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Memories of Dood
You were thrown from a car at 35 and Royal Lane. Fortunately it was into the grassy side and not the traffic side. Good Samaritans rescued you and asked us to foster you until a forever home could be found. We already had Suzee and Bobby Boy and Fluffy and Dixie. The moment I laid eyes on you barking your head off on that second floor balcony with your big pink triangle ears I fell in love with you. Your daddy named you Dood, short for Doodad. The definition of Doodad is a small object whose name has been lost or forgotten. We doubt you were named before being tossed from that car. Dr. Kirk thought you were no more than 3-months old. You still had baby teeth that ultimately had to be removed. From the time we brought you home until you left us at 4:11 am on Monday May 13, 2013, you have been in charge. You immediately bonded with Suzee and Bobby Boy and my favorite picture in all the world is the one I took of you and Bobby Boy lying together in the bed in the utility room. Doodsie I loved carrying you in your mommy pouch when your congestive heart failure was diagnosed at age 12. You were such a good boy to take your medicine and eat your special HD food. You still loved your treats. We have happy memories of you climbing into the trash can and somehow under the lid to eat scraps. You always had an appetite and I always said the day my baby stops eating will be the day I know he is ready to leave. You stopped eating and we prayed to God to take you mercifully without pain or suffering. Daddy put you in our bed the night of May 12 which was Mother's Day. You passed away the next morning on May 13. Doodsie we are grateful that you are not suffering and that any pain you may have had is now gone. We are so sad to not have you with us and we will never ever forget you. I can't wait to be with you again. I miss all of you so much. I know Bobby Boy and Suzee girl were there when you arrived. I asked my mommy to be there too. I hope you have met my precious little Brunhilda and our little General. Heidi the German Shepherd was our childhood dog and daddy had Spot. Little Guy and Schatze should be there too. Play, eat, sniff and get hugs and cuddles from your Omi until mommy can get there. I love you baby and I miss you so much. You can never be replaced in my heart. I am your forever mommy and this is your forever home. Good night sweet baby. Come to me in my dreams. I love you so much.

May 20,2013- Baby Dood you left us one week ago today. We have received so many wonderful messages from other heartbroken parents.

We hope you are making new friends and that Bobby Boy and Suzee girl are there to look out for you. Fluffy and Dixie should be there too. We picked up your ashes from Dr. Kirk and daddy bought a huge bouquet of red roses and stargazer lillies. We placed your urn with the flowere on the memorial with Bobby Boy, Suzee, General, Fluffy and Dixie. Sarah, Debbie, Amanda and Dr. Kirk are all sad that you are gone. They sent the most beautiful card and told us we were good to you by keeping you on your meds and special diet. Everyone misses
you including your red haired mommy Genie. She loved you and cared for you whenever mommy and daddy had to be away. We will never ever forget you baby. Until we can get there, play, eat, sleep in the sun and know that you are so loved.

May 13, 2016. Sweet baby it has been three years since you left us. Kylie left us on July 10, 2014. We believe you are together with Suzee girl and Bobby Boy. We were talking about you yesterday. I miss your sweet cuddles. I miss your attitude. I miss our walks with you in your "mommy pouch". It will never be the same without you precious baby. We still have little Alfie. You remember him. He is now alpha male. We still have Frankie and Stella. Dingo died earlier this year so you were probably there to welcome him to heaven. I worry that your dad might be joining you soon. I know you are looking down from above. Know that on this third anniversary of your leaving us, we still love you with all our heart and you will never ever be forgotten. Your human mommy and daddy and your brothers Alfie and Frankie and sister Stella. Rest in peace my precious WA WA

May 21, 2013 - Baby Dood, you should be playing like crazy up there! We have heard from so many kind pet parents who have lost their beloved fur babies. This has helped us very much with our grief. We are having the most God awful storms and tornadoes here. I was thinking about how precious you always were to climb into your bed in our shelter and either go to sleep or wait patiently until the storm subsided. You were never scared of anything. A precious little Chihuahua with attitude toward everyone but mommy, daddy, and Genie. You were a tenacious little pup. There will never ever be another baby Dood. Doodsie we have given thanks to God for taking you so mercifully. Your passing was quick and seemingly without pain or fear. Daddy held you in his arms as you took your final breaths and went to sleep forever. We pray our passing will be as easy when it is our time. Until we get there please know you will never ever be forgotten. I love you with all my heart and I always will. I miss your sweet kisses and cuddles. Love you baby Dood.

May 27, 2013 - Today is Memorial Day. John and Stacey came for the weekend to celebrate daddy's birthday. Stacey visited your memorial and we had a good cry. She is as sad as I am that we can't hold you in our arms anymore and there are no more sweet kisses. We miss you baby Dood. Mommy left you a little yellow squeaky chicken to play with. I will always remember how surprised we were that you picked up that little squeaky yellow chicken when you were about 9-years old and started carrying it around squeaking it like crazy. We remember how delighted you were to finally get the squeaker out and how many times I replaced the squeakers and sewed up your toy. When Frankie came along he thought your toy should be his toy and sorry to say he took it away from you so many times and ripped it open so much I had to put it away. Now you can play with your toy to your hearts content. I can see you prancing around squeaking that little yellow chicken. Baby Dood we love you. We miss you. We will never ever forget you. You will be in our hearts forever until we can be together again and cross that bridge together. Rest in peace my precious baby. I am heartbroken without you. Mama loves you Doodsie.

April 26, 2014 - Dear Baby Dood, it has been almost one year since you left me. I still miss you so much. I keep fresh flowers (roses usually) on your "shrine" as daddy refers to it. So much has happened this past year. Kylie is not doing too well and she will probably be joining you later this year. She is in renal failure but we are keeping her health up with special diet and B12 and Iron shots. She visits Dr. Kirk about every ten days. Last Tuesday night, Stella was bitten in the mouth by a copperhead in the backyard. She has no sense! Stella is a very inquisitive Jack Russell and hopefully she will never do that again. We rushed her to the Vet ER and she LIVED! It cost a fortune but you precious fur babies are worth every cent. We would never put any of you to sleep if you could be saved. I have visions of you, Bobby Boy and Suzee girl romping and playing in little dog heaven. There is not one day that goes by that I don't miss you and that I count my lucky stars for having all of you in my life. None of you can ever be replaced and that goes for Brunhilda, Fluffy, Dixie, Little Guy, General and Schatze. I wish I had you to cuddle one more time. I love you baby Dood. I love you!

Doodsie your sister Kylie joined you on July 10, 2014. Her death so soon after losing you broke my heart even more. We all miss you, Bobby Boy, Suzeegirl and now our precious little Kylie. I pray the 4 of you are playing with Omi and Brunhilda, Schatze, and General and our kitties Dixie, Fluffy and Little Guy. I will love you forever my precious little wa wa. I know Bobby Boy is looking after all of you and I know you are watching over me, daddy and Alfie, Frankie and Stella. And yes I know Kylie forgave Stella for being so mean to her and Kylie is playing joyfully with you in Little Dog Heaven. I LOVE YOU my precious Doodsie!

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