dear God
you've always been there. Words fail to describe you at this moment in time
sweet Gussie Cat. I love you so much, you are such a part of me. I just wish
I felt you closer again. Just know how much I love you, I could say that to you
forever and it would never be too much.
October 30, 2008 I still just can't believe it Gussie Cat. I know it was God's
time to take you, but somehow even after all the time, it is just too soon I can't
talk to you anymore or kiss you or tell you how much I love you or say what I
always said to you so simply. "You are Mommy's Friend baby boy". That was all
you wanted I believe as you purred and purred whenever I said that to you.
I"m visiting you now. You are the most wonderful faithful friend anyone could
have. No fanfare just a quiet powerful presence. A lion hearted boy in a little
kitty cat suit. I want to tell your stories little sweet heart and I will soon.
Scottie purrs when I tell him Gussie loves him. I hope you are playing and
loving our sweet baby boy Brahmie Rahmie. I hope he turned you in 10 circles
when you got there to join him. He knew just how special you were and he
loved you and I know he loves you now. It is my fondest wish to see you
both together again best friends as you Gussie deserve the most loving friends
because that is what you are sweet heart.
November 2, 2008 Oh Gussie Cat, Sundays are so hard, I miss you so much
today and can hardly believe you're not here, 18 years. How can I thank
God enough for bringing you to me. How can I thank you enough for your
precious intelligence and sense of the ironic humor always like you were
laughing at how silly we were. How can I thank you for your love and
devotion. I thank Jesus for the gift you are and were to me. My sweet
little boy. You are amazing - you are such a part of me. I guess you
weren't forever however, I need to believe you are with Him now and
with Brahmies I pray and I will see you in heaven my little darling.
It was so hard yesterday to empty your litter box I wish I hadn't.
I found some of your fur. I remember this with Brahmies, looking for
something some part of you to have with me still. I love you my
baby boy. I am so glad you are no longer sick and weak. Dear God
I'd do anything to see you healthy and whole again.
I love you sweet baby.
November 16, 2008 Oh I just mistyped 2007, Oh Gussie Cat if it were
last year at this time, you'd still be here. Here is my tribute to you
my little sweetheart
Dear Sweet Boy,
What a life well lived you had sweet Gus. Today and yesterday have hurt
so much and as I'm sitting here writing this I am realizing that God
needed me to see so many things about you. He needed me to see that
even when you hurt and when you were weak or when you had to deal with
other kitties (suddenly there were 7 one morning thanks to Miss Lucy -
after being an only kitty, or many moves
before we got to our house- even through a life that was no picnic
you were a picture of love and grace. Don't get me wrong, you had
enough spunk for 3 kitties and you yelled sometimes and bit sometimes
and hissed at Lucy - you were a cat's cat and God bless you baby
you went through hell some days I know you did and yet the morning
you left you purred to me. You'd stopped eating, it was hard to breath
and yet in your remaining breaths you purred that you loved me. The day
before that, you sat on me for an hour and gave purrs, just as
you had all your life. You are the very essence of the words grace
and beauty. How much more precious were those purrs when you were
almost too sick to breathe. And of course those needles, every morning
and night for half your life, getting that insulin no more of those
stupid poking needles. You took it all like a little lion, you loved
and loved. The vets and their assistants saw you too. Wednesday Oct15th
when I got the bad news that you were now
beyond healing, one of the techs told me she'd just met you but you
were a very sweet kitty cat. I remember you THAT day your last full day
on this earth, sicker and frailer than I'd ever seen you. They didn't
know you like I did but they all knew you were. Your friend Brahmie Rahmie
was a very bright light that went out too quickly, you his sweet friend and
step daddy were a constant flickering light,there for 18 years
faithful and loving to the end. I guess I needed to see that
you can have love and grace even when the stupid
needles in your life poke you in the same spot
over and over again, even when you feel too weak
to stand, you get up, you walk around the house,
you are happy to be home and eat and for God's sake
you purr and give love. I try to do that baby boy,
in your honor now especially.
My little sunshine, you left just me before winter
You took some of that sunshine with you a month ago on
October 16th, I just need to pray now that someday
it comes back. I do know I can't wait to see you
and Brahmies again, my little orange boys.

Oh Gussie there is a part of my heart that just aches for you
tonight - it is November 23. I still can't believe you're gone.
there is part of me that is angry that you had to go that you
had to be sick. Gussie if I could just tell you I love you
one more time. I'll just ask God to do it for me tonight.

December 16(17), 2008 Sweet Gussie Cat

As I grow older I will catch fewer mice,
I will play less and less
I will sleep day and night.
This is the time when you will need to love me most.
(from Utterly Adorable Cats by Helen Exley)

My sweet little boy what can I say. I wish I knew that you felt
loved enough to go through what
you went through. It just isn't fair that you had to be so ill..

But you were the best jumper, the smartest the most sensitive boy...
At Grandpa's house you would jump unto the 2nd story deck from the
car below and back, the wet tar on your paws to
prove it. When the next door dog came over to tease you, you got to
the top of the highest tree you could find scaring your mom who went
to get the highest ladder she could find only to see you'd come down
just fine when the poor earth bound dog gave up the game and left.

An angel sent for your mom so she'd know there were angels, there was love
in the world a little fur covered messenger, at the time you were one little boy
with the biggest heart and you were sent directly, God said to you - that one
go to her, she needs you most right now. We were 2 of a kind baby boy and
we went through so much together. What a sense of intelligent humor you had
and the laughter you brought helped heal a broken heart When your job was done
and your time was over I pray you felt loved and appreciated,
I pray you I didn't selfishly keep you too long. Only God knows why you had to hurt,
why any of us have to hurt so much -especially you who deserve it the least..
but Love is strongest through pain sometimes I think. God bless you my sweet
little boy. My wish and prayer is for my memories not to be so filled with
your illness and more with your life and friendship.
I love you baby boy. Please play with Brahmies, he was sent to us to be
YOUR friend..he loves you Gussie Cat, loved you the moment he met you as
does Scottie and Lucy and I.

I love you my sweet lion hearted little boy. It's July 1st, 2023 and I hope and pray you are with Mom and Dad and Brahmie and Lucy and Scottie now.. My little sweet angel, my best buddy for 18 years, love you so much. I think of a gentle lion, such grace in the face of way too much sickness for one little boy to bear. Sweet boy!!

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