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Memories of Griff
We rescued "Griff" shortly after the untimely loss of my Beloved "Stubby" Griff was 8 months old at the time....and incredibly Handsome but was endangered in his home! So we took him home for a wonderful new life! he was a sweet and Impish boy! in to everything! the Love bond developed and continued to develop.....Griff started having various medical problems after we had him a few months....:( the biggest problem were the seizures....just terrible in a dog this large But I took care of him and loved him!! lately he started having problems with spiking fevers and periods on lethargy The Vet was chasing a fever but wasnt exactly sure what was causing it Griff had good days and bad days.....and I made every one the best I could...When we took him to have the infection fixed we were sure he would be better in a few days....but it wasnt to be...Griff passed away without waking up....
I am simply devastasted.....he was 26 months old....this was the 2nd terrible blow in 18 months.....I know that "Stubby" the Big Boy Angel dog has Taken the Baby Boy Griff under his wing and will be his best buddy ....Griff, no more pain, No more Seizures! you are in paradise!
I miss and love you both! Dad
My Good Boys!!DADI miss you so much......Not a day goes by without missing you!! You and Stubby be good and have fun!! Dad
Christmas and New Year Griff I love you!! and miss you terribly!! You and Stubby and Sammy have a Blessed Christmas Thinking of you guys always!!
Griff, one year ago today the telephone rang at 2 am.......you didn't make it.....you left for the Rainbow Bridge way too soon. I left you there that morning and never thought when I hugged and Kissed you and told you how much I loved you that you wouldnt wake up.....My god it still hurts so much, you were so beautiful and quite handsome!! I miss you with all of my heart and always will. I hope to see you again in the future and in the meantime you have all your friend theres and especially Our "Stubby" and our "Sammy" I Love You!!
I know you love being at the Rainbow Bridge but the pain has never gone away I Love You!!
Griff our 2nd Christmas without you......I Miss you everyday.....I know that you are in the best company! Be a good boy!! DAD
Griffy.....it is now 2 years since that terrible call. I miss you as much today as I missed you that day.....I know that there are no more seizures no pain or suffering....Love you
3 years today Griff....:( not a day goes by that I don't think of you Miss You Love you
almost 4 years now...and now our Beloved Brock has also joined you...hope you met him Love and miss you all forever....
5 years today I wish you were still with me! I will always love and we will meet again someday.....
Cannot believe it has been 11 years! Miss you
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