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Memories of Gizmo
Gizmo is my little girl and my heart is breaking right now. It has been one week since she passed and both I and her fur-sister are still looking for her.

Gizmo came into my life as a puppy (around 2-3 months old) from a pet store (before puppy mills were really known about.) A friend and I went into one so she could look at a boston terrier and I saw a small cream-colored pomeranian. I turned around and walked out b/c it bothered me. I already had 4 furkids and thought that I couldn't take in one more. my friend and I went back 3 weeks later and the little pomeranian was still there! I asked to see her and that was it. She came home with me. It took about 2 weeks for me to name her, but when I finally decided to name her "Gizmo" it just fit.

Gizmo was such a sweet little soul....her eyes could show kindness and love in a way that many furkids can't. She had a very old soul with such wisdom. As a puppy, she would play with Spunky and actually kept Spunky young (I'm convinced that Spunk lived for a couple of more years b/c of Gizmo.) She would irritate her brother, Boo Boo, just because she could! The first time that she walked on a leash, she had all of us tied in knots....it was hilarious! She rode in my lap until it dawned on me that was dangerous for her. So she had her own riding seat in the back seat.

Once Boo Boo and Spunky passed away, it took me about 5 months to get another pomeranian. Lulu came in to keep Gizmo company. Gizmo spent the first year that Lulu was with us just looking at me and her eyes appeared to ask "mom, do we have to keep her?" But eventually she became the alpha and came to love her little sister.

Giz passed on laying on my lap, knowing that I loved her enough to let her go. She had congestive heart failure and cancer and I couldn't let her suffer. I know that she is playing with Spunky, Boo Boo, Tigger, and getting hit on the head by Samantha.

We miss you, my little girl and will see you soon. I love you bigger than the sun and moon.

It's been one year and I still miss you baby girl.

10/10/2021...has Lulu found you yet? She came over to visit and play with you, Spunky, Boo Boo, Sam and Tigger. I miss you, Giz.

5/2022...Your sister, Roxy, has probably found you and you are jumping around with Spunky. I love you.

Please also visit Lulu, Roxy and Spunky.

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