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Memories of Godiva
A beautiful light has been extinguished.
A little light that shined so bright.
A precious friend so close and loving
That brought joy and caring day and night.

That little light that shined so bright
Has faded into time
That little light that shined so bright
Still shines in my heart of mine.

For every light that fades
Something beautiful remains.
A life time of precious memories
And all the joy that they contain.

The comfort of her laying beside me
The joy of our long walks
The beauty in the depth of her eyes
The happiness in our long "talks"

She raised me up with her beautiful spirit
She loved me beyond compare
For me the sun rose and set with her
A happy little girl with a big heart to share.

By my side through my darkest hours
She would invariably be found
To let her daddy know she cared
And her empathetic love abound

More than a pet
Maximum love until the end
Porkchop was my rock
She was my very best friend

To no longer see her bright eyes
Nor her pretty face
My heart will hold forever a void
No other can replace

As she would lay there beside me
Struggling for her breath
I saw that awful road to follow
Leading to her death.

Godiva was almost nine years old
I thought we had more time
Insidious cancer took her from me
As she was in her prime.

Her beautiful heart no longer beats
Her eyes no longer shine
Her little head laid down to rest
In the arms of the Devine.

Beloved Friend
09/10/2007 06/03/2016

Sleep Well, My Friend.

Sleep well my precious little friend.
Your time on earth is through.
You've gone on to your final reward.
And I'm so alone without you.

Life is full of sorrow and pain,
Full of happiness and glee.
Pain that I'll never hold you again.
Glad that you're happy and free.

I still see you when on a walk.
I talk with you every day.
I hold you in my heart so near,
Like you never went away

We'll walk together again some day
We know not when that will be.
We'll run and jump and play all day
You, mommy, Tink, and me.

Be happy until then, my friend
You are cancer free.
No illness can beset you now.
As you wait at The Bridge for me.

Time For You To Go

My heart asked for just one more day.
My head said time to let you go.
One more day to hold you to me.
But, you were suffering so.

Your little light still shines
In my heart so clear.
Telling me without a doubt
That my little girl is still here.

Forever by my side
In my memories so dear.
Going for a walk or a ride,
I can always have you here.

I write these words to
My little friend so dear.
Since you went to rainbow Bridge
Its been a lonely year.


After we took your life,
I held you to my breast.
Your precious little body.
Your soul had gone to rest.

That day will live in my memory.
I'm sorry we had no choice.
You, my precious little friend
Have gone beyond my voice.

You were so calm and trusting.
No reason not to be.
Little did you know
You would not go home with me.

As you laid your little head
In my hand one last time,
I knew your precious soul had gone
And I was left to pine.

She Went So Peacefully

With tears in my eyes,
I held her head.
A beautiful little green life
Has suddenly turned to red.

I had asked God to take us both
If He wouldn't mind.
But he took only her today
And left me here behind

She went so peacefully
Went as quietly as she would.
Just laid her little head down
On my hand that shook as I stood.

My brave little girl,
She knew that the end was near.
She met her fate so courageously.
Much calmer than I, I fear.


Looking into the depth
of a little dog's eyes
Shows the profound intensity
Of love and faithful friendship there.
Wondering what they see
And how they understand
Is a question for the ages.
The wise little brown eyes
Bring comfort and joy to the beholder.
When those precious eyes close forever
The pain is almost too much to bear.
When they precede us to Rainbow Bridge,
We are left behind knowing that
We will see them again there
As they wait for us in their innocence.

Not the least hard thing to bear when they go
from us, these quiet friends, is that they carry away
with them so many years of our own lives"
~ John Galsworthy

It was very comical at night when we were getting ready for bed. First I'd give Godiva and her 'sisters' a Vienna Sausage in the kitchen. Then I'd get them their bedroom treats. As I started to the bedroom Godiva would take off lickety split. All I'd see would be her little hind legs going around the corner and down the hall. Very comical. After that, she got in the habit of "looking pretty" to get more treats and to melt daddy's heart. That was sooo precious. It is way beyond cute how she would "look pretty" to get her bedtime treat. As she was sitting up, she'd flick her paws out and back in anticipation. I would make a move toward her and she would "play-bite" my nose. We'd do this a coupla times then I'd give her the treat. When I got under the covers and ready to go nite-nite they'd get their final treats. Usually Milk Bone Trail Mix. Godiva would finish hers and then watch Bambi eat hers to make sure there were no leftovers. Then she would curl up to me as close as she could and we'd get some shut-eye.

When I was down or upset, she'd be right there looking up at me as if to say "It'll be alright, Daddy. I'm here to make it better". Like when I messed up making a model and would get upset. I could count on her coming up and putting her paws on my leg as if to calm me down. She'd look at me and I'd get down on all fours to give her some loving. She'd pass back and forth under me and we'd do smoochies as she did.

For a year after my wife Carla passed, Godiva would still look at the door at the time Carla usually got home at 2130. Godiva could also predict very accurately when bedtime was and would start getting excited at 2200 and wouldn't rest until she got her bedtime treats and showed off being pretty to Daddy. To make me take notice, she would go grab her squeaky monkey and really give it a workout. I'd throw it for her and she would bring it back shaking it fiercely.

