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Memories of Daisy
Norwood's Whoopsie Daisy CGC,TT,TDI,TDIA,TDIAOV,TDIRVA,BN,RN,URO1,HT,PT,HCT,JHD,THD,VCC,VCCX. Daisy, you went to Rainbow's Bridge way before we were ready for you to go. We tried so hard to help you recover but in the end we did what was best for you. You fought back right up to the end. You were truly our little princess and your father and I miss you so much. You left a big hole not only in our lives and hearts but in the hearts of all those who knew and loved you. You made such a difference for so many people. We have recieved condolence messages from so many of your friends and some even saying that you taught them what special work a therapy dog can do. Your accomplishments even continue on. You made over 250 therapy visits and we were able to apply for the next therapy dog title for you, Therapy Dog International Remarkable Volunteer Advanced (TDIRVA) and for two versatility titles VCC and VCCX based on your carrer accomplishments. Two of your portraits are on display in Locus' photography studio window for the next month. I had hoped to get a picture of you sitting in front of that window with them. Karen printed a Rainbows Bridge poster with your photo on it and I have lots of requests for it. It will hang in the waiting room at Edwardsville Pet Hospital along with Lucky's amd Emmie's. The Emergency Center also asked for a copy. You were always such a photogenic little girl. The most special honor is that the Mixed Breed Trial on February 25, 2012 is being dedicated in your memory. There will be a plaque presented. I have never heard of a trial being dedicated to any dog before. Audrey wanted me to know so that I could tell you to be looking down that day. I will still do Dog of The Week at the Dog Museum this year and Cutshall's Border Collies have will likely stand in for you. You did not make it to Valentine's Day when I was going to give you and your father the frog that really did turn into a prince, but he and I shared it and the prince is now 2 1/2 inches tall and sits right next to your crate. Your father treasured the walks you and he took in the woods daily and misses them very much. Even when it was snowing. I will always treasure your picture with the snowman. He talks often of the visit we all took to the dog park and how much fun you had. We will try to find another special Border Collie to carry on your work, but there will never be another dog like you. You never met anyone who did not fall in love with you. You did so many silly little things when you were just being you, which made you all the more lovable. And you never met a dog treat you did not like, even when it was not yours! We will treasure your memory. Tomorrow I will begin working on a ceramic urn for your ashes and we will go to Brighton to bring them home tomorrow too. I know Lucky and Samantha Jane were at the bridge to greet you and you finally got to meet Misty and Max, your predecessors in therapy work and Boots who was our first dog. All were so special to us. We love you and miss you but know you are young again and well and herding any sheep you might find up there. We know you are watching down on us as we try to move on without you. With much love and sorrow, your loving parents and your lttle feline sister Emmie. 2/25/2012 They dedicated the Mixed Beed Trial to you today and gave me a wonderful framed certificate listing all your accomplishments along with fond memories of your antics in the ring and in class and of your therapy dog visits. It will hang on the wall. Your new title certificate have not yet arrived but we look for them daly. I am still waiting for your ceramic urn to be fired so I can glaze it. Your ashes are at home in your crate. Your father and Emmie and I miss you very much and it seems strange going to dog activities without you. Hope you have met all your fur sibblings by now and are playing together. Give them our love. We think of all of you often. Love. Your people. 1/1/13. Today Mary R's dog Cheyenne crossed over the bridge. Please show her around and introducer her to Misty, Boots, Lucky, and Samantha Jane. Your new sister, Sandy joined us on 6/1/12. She is a 9 or 10 year old Bearded Collie/Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Mix who weighs about 45lbs. And can wear many of your outfits. She is carrying on your therapy dog work and has already made many visits. She really enjoys doing this and showing off the many tricks she knows. She loves people. In just a short few months she has already earned her CGC and is certified by TDI as a therapy dog. She has learned obedience skills and was entered in Beginning Novice for the first time today and would have earned her firs leg with a score of 188 1/2 except for a small handler error by your mother. She should earn that title quickly. She is so cute, smart, and outgoing.. I am sure you would have liked her. She loves going for walks in the woods with your father, just as you did. I will try to keep you up to date more often, but Sandy is keeping me busy. She is named after Sandy in Orphan Annie and looks like that dog and did try out for the part in a play but did not get it. Her registered name is Coral Sands Sunshine Girl. I guess I should close for now as we are entered again in tomorrow's dog show if the winters weather permits. Love, Your People. Please pass this on to Misty, Lucky, Boots and Samantha Jane.

Please also visit Colorado Mist, Lucky, Max and Samantha Jane.

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