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Memories of Bailey
Bailey was my best boy. He was so sweet and caring. There was not a mean or aggressive bone in his body. Wherever I went Bailey went. He was so loyal. He made me a better person in all ways. I miss him more then words can say. I hope he comes to visit when he can and is so happy at the Rainbow Bridge. I love you Bailey !

Update- I have begun fostering dogs in memory of Bailey since February 2012. I know Bailey helps the dogs trust me and he protects me ( and my other dog Blizzard). I miss you so much still Bailey...always will xoxo

9/22/12- Hi Bailey ! I miss you so much. Having a hard day today thinking of you, because I miss you. But, I know you are still here with me and in a better place. Mommy misses and loves you so much xo

11/17/12- Hi my Bailey ! I still miss you every day. I hope you hear me saying good night to you. I know you are helping me with my foster dogs. I have your pic on my iphone and look at your sweet face evry day. This is my first Christmas you won't be here and "star" on my Christmas card cover. Breaks my heart. I did, however, do a celebration collage on the card this year of all your past Christmas pics. It came out beautiful. I miss you so much xo p.s. Please say hello to Hope (she was my foster dog who went to the Rainbow Bridge in July and also to Bianca- my friends's dog who went to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday unexpectedly). And all the people & animals I know and love who are there as well- you know who they are. And anything you can do to help Beau ( my other foster dog) with his skin issues and behavioral issues I would appreciate & to help me place all of them in the most loving, safe new homes--but most of all enjoy yourself my sweet baby boy. I hope you are running your "blitzes" like you used to and happy and healthy. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

12/14/12- Today a sad day in CT with school shootings- please welcome all those angels to heaven Bailey boy. This year has been so sad starting wih you leaving. Miss you and love you Bailey. I have your old xmas ornament on the fireplace mantle along with an old toy I got for you many years back. xo

12/16/12- I thought of you yesterday. Happy Happy Birthday Bailey. Though I never knew when your birthday was-- I knew it was in Dec. sometime ( from records) and chose Dec 15th to celebrate. I never made a big deal of your birthdays and the one year I did - you died after...so now I am a little afraid to celebrate yours or Blizzard's bday. Silly I know. I did think of you all day-- and I know you know that. xo

1/16/12- Yesterday was a hard day, as it was one year since you passed to the rainbow bridge. I love and miss you so much. Love, Mommy

1/16/19- Yesterday was 7 years since you past away my sweet baby. I posted your picture on facebook. I know you and Blizzy are still on my iPhone so I see your pic every day sweet pea. By now, you are with sweet Blizzard and this year you have met Ollie too. I know you know both of them died so tragically ( Blizzard by pet sitter insulin overdose and poor Ollie in the fire). The last few years have been hard without Blizzy- I was just getting over Blizzy's death and this year poor Ollie. I know you guys are together and I feel you guys all near me sometimes. I wish you were all here to give you a big giant hug. I know you are watching over us and I hope you guys are sooo happy. I hope you and Blizzy are taking good care of Ollie. In addition, I went to adopt Brady this past October and I know you know he had to be put down by the rescue so I hope you guys are with Brady too- I only met him for a couple days but he grabbed my heart. Please watch over Izzy and me. We are going to introduce Izzy to a new dog Shiloah ( 13 years old) tomorrow and if there's anything above you guys can do to make sure they get along I would really appreciate it. I really hope Shiloah is healthy and has at least several happy healthy years with us. Is there anything I can do for you guys ? Give me a signal. I know you feel my love still. I just sent a private prayer about nudging if the right one. I love you all so much ...Bailey you are my first true love. You changed my life. I love you. Mommy xoxo

1/16/21- Aww Bailey I still think of you all the time . I know you saw the ornaments on my tree with us together . Christmas always makes me think of you . All those crazy Christmas cards I dressed you up for ... always such a good sport . Did you hear me singing " the weather outside is frightful but Bailey & Blizzy are so delightful ". I miss you you so much . And Blizzy . And Ollie . Take care of of each other & pls visit me & Izzy & Shiloh . Watch over Izzy and Shiloh if you can . I love you so so much - Mommy xoxo

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