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Memories of Gizmo
Born in my bedroom May 26, 1991
Passed from this in earth while being held in my arms October 17, 2008

Hey, dad is home early from work today. I wonder what's up? Hey dad, why do you look so sad. Thanks for picking me up, I love it when you hold me in your arms and scratch me. What's that? You're bringing me to the vet. Good, I haven't been feeling very well lately and I have hardly eaten anything in almost a week. Maybe he will make me all better.

I love it when I sit on moms lap while dad drives so I can look out the window and see all the pretty leaves on the trees. Here we are at the vets office, oh it's a little chilly out here today, you're handing me back to dad so he can carry me in. OK that's good.

Hey, here comes the doctor and his assistant. I hope he gives me something to make me feel better. Dad why are you telling him that you want to hold me, usually you put me on that cold silver table. OK, here comes the needle, ooh ooh ouch, I hate it when it pinches me like that. What's that dad? How come you're crying. I know I have been a good boy all these years, thanks for noticing. I am relaxing. I love you. Hey dad, I can hardly hear you now, your voice is getting really low. OK, I'll close my eyes and sleep for awhile. I am feeling really sleepy anyway. Yeah, when I wake up I sure hope I will feel better, thanks Dad. It feels so good that you are holding me.....

Hey, where am I? I never saw this yard before, it looks really beautiful. Hey dad I can still feel you holding me but I can't see you or hear you talking any more. How long have I been sleeping???? Is this our new home??
Who is that guy over there wearing a long white robe and talking to those birds in that tree. Boy, you know dad, you were right, I feel much better now, I want to go and try to catch one of those birds like I did when I was young.

Hey, that guy is turning around and walking towards me. I recognize him from the pictures in my house. Mom and dad told me all about him. Hey Jesus, how are you doing? It's great to see you. It's me, Gizmo. I can tell you liked it when I rubbed my face against your leg, you have a beautiful smile and thanks for scratching me, it feels really great. Where am I and where is mom and dad??? It feels so comforting now that you are holding me in your arms like mom and dad always did. And you scratch me just like mom and dad always did, it feels just the same, I really like it.
May I rub my nose against your nose like dad taught me, that's how we kiss. Thanks, I really liked doing that, you rubbed my nose back, just like dad always did.
What?? You want me to tell you all about my life on earth??

OK, here goes....
Dad told me that my cat mom was pregnant and living outside looking for food at the dumpster at the country store. He brought her home and named her Lucky because he said she was lucky he got her. Anyway she was only at his house 4 days when I was born.
I remember the day I was born. It was in the corner of my dad's bedroom. His was the first voice I heard and the first human I saw when my eyes finally opened. I remember early every morning my brother and I would climb on the bed and we would take turns climbing on top of dad and jumping off onto each other and wrestling around on the bed, just like the cowboys jumped off of rocks onto each other in those old western movies. Then one day my brother was gone, but I found him living with the people next door and I would sit on their deck and look at him watching me as he sat on the other side of the door. Sometimes the lady would open the door and let me in to play with him. That was a lot of fun. We would run all over the house wrestling and stuff. Later in the day, she would let me out so I could go back home.

I loved sleeping on the cat napper in the window, especially when the sun came through the window and made my fur really warm. I had a lot of fun running around the yard and stuff and catching birds and things.

I made friends with Al and Luke, dads two giant dogs, dad said they each weighed around 75 pounds, but if you ask me, they must have been about 500 pounds each, they were gigantic. Anyway, dad had a special door for them and I watched them go in and out of the basement into their dog pen, and since I had such a great personality, I made friends with them and when I was outside I started going into their pen and into the house just like them. And if a dog or cat or something was chasing me, I would run and jump into their pen and they would protect me. I remember this one time when a really big dog was chasing me I ran into the pen and looked at him on the other side of the fence and just said to him "na na nanana" because my two giant dog friends were standing there next to me, that dumb dog couldn't do anything to me.
And I remember one day, really early in the morning when the sun just came up I went outside and caught a bird and brought it into the house through the dogs door. I wanted to surprise dad with a present but it got away from me and was flying all around the kitchen. It woke dad up and he eventually got it out the back door. It was really funny to watch him try to get that bird to fly out the door. Dad told me he was proud of me for bringing him a present but try not to bring live animals into the house. I learned my lesson, and from then on I would leave his presents right outside door.
I loved sleeping on the picnic table chairs, the cushions were so soft and were pushed under the table, but the table was glass so I could see everything going on. I really enjoyed sleeping on those chairs.