In the morning at roughly 0430 I would be asleep, but I could sense a presence. I'd open my eyes and there she'd be staring at me from about a foot away as if saying" Get up Daddy. Its time for breakfast. I'm hungry". So, that's how the day would begin. I'd prepare hers and Bambi's food and then take it into the office for them to eat it. When she finished her breakfast, she'd watch Bambi until she, too, was finished. Then Godiva would lick Bambi's bowl to make sure she didn't leave anything.

The cancer caused her to have such a problem breathing, especially at night. When she was in distress, I'd curl up with her on the bed to give her what comfort I could. Just the reverse of her curling up with me. If her distress was too much, I'd suggest we go to the living room and sit in the chair. She seemed to know what that meant and she would go in there. If we'd sit where she could be on her stomach rather than on her side seemed to alleviate the distress a little,

June 01, 2016. Noticing her looking "unhealthy " more. She didn't sit with me a lot like usual and she did not want to go outside unless I went out. But then I really have to cajole her to come out. I got a plastic chair and took it out into the shade of the big bush. She came and got on my lap. We sat there for quite a while just enjoying the outdoors and each other's company.

June 03, 2016. Godiva went to be with Carla and Tinkerbell today. As I got her collar to put on her neck, she ran into the office to her "safe place" under the computer desk. I had a hard time getting her to accept the collar. When she did, I took her in my arms and headed out. I stopped just before I put her in the truck and pointed out the beautiful day and the birds singing. I put her in the back seat and she immediately got into her hidey hole. She was so scared of traveling in the car. Took her to The vet. I did not intend to put her down on this visit. It was only to be a consultation. While driving over and after seeing the way she looked this morning, I decided to let this be her final visit. Nothing to be gained by waiting a week or two except a lot of discomfort to be avoided by my little girl.

As I was removing her little hidey hole from the back seat, I noticed 3 little poops on the floor. As we were going to the vet I had stopped for a light. She came up beside me and looked out. Then she got behind the passenger seat and cowered there. She must have been so scared that she let out the little poops out of fright. You can't tell me that doggies can't sense our feelings and emotions. Even with as calm a presence as I could maintain. She knew something terrible was going to happen.

06/10/2016. Brought Godiva home today. I am so happy to have her here even though we can't play and cuddle any longer. I know she is with me. She always was. I made a place for her so that she can rest with her favorite things. She is with Tinkerbell, Belle, Buddy, and Duchess now. Hope they are having as much fun as they used to. I miss her so much. I break out in tears spontaneously and cry til I run out. She was so special to me. I gotta stop now. I can't see the keyboard very well. I love the Little Brown Doggie. I miss you so.

06/10/2016 I miss you Porkchop. You were my little rock. Now there's no one to lay beside me at night to watch TV nor to cuddle up with for nite-nite. I'm sorry you had to leave so soon but I know you're not suffering any longer and that is a comfort. Keep an eye peeled for me Little Brown Doggie. I'll see you one day.

06/14/2016 I had a bad day today. I miss you so. I sure could have used a pooch smooch today. To have you laying beside me and giving your comfort and love would have made a happy day. I hope my little girl is having fun with all the other fur babies. Keep your eyes open for daddy when he gets there.

06/20/2016. How's Godiva today? Made any new friends or you barking at them from under the bed? Daddy misses you a lot, Little Brown Dog. His heart is still heavy with grief, but grief is ever so gradually being replaced by our happy memories that we made. Daddy loves his little girl. It's summer today, so I changed your background.

06/21/2016 The sorrow at your loss is ever present. The hurt at your passing is finally being replaced by the happy memories of things we did together. I miss you tremendously - the "play-bites" at my nose, looking pretty for a treat, snuggling while watching TV and in bed bagging some Z's, your "grooming" me with your little nips, and our long walks. Very, very happy memories. I was blessed to have your unconditional love. I will cherish it always.

06/27/2016 Its almost a month and I miss you. I miss your "pooch smooches", your "Nose-bites", your nibbling, but most of all I miss your nearness and physical presence. You could always make Daddy feel good and calm when you were beside him on the couch watching TV or going nite-nite. I read the poem "Missing You" and it tends to calm me and I realize that you are here in spirit with Daddy and that is a comfort. Happy memories still make me cry cuz' I miss you so. DADDY LOVES DOGGIE.

07/01/2016 Its been a month Precious Girl. I miss you tremendously. At the cabin for the holiday. As I was laying in the recliner watching TV last night, I felt a pressure on my right thigh. I could see there was nothing there. That was you, wasn't it? You were with Daddy where you usually laid when we watched TV. I'll take you for a walk tomorrow if you want to. No leashes either. DADDY MISSES DOGGIE.

07/17/2016 Its been six weeks. Miss you every day Little Brown Doggie.

08/03/2016 Today is two months since we said good-bye. I've missed you every day. Went for a walk along the paths we used to walk. Every step brought happy memories and, yes, a few tears, too. You are at Rainbow Bridge having a beautiful, sickness free life. I am living with fond memories until we can be together. Love you Porkchop, my Little Brown Doggie.

