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Memories of Buttons
No one wanted him. In his previous life, he'd lived with an elderly woman who eventually developed dementia and died. Subsequently, he spent months alone in the house, with relatives providing food and medical care. Although it's not surprising, I was not prepared for the level of separation anxiety he had. However, the description of him was otherwise candid and accurate. He was extremely aggressive and could not be touched. He was used to having no limits or expectations He required full sedation and gas for grooming, or for any medical treatment or intervention. He did, however love car rides and enjoyed going for walks. He loved looking outside through the screen door.

Initially, I simply could not contain him. He marked throughout my house. I got four stitches the second day I had him. He ate through a louvered door in my kitchen. And he howled and tried to break through that screen door if I went out. Until things stabilized, I stayed home as much as possible. Gradually, things quieted and we came to somewhat of an understanding. He allowed me to pet him. Once he jumped up on my lap and I was stunned! He learned the rhythm of our household and I learned how best to live with him-and him with me. He still displayed considerable separation anxiety, but it was manageable. He was thrilled whenever someone came to visit, but was working on not jumping on them. All things considered he made great progress,

Unfortunately, he developed medical conditions that required daily, hands on care-the kind that it was impossible to give him. There were several abnormalities that required further work-up and diagnosis, which would require full sedation, most likely multiple times, which was just not medically possible. The consensus was that his prognosis was poor and his quality of life most likely to deteriorate. And, so we said good-bye. I grieve for him:that he got such a raw deal; that he deserved so much better.

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