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Memories of Gabrielle
Gabrielle came to live with us not long after the loss of my unborn son. My arms were empty and my heart aching and I was feeling so alone. We brought Gabrielle home from the local pet store days before Christmas hoping she would help with my grief. Right from the start she was a one person cat. When visitors came over she would hide and would shy away from any advances from anyone else. She loved to be held and would often fall asleep on my lap. She was a playful cat who loved to play chasey and hide and seek with me. She also loved helping make the bed by jumping on the sheets and quilt while I was trying to straighten them. The years passed and we grew closer to each other and she was never far from my side. She would follow me out to the letter box and when I went out she was always there at the door waiting to greet me. It was commented to me on many occasions that she was more like a dog than a cat in the way she would follow me around. We did bring home a friend for her when she was about 2 years old. It took her a while to take to Jaime-Lee but once she accepted her they were best of friends. They would sleep curled up together and would clean each other. We also added a bull mastiff to the family. Xena weighed approx 50 kilos and was a happy playful dog who often didn't know her own strength. Even though Xena was the biggest physically, she knew her place and if Gabrielle wanted to get past, Xena would move out of the way. Gabrielle was always the 'top dog' and Xena and Jaime-Lee respected that. We lost Jaime-Lee in the Autumn of 2011 and sadly Xena followed a month later. Gabrielle missed Jaime-Lee and would walk around looking for her and it would break my heart to see the confusion on her face. As far as losing Xena, Gabrielle decided it was time she took possession of the sunniest spot in the back yard where Xena would lay. She would wander over to Xena's kennel and have a look around and then wander off again. I cant imagine what she was thinking about the loss of her sisters. I was determined to help Gabrielle through and spent lots of time with her and encouraged her to curl up next to me so she wouldn't be alone. The last few years of Gabrielle's life she was devoted to me and would shower me with kisses each night when I sat down at the computer desk after the kids were in bed. This was our time together and we both cherished our special time each night. As I would get ready for bed she would follow me in and curl up with me. Every morning she would sit on my bath towel and watch me shower and then join me for breakfast. Gabrielle was such a big part of my life and helped me cope with the loss of my unborn son by loving me and just being there.She taught me how to love again. When the time came that I had to let Gabrielle go she licked my hand and then my face before climbing up onto her favourite spot on my side of the bed. Gabrielle took her last breath in this very spot only 7 weeks short of her 17th birthday.I will never forget the unconditional love and devotion this precious girl gave me. She took a piece of my heart with her the day she left for Rainbow bridge. Until we meet again.......Forever loved and never forgotten

It has been 4 weeks since you left me for Rainbow Bridge. I miss you so much and have cried buckets of tears. I knew it was your time and I had to let you go but life without you is so different. I can still feel you around me and take comfort in that. Take care darling girl and continue to watch over me. Until we meet again......

It is a month today since you left for rainbow bridge. Oh, how I miss your touch, your soft fur and that loving look you would give me as you head bumped me. I still look for you when I come home and expect to see you asleep in your favourite spot. My heart aches for you. I hope you have found peace. Please look down on me and send me your love to keep me strong. Love you beautiful girl.

Today would have been your 17th birthday. Happy birthday beautiful girl! I knew today was going to be hard and I am really struggling with not having you here to comfort me but hope you are happy and pain free and have made lots of lovely friends at rainbow bridge. Not a day goes by that I don't look for you and expect to see you. When I am cutting up chicken I am waiting for you to jump up on the bench for your share. Showers are especially hard as my towel lays untouched by you. I loved how you would sit on it and watch me. My desk is overflowing with photos and reminders of you and even though this helps it is not the same as having you sitting there like you always did. Little Tenay misses you and asks about you often. I know she used to annoy you but that was her way of showing her love for you. Poppy Bob came over for a visit last week and he missed having you sit on the lounge at night with us while we watched tv. My tears still flow when I think of you and look forward to when I can think of you and just smile. You will always have a piece of my heart. Love you forever....

1st Nov 2014 Hello beautiful girl. It is 2 months today since you left me. I still think of you everyday and my heart is still aching. You are still such a big part of me and always will be. I hope you have found some new friends and please let Jaime-Lee and Xena know that I am thinking of them too. We are almost into the Christmas season and that brings memories of you as a kitten climbing up the Christmas tree and then as you got older, pulling the decorations off the tree and playing with them.I had one of your photos blown up and am waiting to get it laminated so I can put it up and see your beautiful face. I still feel you at my computer and know you are looking out for me. Tenay asked after you today and said she misses you so much. She kissed your photo and tried to stroke you. Craig and Tracey are coming over for a visit in a few weeks. I guess you wont miss the hustle and bustle of a busy house! You always liked it best when the house was quiet and it was just you and me at the end of the day chilling out together before falling asleep. My best memories are of you and me and the devotion we shared. Sweet dreams beautiful one and please visit me in mine....