09/03/2016. It's been three months now. I still miss you so. We have our private time each night before bed. I read 'Missing You" out loud then talk with my little Porkchop for a few minutes. I tell her that me and Monkey and Duck will be there to meet her and go to be with Mommy and Tink when the time is right. Please wait for me. Daddy misses Doggie.
A new little girl has come to live with us. She was rescued and is very happy to be here. I named her Godiva II (G-2) in honor of you my little friend. We just got back from the cabin for the Labor Day weekend. She got on well with Dede and her family. I know you two would be best friends if only you were still here.

9/10/2016. Happy Birthday Little Brown Doggie. You would have been 9 years old today. Our time was way too short. I miss you.

11/03/2017. It's been 5 months Porkchop. I cry for you every day. We have together time each night at bedtime. I feel close to you then. I miss you.

12/03/2016. Little girl, it's been six months since we took your little life. I wish there had been any way we could have cured your cancer, but it was too far metastasized for that to be. I miss you each and every day. You left a big hole that can not be filled. I still cry when I think about you being gone, but,also, I smile with all the precious memories we had.

12/26/2016 Went to Phoenix to cuz's place for Christmas. Missed you being with us.

03/21/2017 Its spring. Time when we'd be going on more regular walks. I miss you Porkchop, my Little Brown Doggie.

06/03/2017 Its been a year. At 10AM on that Friday you went to be with Tink and mommy. Today I celebrate your life and the unconditional love you gave to me. I'm making today a day of joy and remembrance of the happy times we had.

09/10/2017 Happy Birthday, Porkchop. Hope you have a smashing day today. I gave you a cake and put a poem on the Poems Page.. I miss you, little friend.

06/03/2018 Hi Porkchop. It was two years ago today that you went to Rainbow Bridge You left at 10AM on that pretty spring morning. You are now happy and cancer free as you wait there with mommy and Tink. My life was forever changed that morning. I miss you Little Brown Doggie. I celebrate you today.

6/21/2018 Its the first day of summer. Boy, is it hot. 102 today. Really enjoying the new A/C unit. I know you would too. I miss the Little Brown Doggie

9/10/2018 Its your eleventh birthday today. Daddy made a little party for you. He got a coconut chocolate chip cookie and put a candle on it. After blowing out the candle, daddy ate the cookie! It was good. Wish you could have been here. Sure do miss you Porkchop.

1/16/2019 I was late in changing to winter. Having a nice visit at your site. Hope you and Tink and mommy are having a great time. I look forward to when we can all be together again. GII is doing great as well as Bambi. Very cold and windy today. No walk. Daddy loves Porkchop.

5/15/2019 Here it is the middle of May. Time is rushing by. I miss you every day, Porkchop my little friend. I am waiting for the day that we can all be together again. I hope you're having a good time there with mommy and Tink. Its gonna be a lovely spring day here today. Would have made for a great day to have a walk. Daddy misses his little girl. Found some pictures of you just after we got you. You were so cute. Lexi was holding you and so was mommy. I was excited to find them. Didn't know we had any from your puppyhood.

6/3/2019 10:00 The third anniversary of you going to Rainbow Bridge. I was on my way to see Jan, but I didn't forget the day nor to remember you and all the happiness we had together. Daddy misses Porkchop.

9/10/2019 Happy Birthday Porkchop. You.re 12 years old today. Did you enjoy the cupcake I got you. Did you have a good party with Mommy and Tink up there in heaven. I really miss you all. Did you see that crystal thingy I got with your picture in it. It follows me when I walk by. Really cool.

05/19/2020 Hi Porkchop. Was in the area and thought I'd stop by to chat. Been thinking of you a lot especially when Godiva II and I are out walking. We walk by all the places that you and I did. Memories abound. Beautiful memories. Daddy misses his Little Brown Doggie. See ya soon. Pooch smooch.

06/03/2020 Four years ago at 10:00 we had to take your precious life. My precious "Little Brown Doggie". A hard decision to make, but I couldn't bear to see you suffering any longer. I followed the "Dog's Prayer" and found a homeless little girl to give a home to. I named her Godiva II. She is five years old now and doing well. I know she is happy to be here. I just wish you could be here, too. You would be 13 come September 10. I still miss you every day. I celebrate you today little friend. Pooch smooch.

06/03/2021 Five years have gone by since you went to be with mommy and Tink. Although I don't wright as often as I did you know I talk to you every night just before going to bed. You would be thirteen now and getting a little older and slower, but, since you are with mommy and Tink you are young and cancer/pain free. I miss you every day Little Brown Doggie. Someday we'll be together again. We'll take nice long walks trough the fields around The Bridge and you can chase rabbits while I chase you. Love you, Porkchop.

Sometime Soon

She'll be there to greet me with her tail wagging. "Welcome home, Daddy. I missed you. Got any goodies for me? I gotta get a drink and pee now that you're home. I'll save my poop until just before bed like always. I'll look pretty and play bite at your nose if you'll give me a goody. We gotta go find Mommy and Tink. They're waiting to see you. Welcome home, Daddy."

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