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Memories of Garfield
I remember when I first got you , you were 3 months old. You were the best thing that came into my life , your love was unconditional , your affection was amazing.
You would lie on my belly when i was pregnant with lilymae and you always lay across my tummy. You loved our gliding rocking chair :)
Chicken Breast was your favourite, and all I would have to say was Chuck Chuck and you would be there with your huge amber eyes , purring so happy...
Your final weeks were hard to watch, as the kidney failure took over.
Yesterday was the hardest day of my life, having to end your suffering. I am so sorry baby, I feel so guilty for making that decision , how could i do that to you.. Buddy boy I am so so sorry. I love you more than you know and God I miss you so much , its not even 24 hours since you left us.
Buddy Boy I love you and Thank you.
Its just 3 days since you left us , and my life has such a void. There are times I cannot breathe when the realisation hits that you are not here. I hate driving in our gateway and not seeing you sitting in your favourite spot at the front window.
We fostered a little kitten yesterday "Ruby" Lilymae named her , she is only 7 weeks old, we have her till next sat, I honestly thought it would help having a little spirit liker her here but it hasnt.When I find some of your hair or even look at your favourite wicker chair, i just break down. Night time is the worst, dan is on nights this weekend so when I am here alone with bella and Ruby , I just keep staring at your picture and I weep uncontrollably.Garfield I dont know if things will ever been the same here. We were all crying here this morning over you. We miss you so much buddy boy.. and Kildare beat Meath , you would have loved that , watching the game and when we would shout at them scoring even if you were asleep you would meow in response :) I hope you are happy there and have loads of new furbaby friends.Love you baby.xx
baby I couldnt sleep its now 1.35am and god i miss u so much.. I made this for you , I am sure you were watching me do it as I wept...Love u buddy boy. Lilymae was crying for you today , how can a child of 4 understand her buddy boy wont be coming home , i cant ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUrWZKJzKc4
well garfield ,I got the biggest surprise yesterday. I called the vet to see if i could get you cremated individually as i needed to have you close.I dont know why i didnt ask when u passed Thursday but my mind was racing. Anyway baby after i called the vet i discovered that my mam had picked you up Friday morning and had lay you to rest in a beautiful little casket my uncle made and you are now resting in her garden..It was such a HUGE comfort and relief to know i have you close. I can visit you when i need to and have a chat for a while. My mam is brilliant.
16th august.well baby,its 2 1/2 weeks since u left us.Our hearts are still empty since u went away.I miss you so much,every day you come into my mind and it hits me like a freight train.That u are no longer here.Ruby the little foster went to her forever home..We got a little Kitten Rueben he is ours to keep ,he will never replace you baby no one could. Bella is still off with him,she is letting him know who is boss :).Your beautiful candle came today and we have it on the fireplace beside ur picture :) its fab... Missing you buddy boy.xx
13/12/2010 - Oh Garfield , these last few months have been so hard without. I have had a few very upsetting days and when i went looking for my comfort you were not there and it broke my heart. You always knew when I was having a bad day.I miss you .
We got down the Christmas decorations and the Christmas Tree skirt still has your hair on it as you loved to sleep on it year after year without fail :) it broke my heart and brought tears to our eyes.
We have you on the Christmas Tree you will never be forgotten in this house. I really miss you.xxx
April 28th 2011 9 months since you left us , and still a day doesn't go by without me missing you.I cry almost everyday. when i am at my lowest i miss you , you knew when i was down and would always nudge me and cuddle into me.bella misses you too. will put a picture of her up for you.xx
July 29th 2011. Ah Garfield its one year ago since you left us and my pain is still the same as the day you left me , I have many many rough days where I know if you were here u would have been on my lap reassuring me all would be ok. You knew my illness so well. I miss you so much and I know that the day i had to let you go i had to put my fear of losing u aside because you were in so much pain. I love you more than ever. I wear u on my neck daily.Bella is very clingy to me today i think she knows too.. she misses her buddy...She is beside me now , just took a picture of her and will upload now for you..Lilymae talks about you all the time and she knows mammy is sad today.. We have a little foster kitten joey who makes me laugh and then i feel guilty for laughing , but i know u would want me to laugh. Since your passing I have fostered approx 10 cats/kittens who have gone onto wonderful homes. I made the decision to foster in your name after you died I had to help them..
Buddy Boy Miss you so so much. Love mammy..x
July 29th July 2012. I cannot believe its 2 years since you left us, I miss you so much. Each day I think of you and miss you so much. Life has been tough since you left us , and i know if you were here you would be by my side sitting on my knee just being you.
Dan and Lilymae is missing you too. Lilymae is always talking about you and she misses her buddy boy so much.we got a new red baby Naslan, he is so like you but no one will ever replace u. I love you and please watch over me always. ♥♥
29/07/13. 3 yrs today buddy boy were has that time gone.I miss you with every beat of my heart.not a day goes by where I dont think about you handsome. I love you♥♥
06/08/13. Beautiful Bibi joined you today at rainbow bridge. Please look after .watch over us.
14/07/14. Beautiful Garfield and Bibi I miss you both so much 💔
❤My beautiful buddy boy garfield. I miss you so much 5 yrs ago I lost my buddy. Everyday I think of you. Love you so much.xx
Miss you so much 💔
8th June 2020
Love and miss you so much

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