It is 3 months today darling girl since I had to let you go. My heart still aches for you and even though I can smile at times when I think of you, it still tears me apart knowing you are not coming back. I sit at my computer desk with your photos and memorabilia all around me and find peace as I think of our bond and of the time we had together. I worked out how to activate the music on your page so when I visit you now, the music to the song 'You are so beautiful' plays and has brought me to tears. The twins just celebrated their 6th birthday and had a party. The house was so busy and loud and I thought how much you would've hated that. At least now you can look down on me and the family but not have to put up with all the hustle and bustle which you were not a fan of. We went away last weekend and took your plush look alike friend that reminds me of you with us and I am sure I could feel you near me. Rest assured she could never replace you but I often talk to her or sit her on my lap like you used to do. It gives me some sort of comfort knowing that you used to sleep beside her. Sleep well my beautiful girl and know you are never far from my heart and mind.

Merry Christmas beautiful girl. I missed having you help me wrap the presents and watching you play under the tree. This is the first Christmas without you here and I am missing you so much. Toni bought a puppy who has been staying with us. His name is Ollie and is rather cute. Holding him reminds me of holding you and loving you. I believe he is helping me with my grief. He or any other animal could never replace you or come close to what we had. I did feel guilty playing with him initially and I didn't want to like him but I know you would understand. Tenay chases him around and is forever picking him up. I bet you don't miss that!! Anyway darling girl, all the presents are out ready for the morning. You will be there in my mind and heart. Merry Christmas. Loving you from afar.....

Good morning beautiful Gabrielle. It has been a while since I have visited you here as I was so distraught after the last time (Christmas Eve) and cried myself to sleep. Everytime I visit you here I am overcome with grief. My love for you was so strong I doubt that bond will ever be broken as you live on in my heart and mind. I have been minding Toni's puppy Ollie for her while she is away in Bali and I have grown very attached to him and he to me. He reminds me of you in some ways like when he follows me from room to room and looks up at me like you used to do when you wanted to sit with me. I am thinking that maybe you sent Ollie to me to help with the loss of you as I was adamant I wasn't getting any more pets but Toni brought Ollie and I have this deep attachment to him which happened almost immediately on meeting him. I didnt want to like him or hold him, it just happened and this huge relief washed over me as I held him on my lap. He was the first animal I have touched since losing you.He has started to sleep in our bed and I lay there and look at your photo and I am sure I can see approval in your eyes. You know it was your time to leave me and I cling to the thought that you sent Ollie so I would have something else to love. If this is so, thank you darling girl as he is really helping me and giving me reason to keep going. He could never take your place but I am sure my heart is big enough for both of you. I hope you are at peace and free from pain. Thank you for looking out for me and for sending Ollie into my life. Look forward to the day when I get to hold you again......

1st March 2015. It is six months today since I had to say goodbye to you. Where has that time gone? I have lived through Spring, Summer and now approaching Autumn without you by my side. I guess time stops for no one... I still think of you all the time and even though Ollie takes up a lot of my time, I look at him and I see glimpses of you. Thank you for sending him to me. He has really helped me cope with losing you. He does so many things just like you did yet he is a dog so I know you sent him to me as I see you in him all the time. He is a little sweetheart and even though he is Toni's dog, he has formed an attachment to me and doesn't let me out of sight. When I have to go out he cries for me.He follows me from room to room and just likes to be close to me. He now sleeps in my bed every night unless Toni is home and she takes him to her room. Most nights he races me to the bed, just like you would do. He has made me smile again and I know in my heart you sent him to me so I had someone to love again. Although you are not here anymore you will always live in my heart and mind. You were the most precious girl and I still adore you. Play nicely with the angels my darling and know that we will be together again one day. Still love you best xxx

1st September 2015. Today is the first anniversary of you leaving me for Rainbow Bridge. I am trying to reflect on the good times rather than be too sad as I know that's what you would want for me. I cant believe a whole year has passed without you. I still feel you around me and have your photos on my desk and beside my bed. I hope you are happy beautiful girl and have made some friends. I try to be strong but some days are harder than others. Young Ollie is sensing I am upset this morning and he hasnt left my side. He is sleeping on my lap now as I write to you. I know he has a connection to you and he does his best to love me like you do.In a lot of ways I see you in him and feel blessed to be given another fur baby to love.As much as I love him he could never take the place in my heart that is especially for you. Please continue to look out for me. I often think about the day when we will meet again and I look forward to feeling one of your head bumps on my forehead and running my hands through your fur while I gaze into your loving eyes. Love you beautiful girl and always will xxx

27th October 2015. Happy Birthday Gabrielle my beautiful girl. Today would have been your 18th birthday. I hope you know I am thinking of you and sending all my love and hugs to you. I hope you are enjoying your special day and even though we cannot be together physically, you are always right here beside me in my thoughts and in my heart. Is turkey still your favourite treat? I haven't been able to eat it since you left but might try and have some in memory of you. Young Ollie celebrated his first birthday 4 weeks ago. You have taught him so well as he has picked up where you left off with so many things. He now sits on my towel and watches me whilst I shower and likes to sleep right up on my pillow each night. He follows me everywhere just like you used to do and he has his special place under my computer desk as even he knows that he is not allowed on my desk as that is your special place. He brings me so much joy like you did and even though he could never take your place he is good company and comforts me when I need it. I love you beautiful girl and not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Happy Birthday and look forward to holding you in my arms again one day.......

