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Memories of Ellie
She came to us with a broken heart. Her family couldn't keep her anymore. They were moving somewhere that they couldn't have a dog. They had children who doted on her (and gave me the heads up on her favorite thing: neck scratch) and would miss her terribly.

We had another golden who needed a buddy. Bailey was our adopted girl. Through the local golden retriever rescue group, we tried two dogs, they both "beat up" on our Bailey.

Ellie was different. She played with her and was a buddy from the beginning. While it broke our hearts to see Ellie's family go - we wanted her. So, we got a dog for our dog, but oh my, did we get much much more than that.

She "ate" my shoes for the next 9 months. Oh, and not the cheap ones, she went for the really good ones - (how did she know which were the ones that came out only once a year)???

I knew her heart had been broken, so I mildly scolded and tried to hide the shoes better (she was really good at scouting them out!)

She became my "good good friend." I say that because no matter where I was, she was always with me. Never 3 inches away from me, sometimes to my irritation (ok, can you say bathroom???) But also just outside the kitchen - watching me cook, on the bed when I didn't feel well, in my office when I was working. I loved having this sweet little face always looking up at me. I'd just look down and say to her "Ell, you are such a good good friend."

She was loving, fun, energetic, soulful and an amazing addition to our lives. Running was a joy - you could just see it on her face. Look at the picture in the photo album called "happy happy happy". That epitomozed Ell. Let's go for a ride "yea", let's go for a walk "yea", on the walk if we just change direction, she thought that was great and took off like "hey, thanks this is great fun", when my husband would come home all I'd have to say is "Michael's home" and she'd jump up and run to the garage door. Jumping up and down until he came in. She was always a happy dog, "smiling" all the time. What a joy.

I think that the love my husband, Michael had for her is the most precious. He gladly put up with golden retriever hair - everywhere. These girls were our top priority both from a care perspective, but most importantly LOVE. Ellie would get on the bed each night until Michael came in. They had their "ritual", he'd love one her, then she'd roll on her back for the "tummy rub",and finally drop to her bed - next to him. She'd sleep with her head on the clothes he dropped. Absolutely adorable. It would bring tears to my eyes to see how much love he had for both girls.

We sent her to the angels tonight. She had a cancerous tumor on her heart and was very very ill. It happened very fast. It had only been a couple of days she hadn't been herself. It took us so by surprise because Ellie was the "healthy" one. Never sick a day. Our other golden, Bailey, isn't as old and is on lots of meds and had cancer last year. Not Ell. She was like the engergizer bunny - always full of life and more energy than we often knew what to do with. So when we got the news, it just didn't seem real.

We got to love on her, rubbing her chest (getting "happy noises") as she went to the angels. I only hope I get to go that way.

We can look back now and be thankful for everyday we had her. She was such a "light" in our lives. It helps a little, especially when we are so sad.

Ellie, Michael and I will keep you in our hearts. As with our Rainbow Bridge girl, Brite http://rainbowsbridge.com/residents/BRITE001/Resident.htm - you are no longer by our sides, but will always be in our hearts.

Please also visit Brite.

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