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Memories of Charles
Charlie. AKA Charlie Brown, Mr. Charles or Charles. The first time I saw you in the cage in the back of the Burgandy Jeep you were brought to us in, I remember saying, He's so Big. You were no larger than any other Shit Zu, but you were a bit larger than Mattisse who we had for a few years.

Monet wanted nothing to do with you that first day. Remember how she was on the couch and she shaped up like an arrow and Growled at you Fiercly. You were so shy and just wanted to fit in. You came with a big portable cage so that had become your home for a couple weeks until you were ready to join the other girls. Soon you fit in after Robert had to sit on the steps and have a conversation with Monet and how she needed to let you in to our household. Once she did you two became best of friends. We moved several times here in Washington and then went to Florida. You and Monet rode in the back seat of the convertable on all the stuff that was packed to the top of the car. You only had about 6 inches of space, but you never complained. Remember the first thing you did when we arrived at Chars house in Florida. We opened the pocket doors from the living room and you went running out and right into the pool. You had never seen a pool before. After several falls into the pool you learned how to get around it. You were at that house for a few years and then we moved to Antigua for a year and then to Joes house for a few more. You had such fun with the girls during all of these houses. You learned to take baths together from Mattisse and you never really enjoyed them, but you loved to be beautiful after the drying process.

We lost Mattisse in the pool just before leaving Florida. You were there when I pulled her out of the water and you would make many trips to the same location and smell the area looking for her. Finally we decided to come back to Washington with only you and Monet and Mattisse's ashes. Both of you rode in the front of the truck during the drive home. We had pillows and blankets and both of you would sit on the dashboard and look out the window to see where we were going. Do you remember what you did when we opened the door to our home here. I put you down and said, Charlie you are Home and you took off running on a great big circle thru the living room and dining room area because there was no furniture in the house yet.

I remember the morning Robert let you out in Bellevue and it had snowed. Again you took off on a big run. He was running after you in his robe and you were just having a great time not obeying and having your freedom. You really liked to run free.

This past year of your life you have not been able to run or be free. Kidney failure had taken its toll on you. Every morning we would gather you up and give you your injection of fluid. You just accepted this as normal and never complained. It was more painful on us to have to poke you with a 3inch needle every morning. Your last day on earth will always be sad for us. You were on the bed and I got to say good bye as I had to go to work. You had two full days with Robert that weekend. About 15 minutes after I left for work you had a severe seizure or something and fell off the bed. Robert found you on the floor shaking violently. He did his best to comfort you. this lasted several minutes and then you calmed down. He was able to call me and I came home immediately. You were never to walk again as you had no strength and you just layed there and looked at us. When I got home I put my hand down to you and you smelled my hand and responded with a tail wag. We wrapped you in one of your favorite blankets and rushed you to the doctor, knowing the time had come.

You missed Monet very much after she left us over a year ago, but you kept going and remained strong for us to get thru her loss. Now we have to grieve again for the loss of your companionship and Love.

Today while at the grocery store I saw an Antherium plant and thought how appropriate. It was the only one there and it is also known as the Little Boy plant, so I had to bring it home, with a card that I found. The card I felt was from you to us to let us know how much you Loved us and you will not forget. We are to carry on and you will be in our hearts for evermore. I am attaching the card as part of your pictures.

I feel so much like the Angel of Death, as I held you in my arms while they gave you the injection. I felt the last movement of your rear leg as you crossed over to the other side. The next day I feel like a Paul Bearer as I picked you up from the ER in a Beautiful white box shaped like a coffin for animals. It was such a fitting tribute to you and your existence here on earth and our knowing you for the time you were here.

I am closing this too you as the end of the Trilogy. The three of you meant so much to us and we will always remember you and all the Love the three of you brought into our lives.

We know you are with Mattisse and Monet and all have reunited in your joy and fun you had before. We will be looking for you when our time has come and in the meantime, will be remembering you thru this site as well as in our hearts.

Mr Charles. It has been a year now and you are still thought of all the time. We have Piccasso now to fill the void of the three of you now together at Rainbow Bridge. He is full of vigor and keeps us on our toes.

All our Love Mr Charles

Mom and Dad

Robert and Preston

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