At one point mom came along and I really liked her but I wasn't sure I wanted her to live with us because it was always dad and me and I was afraid that maybe I would get less attention. Boy was I wrong, now that mom was here I got twice as much attention and it was really great. Every time I would walk past her, she had to pick me up and give me kisses and scratches and everything. I always acted like I wanted to get away, but I really liked when she did that to me.

Then we moved to the lakehouse which was even more fun. I remember one day when dad caught a fish and it was flopping all over the yard and I was trying to catch it. It finally flopped back into the lake and I fell halfway in the lake trying to catch it. I nearly had a heart attack but I only got a little wet. I loved sleeping on the porch on the chair in my sleeper, even when it was raining because the porch had a roof on it. I remember one night I was sleeping and the next morning dad said I better be careful because a raccoon walked right by me and I didn't even know because I was fast asleep. I was really careful after that. Then one day I saw a giant bear that must have been like 2,000 pounds, but dad said it was only around maybe 500 pounds, but I don't believe that. Anyway when I saw him I ran under the porch, I was really scared, then I was real careful because bears came into the yard all of the time.
I remember one Halloween morning when we woke up dad couldn't find the garbage can and he thought the neighbor kids took it as a Halloween prank, then we found it in the neighbors yard, through the woods and on the other side of the stream, and the garbage was all over the neighbors yard. A bear came in the night and took it. Anyway, dad had to go over and pick up all of the garbage and put it back into the garbage can. It was really funny and I was laughing so hard watching him I nearly peed right there where I was standing.
Since there was no dog door at this house, I had to scratch at the door to wake dad up at night when I wanted to go out, then sometimes I would stay out all night sleeping on the chairs on the porch, or else I would scratch at the door and dad would wake up and let me in. Mom and dad bought me all these special sleepers that they put on the chairs so I could sleep more comfortable. They were really great to sleep in, better than just the plain old chairs.

Then we bought the vacation townhouse in Vermont and I remember all of the time I drove back and forth. The first time we drove there, I meowed all the way there and by the time we got there, I had a sore throat from meowing for 5 hours straight. I couldn't meow for about 2 days after that. But I got used to driving in the car and really loved going for the long rides to the vacation home. We would stop at the sandwich shop and dad would give me some of the good meat from his sandwich. That was really special and I loved it.
One time, I was in dads car and we were driving on the highway going back home and dad said "Gizmo, look over there" and pointed out the window. I saw mom driving her car right next to us. I went to the window and I could not figure out how to get to her. I wanted to jump into her car, but dad wouldn't roll the window down for me.
I really liked it when mom and dad both drove with me in the same car because I could sit on moms lap and look out the window while dad drove. Sometimes, mom would put my sleeper on her lap and I would look out the window and eventually fall asleep.

Eventually we moved into the townhouse and I never went back to the lakehouse again. I loved being at the townhouse, it was really nice and big. Dad said there were three levels, but if you ask me it was really more like ten floors for me to run around on.

Mom and dad put a little kitty door in the screen door going to the deck so I could go out and lay in the sun whenever I wanted to. That was great.
Anyway I remember one night I went out onto the deck and jumped onto the neighbors deck and then to the ground to go for a walk. Then when it was getting dark I came back and tried to jump from the neighbors deck back onto ours and it was really dark and I couldn't see very well I missed and fell like a hundred feet into the snow drift, dad said it was more like 10 feet, but I think it was around a hundred. Anyway, I didn't get hurt because I landed in the deep fluffy snow. I learned my lesson and after that I never jumped from the neighbors deck.

