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Dear, sweet Feller,

I miss you more than words can say...I have cried every day since you left, and I can still feel your presence and smell your sweet scent. I leave your light on in case you can visit me...if I ever forget, please visit anyway. I am getting older too.... You brought so much love joy to me and to Christian. And others! We went through a lot together, didn't we? I will receive your ashes and little claw prints soon. I will wear them around my neck and proudly display them in our home. I had a vision of you in church, coming right up to me from among other bearded dragons in Heaven, as if to recognize me. I know the Lord is good and will take care of your little spirit, which was so full of love and joy. I am sorry if I failed in any way to save you or care for you perfectly, but I know I did my best and it was always my joy to do it. I don't have any regrets, only that you left too soon, and that I didn't insist that you ate those veggies! Sweet kisses on your little face and I will miss yours on my chin, dear heart. See you in Heaven someday......Love Mommy

P.S. No one will ever replace you. If I ever welcome another dragon, it will only be to ease my pain of losing you, and to rescue one from harm. Don't stop visiting if you can. There is only one "Feller Fell" for my heart....

9/10/17 It is 17 days since you passed now...I still cry every day. I have set up a memorial in your tank. I leave your light on so you can visit. I bring your ashes with me around the house! I miss holding you in my hand and your little hands folded around my fingers. I miss your sweet, handsome smile, your bright striped eyes, your cuddles.....no one will ever take your place Gandalf. Ever.....Much Love to you. Visit in spirit or dreams, my Feller Fell. Love, Mommy

9/23/2017 Hello my Feller Fell!!!! I hope you are soaring the skies with Jesus...and visiting me still. If you have, you will see that Mommy adopted a friend for you. I have by no means "gotten over" your, I never will! I want you to know that I have cried every single day since you left. It was so sad to look at your empty terrarium, so we adopted Frodo! We named him Frodo because Gandalf was the wise man in Lord of the Rings who watched over Frodo, the boy! Do you like it? We wanted you to be his guardian! Will you help me take care of him, Gandalf? I need to know that you are near. I still carry your ashes around and cry without you, my sweet boy. Frodo will never take your place, just help me to go on loving in this life. I hope you like him and make friends with him. You will always be my most special boy....I love you so very much and forever and ever. Please stay close if you can. George and Christian miss you too. Life is short, and we will be together again with our wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus! Until then, lots of chin kisses and cuddles I'm sending you. I so miss our cuddles and kisses! All my love, Mommy

Hello my Feller Fell!!! How is my most special boy???? Well, I have some funny news for you my love...Frodo (we are almost positive) is a GIRL!!!! At first I was so disappointed but then I realized that no boy could have held a candle to you....so I believe I have a beautiful "girlfriend" for you! Ha Ha! We are calling her Galadriel from Lord of the Rings, still to honor you baby boy:) It is a mouthful so we call her "Gillie.) She is finicky and sweet, like your Mommy. Oh my goodness Feller, I don't know how I will get through the holidays without you. I don't mean to sound sad, but I still cry and miss you so much. I probably always will until I see you again. Please visit if you understand and can....I thought I smelled you the other day. It was nice. I so wish I could hold you and kiss your little sweet face (and put that lipstick on your chin...!) You were always so tolerant of me. Your absence is felt every day, but your memory is nothing but sweet. So sorry you suffered in the end, but surely the Lord is caring for you now and your sweet spirit is soaring and joyful. Life is short really, so until we meet again, know how much you are loved and missed. I love you my boy.Dragon kisses and hugs and morning blueberry prayers and cuddles! Love, Mommy

Hello my Feller Fell!!!! I know I don't get on here very often....but know that I think about you every day...look at (and even kiss)your photos and urn and locket with your ashes that I wear all the time:D I just want to say Merry Christmas my boy. You are loved and missed so very much. I still cry, yes, but know that the Lord will bring us together again somehow, some way. He is faithful and loves all His creation. I so wished you could have stayed longer....I am enjoying the usual activities, you know my life is not super eventful. Bonnie, Clyde and Gillie send their love. They miss you too and Gillie looks forward to meeting you someday. She is so different from you so no chance she could ever take your place. She likes veggies, doesn't like dubias...is a girl and is smaller...and a bit timid. I wish you could show her the ropes, but maybe you are in spirit. Christian and George of course miss you too. But I know I miss you the most....my sweet boy. You will always have a special place in my heart, and I will always love you. Hugs and Kisses on your sweet face ,little love...and again Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you!!!

Happy New Year Feller Fell!!!! I'm glad to put a sad year behind us....but you are still in the forefront of my heart and mind always.....I love you my sweet boy! Hope you are flying with the angels and playing with lots of good friends. See you someday love! Hugs and kisses! Know that Christian loves you and misses you so very much too...you always have a big place in his heart! George misses and you and sends his love. Bonnie, Clyde and Gillie are hanging in there. Gillie is wonderful but doesn't take your place as there was only one you! ....I love you dear heart... Mommy

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