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Memories of Colombo
Hello my sweet bosy (that is Andy's nickname for Colombo), we miss you so much, I keep looking to your house and thinking that I am going to see you... at supper time I always feel like I have to do something else, like feed you :'-( .
Andy kept asking when where you coming back from heaven but I had to explain to him several times that when people and furbabies go to heaven, they cannot come back.
So now, when he is asked about you, he says that you went to heaven and that you are an angel now and that you are with God and that you cannot come back.
One of the last times he saw you alive you could not walk and that impressed him! Seeing you with your leg and paw paralized on one side... So sad to watch, so now he and me of course, are so happy to know that you are no longer in pain, suffering and that your whole body is working so nicely like years ago, I still remember you at your last minutes alive, I held you in my arms, while I was caressing your soft ears, I loved those ears, they were like velvet ;-D I will always remember you my baby, and also, there is another little friend that you will be able to play, is called Nieve, a white husky, nice heart, she was my daughter too a long time ago, tell her that I still remember her and you guys wait for me, we will be together one day... I don't know when, but meanwhile have fun and do not forget me and Andy who love you so dearly.

December 8,2017.

My baby Colombo, I miss you so much, I think about you all the time, I cry for you... Your dad wants to get a new dog but I told him I am not ready, I need more time... I wish I could have you with me again... Andy misses you too... This will be our first Christmas without you and will be so sad, you won't wear your antlers and your Santa Claus hat and winter coat, you won't pee on the Christmas inflatables at the front yard.;-D..

Love you and miss you and will never forget you my sweet baby... Your mommy Ana.

February 23, 2018.

My baby Colombo, Easter is a month away, it will also be a year since you left us to go to heaven, and I miss you like crazy, Andy misses you too, he cries for you all the time, he misses playing with you and petting you, walking you, feeding you, please do not forget us and send us a signal you still remember us, because we have not forgotten you, also is very hard to get in here and see all those beautiful images from you, and to know you will never be by my side ever again. We love you and miss you so much, kisses and a big hug to you!!

August 23, 2018.

My precious Colombo, summer vacations are over, Andy started first grade, your dad got a new puppy for Andy to have a play partner, his name is Pickles, he is such a nice puppy but he is not you, you were by far the perfect pet, my only baby for a long time and such a loved doggie, I love you Colombo, now and always, do not forget us, we always think about you and remember you so dearly.

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