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Memories of Baby Saint
Baby Saint and her Mummy Helen were cruelly abused and dumped at the side of a busy road. My Husband Mike went out to collect them both and someone had poked out Baby Sain't eyes they had also stood on her and she had a disabled back leg and a dislocated back leg and hip. Her Mummy Helen had a twisted spine and overgrown nails and was alive with mites down her back. We have 29 rescue rabbits, Baby Saint was just one of them and just so very special.
I remember when Mike brought you and your Mummy Helen home you were so tiny that Mike could hold you in the palm of his hand and you were both in such a state that both Mike and I cried. We had never seen such cruelty until then. We did what we could for you both that night and made you both as comfortable as possible but we didn't expect you Baby Saint to make it overnight and in the morning I made Mike go in the room first as I was so sure that you would not be with us anymore but there you were sat in the middle of the food dish still eating.
Oh how you have always loved your food and your favourite nom's were banana you had banana on your breakfast every morning and if we ran out of bananas it was a quick drive to the store to get some more.

We use to let you and Helen out to play and you would follow your Mummy and do little happy jumps you couldn't binky like a normal bunny due to your little disabled leg and dislocated pelvis and hip but God had given you two long front legs and you could get about quite easily by pulling yourself along and using your disabled back leg for balance. You may have looked a sad sight to many but you were the happiest little bunny we have ever seen and you were also cheeky and you were always a baby to us with your baby face and baby fluffy soft fur that's why we called you Baby Saint.

Oh Baby Saint you were so loved, protected and cared for not only by Mike and I but your Mummy Helen, she has been an amazing Mum to you and has never ever left you not even when you were both abused and dumped by someone did she leave you ,instead she huddled close to you to keep you warm and to this day I could cry thinking about what you had both been through and how scared and frightened you both must have been.

I want this tribute to be as special as you were and you were very special to us, we were and are still very proud of you, you were such a brave little girl such a fighter and life will never be the same without you in it. I don't think I have ever cried so much since you left us I feel like my heart is truly broken and is beyond repair.

So Thank You Baby Saint for staying with us longer than we thought you would, for making us smile every day with the little things you would do and for making us so proud of you because after everything you went through you remained a loveable little bunny who everyone loved.

Now go play at the Bridge little one all well again, your eyes will see and you will be able to binky till your hearts content and we will never never ever forget you as you will remain in our hearts forever...safe and sound.

Love you to the moon and back Baby Saint xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

( 1-11-2013 )
We lost 'Penny'our beautiful white with lavender eyes bunny, she was 18 months old and we had her for 6 wonderful months after someone had kept her in a cold dark garage on her own. Penny was poorly and on having an x-ray at the vet's it was discovered she had a tumour which they couldn't operate on due to it's position close under her spine so we had no option but to let her go join Baby Saint at the Bridge.
Take care of Baby Saint Penny and look out for the rest of the Tuckerbunnies at the Bridge. Thank you for 6 happy months of looking at your beautiful face every day and the sunshine that you brought into our lives. Wait for us we will be there to take care of you all again one day. Love you to the moon and back beautiful Penny.

( 21-11-13 )
Oh Baby Saint how I am missing you. There isn't a day I don't think about you and secretly smile to myself, I miss so many little things about you, that cheeky little baby face of your's and that soft fluffy fur that never changed hence we called you Baby Saint. I just want to hold you and cuddle you and I can't.
I hope you are happy at the Bridge little one and are being looked after as well as we looked after you,and I hope you can see now and all the beautiful colours of the new world you live in. I know your Mummy Helen misses you and we have had to buy her a safe soft toy bunny to cuddle up to and wash like she did with you as she is to frail to put with a real bunny but she is not alone Baby Saint, Kenzo is still next to her and he keeps his eye on her and Katie and Koko the Martin Sable girls are also watching her for you and of course she has us. We will all be with you again one day sweetheart and until then keep watching for us. We love you Baby Saint to the moon and back

( Christmas Day 2013 )
We have lost so many bunnies this year Baby Saint besides you. Little Pepsi, Faith, Big girl Tia, my gentle Lucy Rose and Henry, the babies Oscar and Winter, Penny, Old boy Gypsy at 9 years old and his companion Parsley and of course you and today is Christmas Day and I think one of my worse as I miss you all so very much. Hope you are all together playing at the Bridge and remember Baby Saint I will be there one day to look after you again. Happy Christmas Baby Saint.

