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Memories of Dennis
5/19/2004 Dennis came into our lives in November of 1984. I went to the pet store just to look around and came away with him. Let it be known that I didn't pick him he picked me. He was in a cage with his littermates, who basically ignored me, but he came trotting over to the door and immediately starting licking my hand. That's all it took for me to pick him out and take him home where he joined Oliver and Abby. As you can well imagine, they were NOT happy to see him at all but it was only a matter of weeks before they all became best buddies. Especially Dennis and Oliver. We lost Abby a couple of years later to acute renal failure and then it was just the boys. We seldom found one without the other. They continued on like that until July of 1997 when Oliver was lost to kidney failure. Then Dennis was alone. He had never been alone before and he was very lonely. We made the decision to get two new fur babies to keep Dennis company. Of course, he didn't want them he wanted his old buddy back. But in time they grew to be best friends too. Dennis was a very adaptable kitty. He wasn't too wild about changes in his routines but he eventually got used to things the new way and life continued to be good. Dennis was very affectionate to everyone he met. He loved it when people came over and any time the door bell rang he would run to the door thinking that whoever was there just had to be coming to see him. He had a very healthy and uneventful life. It was only in his twilight years that he started to have kidney problems. We knew that he wasn't going to live forever but we sure would have liked to have had more time. In the end after all the times that he had been there for us it was our turn to be there for him and help him on his way to Rainbow Bridge. Other kitties will come into our lives but there will never be another Dennis. 3/25/2011 Hi fella! I hope that you were waiting for your little sister Chloe when she came to the bridge on Wednesday. Please take good care of her and protect her. Dexter is all alone now. I'm sure you remember how that felt when you were left alone without your best buddy. We still miss you! 5/16/11 We still miss you buddy. Are you and Chloe playing? I hope so. I know that you weren't very happy with Chloe and Dexter when they came but I hope that now you can welcome Chloe with open paws! Dexter is lonesome. I hope that he will love his new companions like you did. 2/17/2012 Hey little buddy!! How are you doing? Are you and Chloe playing with Oliver and Abby? We got two new brothers for Dexter. He really wasn't very excited about that! They are Calvin and T.C. Dexter is getting used to them but he still isn't happy with them sometimes. They are quite energetic! I'm sure you remember how that was when Dexter and Chloe came to live with us. I know that he will be fine in time though. Miss you little guy! 10/12/2012 Fall is here again and I can't believe that it's been so long since we had to send you to The Bridge. We still talk about you and some of the things you used to to. We especially think that you would have loved the new house with all the windows, high up and facing the back yard. Dexter is getting along better with Calvin and TC now. I think he finally realized that they weren't leaving. :) 3/22/2013 Just checking to say Hi! Spring is really trying to get here but it's having trouble. I hope that you have found a nice sunny spot to rest. 5/15/2013 Hi fella! I can't believe that it's been 9 years since you headed off to Rainbow Bridge. We miss you every day and still talk about some of the things that you used to do. 3/23/2014 Hey little guy! It's been almost 10 years. I can't believe it's been that long. We still think that you would have loved the new house with all of it's windows looking out into the back yard at birds and squirrels. I think there is a neighborhood kitty who has your spirit. Karl comes over for visits quite often. He is an orange tabby just like you. I hope that Chloe isn't being too noisy for you to nap in the sun. 5/15/14 I can't believe that it's been 10 years since we had to say good-bye to you. Karl hasn't been around yet this spring but I'm sure he will be over one of these days. We still miss you and talk of you often. I hope that you are comfortable and happy. We love you little fella and miss you a lot. 3/23/2015 Hey little fella! I hope that you and Chloe play together today on the anniversary of her arrival at Rainbow Bridge. We miss you and talk about things that you used to do. 5/15/15 Another year has flown by. Sometimes it seems like forever since we helped you on your way to Rainbow Bridge and other times it seems like just yesterday. Dad and I spoke of you just the other remembering some of the things that you used to do. Chase some butterflies today. 3/6/15 Hey little buddy! I hope that you were there to welcome your brother Dexter when he arrived last month. Be sure to show him all the fun places to play and sleep. I know that he can see again now and that everything is beautiful. 5/15/16 Hi Dennis. I can't believe that it's been 12 years since we last heard your sweet purr and stroked your soft fur. We miss you every day and will forever. 5/15/17 Hi little fella. 13 years ago today you left our lives and went on without us. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't think of you. 5/15/2018 Hey buddy! Wow, 14 years you have been gone from our lives. I know that you are happy and healthy. We don't see Karl any longer so either he has joined you at Rainbow Bridge or his people moved away. I still miss you and always will.

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