Then I remember one time when Lucky, my cat mom, didn't come around for breakfast and mom said she must have gotten lost in the woods near the townhouse. Mom and I walked all around calling her name but couldn't find her. After a while mom went into the house and told me to try to find Lucky. I went into the woods and found her and brought her back home. Lucky said she didn't come because she wasn't hungry, but I think she was really lost and I found her.
Mom made a special bed for me in the front window where the sun always was shining in and I loved to lay there in the sun and get really warm and I could see everything going on outside.
Then almost every night I would wake dad up to let me out. He would let me out then sit at the end of the hallway and watch television and watch for my little head to pop into the window of the door so he would let me in and then we would go to sleep again.

Then we moved to the house in the woods which I really liked except when the owl tried to attack us. One time it flew right over mom's head and I thought it was going to grab her hair. Mom told me to be careful because the owl was going to try to catch me and fly away with me and eat my head. So most of the time when I went outside I stayed under the table so he wouldn't get me.
I loved laying on the back of the couch and looking out the window to the driveway and road to watch everything that was going on out there. I really liked it when I woke dad up in the middle of the night because I wanted to go outside so he came with me and brought his flashlight and we would walk down to the road and sometimes I would walk all the way to the neighbors yard to check it out. Then we would walk back home, and go inside where dad would give me fresh food and then we would go back to sleep.
I loved sleeping in the chair with the special cushion next to the kitchen door in that little covered porch room. I could be outside but almost nobody could see me there. Then I would walk around to the back of the house when it was sunny and lay down in the sun on the hot slate rock patio. I just loved how the hot sun felt on my bones. It was really great living there.

But I have to say my favorite place was probably in the sleeper that mom put at the top of the stairway. I loved being in the sleeper and being able to see out the front door. Sometimes I would get out of the sleeper and sit on the stairs where I could watch mom in the kitchen, and I was able to watch mom and dad in the living room and also look out the side window into the driveway or the front door into the front yard. It was really fun sitting up at the top of the stairs so I could see all of those things.
Mom and dad always bought me new sleepers and once they even bought me my own kitty couch, it was a lot of fun always having something new to sleep in.

I always loved sleeping leaning up against mom, then leaning against dad, then in the middle of both of them, or sleeping between their legs as they slept. It was just like my private bed. And when I wanted to wake them up I would either rub my nose against their nose or gently stroke their face with my paw.

I really love my mom and dad and I want them to know that I appreciate the great life they gave me. I know it was difficult for them to bring me to the vets office for the last time, but to me it was the best thing they could have done for me. I was not feeling well and was hardly eating.

Jesus, can you remind them that until we meet again, that I love them both very much. Thanks!!!!

What's that? You heard a lot of prayers and encouraging words for me from mom and dad and their friends and some of them never even met me? Boy that is really nice. Would you please thank them all for me?

Where are we going now, Jesus? Yes I see the rainbow bridge over there, thanks for showing it to me, I will be watching for mom and dad to come over it someday.

Hey look, there is Lucky, Al and Luke. Can I go play with them now???

OK, but before I go I want to thank you for giving me such a wonderful life on earth and for giving me such fabulous parents that loved me and took such good care of me for all of those years. I know you gave me more time than most of the kitty cats that go to earth. I really appreciate it and I hope I made you proud of me by the way I loved my earth parents.

Hi mom!!! You look great. Hey Al and Luke, how's it going? Hey, let's race over to that tree way over there on the other side of the field. Last one there is a rotten egg....

Boy this warm sun sure feels great on my bones....
I think I will go have a little bit to eat now...
Now that my belly is full, I think it is time for a nap....

Boy I can't wait to see mom and dad again.....They'll really love it here....