31st August 2016. Tomorrow will be the second anniversary of you leaving your home here on earth and going to Rainbow Bridge. I am writing to you now as I am not sure if I will be able to do this tomorrow. When I realized it is almost 2 years since I held you and stroked you I burst into tears. I miss you so much beautiful girl. I look as your photo everyday and send my love to you. Ollie is still a joy and a constant reminder of my love for you. He mimics you in a lot of ways which reminds me of my love for you. He is almost 2 years old now and is toilet trained. He sleeps under my computer desk at night and then follows me into bed each night where he curls up. He sleeps up on the pillow sometimes but then will curl up at the end of the bed in your spot. This is just a new thing he is doing. A constant reminder that you are still with me everyday. I hope you have made lots of friends and are happy. Tenay still asks after you and Krissy knows how much you mean to me as if she ever sees me crying she asks if I am missing you! Take care beautiful girl. Look forward to seeing you again one day. Until then rest darling girl of mine whom I still love best!

27th October 2016. Happy Birthday beautiful girl. My mind has been on you all day. I hope you are celebrating in style with all your new friends. I am sure you have thought of me today as I have you. Oh, what I would do to hold you in my arms one more time or have you sit on my desk waiting for me to pat you. Young Ollie is keeping me company and he has stolen a piece of my heart just like you did all those years ago. As he snuggles up in bed each night I remember how you used to do the same thing. I still have your photo by my bed and on my desk and not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Stay sweet darling girl and be patient as we will be together again one day. Until then remember I will always love you and still love you best! xxxx

1st September 2018. It is 4 years today since you left my side. Not a day goes by that I dont think of you. Toni has been in hospital and I have been busy looking after her after surgery but here I am at almost midnight sitting down to remember you.Ollie is still here with me and is doing his job really well. He follows me everywhere and does all the little things that you used to do. He has, however, got a bit cheeky. He fights to get up on my desk and lay down in your spot. It's like he knows it is a sacred spot. I have let him get away with it a few times now as I feel like he is doing this to give me a sign of you always being a part of me. As much as I love him, he has his own special place in my heart and nothing or no one could take the piece of my heart that belongs to you. I still cant believe that 4 years has passed! I have slowed down a lot these past few years and you would've loved all the naps you could of been having on my lap as I am unable to be as active as I used to be. About a week ago my dear friend Kaza had to say goodbye to her beloved Mozzy who was your twin from another mother. I hope he arrived ok and you have made him feel welcome. The twins are 9 years old now and growing up so quickly. Well beautiful girl, I need to go and get some sleep before another busy day tomorrow. Still love you best xxx

Five years have passed since you left for the rainbow bridge. I talk to your photo everyday and you are never far from my mind.I can't believe it has been 5 years! Time has flown by and I know I am that much closer to being reunited with you once again. Ollie is still loving me and filling your boots quite nicely. He is a dear little chap whom loves me very much.Grandma is still with us. She celebrated her 80th birthday this past May. The twins
are 10 years old now and growing up way too fast. They both still ask about you from time to time. Well I have to go and get these girls ready for bed. Still love you best beautiful girl. You will always be with me xxx

It is 7 years today since you left my side.You are never far from my thoughts. Ollie is almost 7 now and is a real blessing. He loves me and fills that void left when you could no longer stay.Toni has bought a new puppy and I babysit her a few days a week. She is a cavoodle and her name is Winnie. She is a sweet little thing and keeps me busy. You would've hated her as she is so energetic and loves to get in your face. She teases Ollie all the time but he doesnt want to play. he just growls at her. She is asleep on my lap as I write this and I remember how blessed I am to have been loved by you and now have these two little dogs to love and look after. The twins are 12 now and Billy is all grown up. Grandma is still here but has slowed down a lot. I cant wait for the day when I get to hold you in my arms again. My time on earth is not yet done so please wait patiently for me. Loved you yesterday, love you still. Always have and always will. Gabrielle my princess, still love you best xxx

Today is the 8 year anniversary of losing you. Oh my goodness the past few months have been so very hard. I lost darling Ollie at the tender age of 7 just before Christmas last year. It was such a shock and my heart is broken. I hope he has found his way to you and you are together. I dream about the day we will all be reunited once again.
I cant bring myself to get another fur child as my heart is breaking so much. I still can't think of Ollie without crying.I have met another cavalier who is very similar to Ollie who I have been looking after when her owners are away or busy. She is a little darling and her name is Luna.She is helping to heal my heart slowly.I felt drawn to this pup and am sure between you and Ollie you sent her to me to help me to smile again. The twins are teenagers now and are at high school. They really miss Ollie and have been begging me to get another dog but I am just not ready. They enjoy the times they get to have Luna here.We also look after Toni's dog Winnie which ius a distraction. Maybe one day I will be able to open my heart again but for now I have both you and Ollie tucked away in my heart and mind forever.Please look after Ollie and tell him how much I love him. Although my heart has shattered after losing him, you will never lose your special place in my heart. I am just relieved I can now think of you and smile. Am not there yet about dear little Ollie. Love you darling girl and always will xxx

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