January 2014
How will I get through it without you :-(


( October 3rd 2014)
It's been a year since you left us Baby Saint and you are still missed so very much. Today I will light a candle for you and so I hope you see it because if you do it's because at that moment we are thinking about you and wishing you were here with us. Your Mummy Helen is still here and today it's her 6th Birthday, she misses you so much and has never really been happy without you. I hope our other precious ones are looking after you and no doubt Grace will take you under her wing till your Mummy Helen get's there. I often sit here and think about you sweetheart I don't think I will ever get over losing you, my heart is in bits. Have fun at the Bridge my special girl, you are always in our heart forever and ever and to the moon and back.


( March 6th 2015 )
Today is your Birthday and you would have been 6 years old. There isn't a day I don't think about you or miss you, I always and will always love you and can't wait to be with you again one day. Your Mummy Helen is doing ok at the moment but she hasn't been well she has had a lot of chest infections and she need's constant dentals and it can be to much for her and I think she has missed you since the day you left for the Bridge.
So today sweetheart we have a candle burning for you as we remember your Birthday and just how special and precious you were.
Love you little Baby Saint with all my heart to the moon and back.


(August 9th 2015 )
Today Baby Saint our hearts broke again as today your Mummy Helen died in Mikes arms and although we are heartbroken we find comfort in knowing she will now be with you and taking great care of you once again. Thank you so much for letting us have her just that little bit longer than we expected but now it's time for her to be Mummy Helen again xxxx

Mummy Helen you were loved and we will never ever forget you , we shall look up to the sky and we know you and Baby Saint will be looking down, you will be the brightest stars, be happy at the Bridge with your baby always, and wait for us we will be there one day to

Love you to the Moon and Back.

(October 3rd 2015)
It's been 2 years today since you left us and still our heart's break for you. I don't think I will ever get over losing you as you and your Mummy were so precious to us and you were just a little star. No doubt you will be celebrating your Mummy Helens Birthday as she will be 7 years old today. I cry as I write this as I truly miss you so much but I know you are with your Mummy and happy and that's all me and Daddy Mike want for you ...to be happy. I have candles lit for you both and want you to know we love you both so very very much right up to the moon and back...as always.

( October 3rd 2015 )
'Happy Birthday 'Mummy Helen today you are 7 years old and I know you will have your Baby Saint with you and all the Tuckerbunny Bridge bunnies close by and us waiting to one day be with you all again.
Love you to the moon and back Mummy Helen as always.

( October 3rd 2016 )
It's now 3 years since you left for the Bridge Baby Saint and I still miss you so much but know Mummy Helen will be with you and taking great care of you as always.
Love you to the Moon and Back always .

( October 3rd 2016 )
'Happy Birthday Mummy Helen 8 today , hope you are celebrating it with Baby Saint and the Tuckerbunny Bridge bunnies .

( October 3rd 2017 )
4 years today without you and I still cry, I still come here to listen to the music and think about you. You will always be so special to me and I miss you every day and I always will. Stay close to your Mummy Helen and remember I will be there one day to look after you all again , till then stay happy little one.

( October 3rd 2017 )
Happy Birthday Mummy Helen today you will be 9 years old and I am thinking of you and smiling. Love you always and forever.

( March 6th 2020 )

Today is your Birthday Baby Saint and you would have been 11 years old. Today I am sad as I remember you as you were so special, such a happy little one. I hope you are at the Bridge with your Mummy Helen and you can see all the beautiful things around you and you are happy, I will be there one day to look after you all again, but for now I will light a candle as I think about you and smile ) Love you xxxxxxx


( October 3rd 2020 )

It's 7 years today since you left us Baby Saint and I think about you often. Today I will light a candle for you as always and remember just ho special you were. Love you always xxxxxxxxxxxxx


( October 3rd 2020 )

Today it would have been your 12th Birthday Mummy Helen, you would have had Birthday treats as we would celebrate your Birthday but all I can do is light a candle and be happy knowing you are with your Daughter, Happy Birthday at the Bridge little one . Love you xxxxxxxxxx

( October 3rd 2021 )
Happy 13th Birthday Helen, hope you are having a lovely day at the Bridge with your Daughter Baby Saint and all the Tuckerbunnies at the Bridge. Love you now and always and forever .
( October 3rd 2021 )
Today 8 years ago our hearts broke in to a million pieces when we lost you, our little bundle of joy and light, that's what you were to us. Precious and so special. So today I light a candle for you and Mummy Helen and probably have a little cry as I remember you both. Love you lots Baby Saint , to the Moon and Back.

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