December 25, 2008
To my little boy and travel buddy, here is wishing you a Merry First Christmas at the Rainbow Bridge. We love you and miss you very much.

January 1, 2009
Wishing you a very Happy First New Year at the Rainbow Bridge. It is very cold today and I can remember every time you sat at the door to go out, and when I opened it you would stick your little head out and feel the cold, then turn and look at me as if to say, "I am not going out today, it is waaaayy to cold for me", then turn around and go back into the house.
Rest in Peace my good friend.

April 12, 2009
Happy Easter my little boy...I am sure by now you have found many friends and just the perfect place to rest your little head when you are tired. And you are probably having a fabulous time playing with your cat mom Lucky, you dog buddies Al and Luke, and all of your new friends at the Bridge.
Today is Mommy's birthday and she sends you special kisses, blinks, and nose rubs to you. We miss not having you sleeping with us. Rest in Peace, we love and miss you!!!

April 14, 2009
I am convinced that both God and you sent that stray kittie to us tonight. For the kitty to be walking on the street at the exact time that Mom was looking out the kitchen window is not a coincidence, I believe it was you that sent him to walk on the street at that exact moment so we could give him a comfortable life just as we gave to you. I cannot understand how someone could abandon a cat in this area, you know all of the wild animals around, it is a miracle that he survived.

May 26, 2009
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LITTLE BOY. You would be 18 years old today. This is your first earth birthday at the Rainbow Bridge. I am sure Lucky, Al, Luke, and all of your new friends at the bridge threw a BIG birthday party with you as the guest of honor.
I suppose you know we named our new kitty, Sami, after Uncle Sam since you sent him to us the day before tax day. I know you sent him since he loves to sleep in most of the same places you did, the same spot on the couch, upstairs (he loves sleeping on the bed), and he naps in the same spots in the back yard as you did. And I am sure you are the one who told him that it is OK to wake me up to eat in the middle of the night, just like you always did.

October 17, 2009
Rest in Peace my little Gizmo...
It is with deepest sorrow, a heavy heart, and vision blurred by tears that I write this.
I knew you from the day you were born in my bedroom, until the day you left this earth cuddled in my arms. My life was much brighter and fuller with you as a faithful companion for over 17 years.
It has been one long lonely year since you left for the rainbow bridge.
We miss you as much today as we did the day you left. The house is not the same without you. Our lives are not the same without you. You were such a good kitty and your companionship brightened every day. You had the greatest personality and loved to always be with us. I miss you sleeping with me and using me as your personal pillow. You were my travel buddy, you loved riding in the car. You and I drove over 20,000 miles together. I don't think you realized the drive to the vet would be your last ride in the car, that you were not going to come home again.
Even though you never showed any signs of pain, in the very last pictures we took of you sitting on the picnic table next to the pumpkin, I could tell that you did not feel well. I wish it could have been different, but I know you were suffering as you had not eaten anything for almost a week by that time. I did not want to see you go, but I could not allow you to suffer any longer. Before you left, we asked you to send us signs to let us know you are at peace. We know there were 4 instances that you sent us to let us know you are close by and watching over us. We continue to look for signs that you send us. Rest in Peace my good friend, until we meet again.

October 17, 2009
Our life has not been the same since you left.
The sun may be out, but it isn't shining.
The day may be beautiful, but it isn't as beautiful as when you were here with us.
Without you our lives feel empty. Thank you for all of the love you gave us. We will love you for eternity and miss you so much now.

