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Memories of Buttercup
In all honesty, I can't remember the exact date my husband and son brought home Buttercup, I know it was sometime in January 2011 and worse yet, my husband didn't keep the receipt from the pet store so I'm unsure of Buttercup's real birth date. Nevertheless, she was pure love at first sight. I decided to name her Rain but it didn't match her sweet personality and so we quickly decided to rename her Buttercup. She loved that name. Buttercup was the most beautiful guinea pig there ever was. She was absolutely loving, sweet, and a big eater. She could eat like there was no tomorrow. She loved to be petted and would really purr like a cat. She was extremely happy all the time. When my son found her passed on that faithful day, I felt my heart would explode. We all miss her so very much. To this day, I still cry. I can't believe she's gone forever. Buttercup is survived by her sister Kim who arrived with her, her human father Richard, her human brother Ricky and her human mum, me-Clarissa. Buttercup will always be remembered as the best pet I've ever beheld.

Today marks seven weeks since your presence is no longer physically with us. I can't believe how sad I still am. I remember I used to tell my son to not disturb you and Kim in the morning because you both needed your rest. Like all children, my son didn't listen and for once I am glad he didn't because I would not have known of your passing until after work. Ricky went to your cage around 645am to check on you and Kim and he came back crying with you in his hands announcing your passing. I didn't want to believe it; you were still warm. I held you, prayed it wasn't real and tried to will you to not leave us. I cried so much, I don't know how I went to work or allowed Ricky to go to school. All day at work I told my coworkers about you and I cried all day. Every single thing reminded me of you. I thought I would never get over the pain. I know we only had you for a very short time but during that time it was enough for us to fall completely head over heels for you. We miss you so very much Buttercup.

It is your two month anniversary. I can't believe how quickly time goes by. Each and every day, we miss you like crazy. I know Kim misses you although you may remember her as being bossy. Butter, after you left, I can see the changes in Kim, she's so quiet and I know she's so sad. I have debated for months on what to do but I can't yet bring myself to get another piggie. Do you remember how we used to call you Butter baby? You were so adorable, talkative and so cheerful. We remembered when you and Kim walked around the house, you used to hind kick her because she followed too close. Kim at the time never got how much you didn't like it... Ricky used to pretend to have classes and you never sat still to pay attention to a word he said, you were always in your own world. Butter, we are so blessed to have known you. You brought laughter and joy to our lives. Sometimes Ricky and I go to the pet store to look at other piggies. Once in a while we see a piggie that reminds us of you, our hearts lift a little.... I am so happy I have a few pictures and a video of you. I posted a tribute to you on youtube, you are forever immortalized in our hearts and I share your brightness with the world. Butter, you are terribly missed and I can't wait to be reunited with you. We love you.

Tomorrow marks six months since we last saw your precious face. Buttercup, we miss you each and every day. Not one moment passes by when we don't have fond memories of you. Kimmy misses you too. Last night I dreamt you were walking through the hallway. I didn't see your face but I knew it was you. In August, we gave in and got another piggie. She was adorable and Ricky named her Coco. Unfortunately Kimmy wasn't too thrilled with her and I knew they were never going to get along. We took her back to the pet store. I thought Kimmy was lonely but I guess she prefers her solitude more than anything and we give her a lot of attention, so that keeps her grounded. We have built a C & C cage for her and she has so much more room to move around. I wish I'd thought about that when you were with us. So many missed opportunities. I want you to know you will always hold a special place in our minds and hearts forever. We love you more than ever. ❤❤❤❤

My beautiful Buttercup, I can't believe an entire year has elapsed. Time goes by so quickly but my heart still misses you like crazy. I know you're in a much better place running around with your furry friends having the time of your life. Your little wonderful presence in our lives had a profound impact on us and we honor you today by remembering how sweet, cuddly and precious you were. You'll remain in our hearts forever. Love, all of us...Kimmie misses you so much...

My angel Butter. You are missed each and every day. We love you so much. Kimmy is such a good girl, she has such a strong immune system. We all had terrible colds and whatever else was going around and yet Kimmie has never fallen ill. She misses you so much. We honor you today by remembering how special and sweet you were and you will continue to hold a very special place in our hearts.

As the years go by my sweet Butter, we continue to miss your presence each and every day. Kimmie is still here missing you....Today marks three years since you've left us and not one day goes by where we don't have fond memories of you. One day we'll be reunited and I can't wait to see your lovely face again. We love and miss you terribly.

Butter, it is now five years, how the time goes by so quickly...Kimmie is well and so are all of us. We continue to miss your sweetness. We know you are in a better place. We love and will always cherish you.

My dearest Butter, today Kimmie passed, you should be seeing her soon. As you know, Kimmie was one tough cookie. She was as precious as you and our hearts are breaking once more. We know you both are in a better place and we are so happy you are now together. Please show her the ropes and introduce her to your friends, keep her entertained and let her not cry too much for us. We LOVE you both so much!!! Please take care of her; we miss you Butter.

Butter, I can't believe it has been 6 years already. We continue to miss you so much. I hope you and Kimmie are together each day having fun. We know we will be reunited with you both. God bless and keep you both safe.

My dear Butter, how does the time go by so fast? Honestly, I can't believe how the years just seem to fly by. Seven years seems like a lifetime ago and on the other hand, it was just yesterday. Bubby and I continue to miss you so much. We also miss Kimmie like crazy too. I am just so happy to know you are reunited with someone you know. We love and cherish your memories and are so honored you and Kimmie were a part of our lives. May God continue to bless your lives and keep you good until we all meet again.

Dearest Butter, I can't believe it has been 9 years already. You were a ray of sunshine in our lives and we continue to still miss you, my love. We have a puppy, his name is Damien and he and Bubby are super close. I hope you and Kimmy are playing and eating as much hay to your heart's content. Missing you always. until we meet again, so much love to you.

Dearest Butter, I am a bad pet mama...didn't even write anything last year but that is okay because you know you are always in my heart. There are so many updates-- that also contributed to me not writing anything last year. Your pet dad passed away unexpectedly last year, it was really shocking and even now I am still grieving. Bubby is without a father and I am a widow... but enough of all that. Bubby has moved out and has his own place with some roommates. How do children grow so fast and how is time flying by? We are in good health. Two weeks ago, I was at a friend's wedding and she lost her dog she had for many years recently and she remembered how grief-struck I was when we lost you. Even after all these years, my friends remember you too. I hope you've met your pet dad on the other side and you are comforted. Be well, and know that Bubs and I still miss you and Kimmy. Sending all my love.

My Beloved, where is the time going? How can it already be 12 years since you've been gone? Even though I am still young, I feel like an old woman, how could I be under 45 and experience so much grief? I feel my heart is in a state of pain...We miss you tons, I am glad you have Kimmie and your human dad keeping you company. All my love Butter, continue to enjoy your afterlife.

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