October 18, 2009
One year has gone by since you have left us and we have seen the following signs that you are watching over us. A stray cat was walking down our street on April 14, the last day that I work overtime. He would not go on the cushion of the chair on the porch where you always napped. Then one afternoon when I was feeling a little faint and asked mom to get me something to eat and I sat on your chair, as she was handing me the snack she saw your reflection in the window sitting in the front yard watching me. She said that I always took care of you and you were there to make sure I was OK since I was not feeling well. A few days later before we fell asleep we heard purring on the floor next to my side of the bed, and Sami was asleep upstairs, you were the one there purring. A few weeks after that mom heard scratching at the bathroom door when I was in there. She thought it was Sami but he was outside, and we know that if you just touch the door it would open. The door never opened, it was you scratching at the door to get in to see me. Then just yesterday, mom told you that we loved you and that we know you were watching over us but we are OK and want you to go to the rainbow bridge and be with all the other animals. And today Sami took a nap on your chair. We then realized that Sami would not go on the cushion because he sensed your presence there. We know that you have left for the Rainbow Bridge since Sami took a nap there today. We love you now and always....

December 25, 2009

January 1, 2010

May 26, 2010
Happy Birthday my little boy. I just know all of the residents of the Rainbow Bridge are having a GIANT birthday party in your honor...We love and miss you very much.

October 17, 2010
Even when the sun is shining, the day seems overcast and gloomy. Our lives have not been as happy as when you were with us. We love and miss you very much. We are aware that you are around us since we have seen your reflection in the window, have heard you purr and scratch at the door and the bed. As I used to say to you all the time, "you are the best kitty cat that ever was". Until we meet again, Rest in Peace my little friend.

December 25, 2010
MERRY CHRISTMAS LITTLE GIZMO, we miss you very much. Rest in Heavenly peace.

May 26, 2001
20 years ago today I came home to a little black furball in the corner of my bedroom. You were so small you fit in the palm of my hand, with room to spare. You grew into a handsome boy and had such a fabulous personality. You loved to ride in the car with me and we drove over 20,000 miles together. When you went to sleep, you always had to sleep on the bed and use me as a pillow. You are missed very much.
Rest in Peace my good friend, until we meet again.

October 17, 2011
REST IN PEACE LITTLE GIZMO. We love and miss you today as much as the day you left this earth. We know you are watching over us and are with us all the time. Until we meet again...

December 25, 2011 Christmas
DEAREST BELOVED GIZMO, we just know you had a wonderful Christmas birthday celebration with Jesus and I can just picture you giving him nose rubs just like we did so many times. We will never forget you and all the fun times we had.

October 17, 2012 - REST IN PEACE DEAR GIZMO
It has been 4 long years since you have left us and we still love and miss you very much. You are always in our thoughts. I just know that all of your buddies at the Rainbow Bridge have a big party planned in your honor. Love and kisses until we meet again sweet baby...

October 17, 2015 - REST IN PEACE MY BABY GIZMO
7 years ago today you left this earth to meet Jesus. We miss you and think about you every day. We talk about you a lot and I noticed our newest kitty, Sugar, is a lot like you, loving every new thing we bring home, thinking it is especially for her.
Love and kisses until we meet again sweet baby!!

8 years ago we said good by. We miss you every day and wish you could still be with us, we love you so much, you were the BEST. Love and kisses until we meet again in heaven my sweet Gizmo!!

9 years ago you left us and we miss you and think about you every day. I know I have seen and heard you watching us occasionally. We love you and hope you are well. We will reunite with you one day and play like we always did.

10 years ago Jesus called you home. We miss you every day, we have your pictures in our home and see them every day. You were the BEST kitty ever. We miss and love you very much. Even after 10 years life is not the same without you my little friend.

October 17, 2019 - Rest in Sweet Eternal Peace my precious Gizmo
We miss you every day and think about you all the time. You were the BEST. We have your pictures at home and in my office, you were such an amazing kitty.

October 17,2020 - Rest in Peace sweet Gizmo, we miss you every day. We have your pictures in the kitchen and in my office so we see them every day. Everybody who knew you still talks about you. You were the best kitty ever.

May 26, 2021 - 30 years ago today you were born in my bedroom. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet boy. I hope you are having a special birthday party with your mom Lucky, Al, and Luke and all of your friends up in Heaven. We love and miss you. One day we will be together again and then we will play all the time.

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