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Memories of Auswald ("Ausie")
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Little Man Ausie, you have been gone to the Paradise meadow by Rainbow Bridge for a long, long month now. Grandma and Grandpa are still dealing with the grief of the loss of our special little dog man. It is still difficult for us to understand that you are gone from our everyday lives...everywhere we look, we see you doing the things that made us smile. Everything we do seems to remind us of happier times when you were with us. Though you are no longer physically with us, you are nestled forever deep in our hearts and forever in our memories. We know sending you on to Paradise meadow with your dignity to be reborn young and healthy again to play as you once did as a young puppy and dog was the right decision to make for you but that knowledge does not make the decision any easier or less painful for us. We hope your journey to Paradise meadow was peaceful and that you were met at meadow's gate by the others of our meadow fur family...big kitty sister Pressy, kitty brother Willie, big doggy sister Hannah, Lady Char, and all the other furbabies Grandma and Grandpa have loved who have gone on to the meadow before you.

We will come back many times to write all about our little man for others to know what joy and love you brought to our lives but right now we are yet too saddened by your passing.

4/13/15 Good Morning, little old man. Grandma and Grandpa are missing you so very much. Everywhere we look, we see so many reminders of you...you were and still are a big part of our lives. Our trip to Arizona last month was not the usual good time with you...we could only continue to remember all the previous trips with our little man traveling with us; you were such a good traveling companion. Grandma had no one to share her "on the road snacks" with...I could see the sad look on her face when she would come out of the truck stop café with a snack. She was sad because she had no eager little boy Ausie to share it with. Our Spring Arizona driving trip was always your "vacation" trip to go visit Great-Grandpa and Auntie Dalinda and to explore new places on the way...we missed you terribly. Our trip was not nor never will be the same without our little man with us. Auntie Dalinda was very sad about you having to go on to Paradise meadow. Grandma and Grandpa are still not ready yet to write about the many wonderful memories we have of our little man but we will because you left us with many happy ones...it's just right now the strongest memory we have is the sad day we had to say goodbye to you. We love you so much little old man...you will live on forever in our hearts.


With heavy hearts and a tear in our eyes,
After all these years, we must say goodbye.
Please understand we've done all we could,
If there was anything we could do, you know we would.

I'm sitting right here gently rubbing your ears,
While I talk to you softly, trying to hold back the tears.
The memories you gave us we'll never forget,
Especially the ones of the day we met.

One last hug and one last kiss,
You have no idea how much you'll be missed.
To look into your eyes this one last time...
You tell me it's ok, you know it's your time.

Close your eyes now, and go to sleep,
We'll pray to the Lord your soul He'll keep.
Go in peace now, our good friend,
We'll stay right here with you until the end.

Dream of that special day and time,
When we'll meet at the Bridge and all will be fine.
We'll run and play, side by side,
With a soft warm feeling deep down inside.

Your memory will live on in each one of us,
You'll always be number one to all of us.
Have a safe journey through the night,
I promise when you awake, you'll be in God's light.

So with heavy hearts, and tears in our eyes...
Just for now my friend, we say goodbye.

4/15/15 Good Morning, little old man. Grandma and Grandpa miss our little boy so much...we love you so and your absence from our everyday lives is deeply felt. We know you are once again young and able to run and play with sister Pressy and brother Willie as you once did...it is a mental picture that give us some comfort. Enjoy the beauty of the Paradise meadow and the companionship of so many precious furangels...we think of you always and hold you forever deep in our hearts. Love, Grandma and Grandpa
7/4/15 Happy Independence Day, little old man. We're thinking of you today...as we do always. We miss you but we know you would not be happy with the loud noises of the fireworks. Know the beautiful Paradise meadow fireworks make no noise so all furangels feel safe. Love, Grandpa
9/23/15 Good Morning, our little man. We miss you so much but know you will always be with us in our hearts alongside your pawprints and in our memories. Love, Grandma and Grandpa
11/26/15 Happy Thanksgiving, Little Man. Love, Grandma and Grandpa
12/21/15 Good Morning, our little old man Ausie. Grandpa put a Christmas tree for you and a gift...it is filled with the forever love for you of Grandma and Grandpa. We know you are smiling down at us from Paradise meadow together with kitty sister Pressy to celebrate this glorious time of year with us. Love, Grandma and Grandpa
12/25/15 Merry Christmas, little man. Love, Grandma and Grandpa
2/9/16 Good Morning, little man. The Monster is coming to the meadow to be with you and Pressy. She is very sick so it is time for her to come to the meadow to be young and healthy again. You will have your best playmate with you again so you two can play wrestle and chase just as you did here at home. Know you'll help Pressy great the little kitty girl at meadow's gate and comfort her. Love, Grandpa
3/6/16 Good Morning, little man. Yesterday was a very sad day for Grandma and Grandpa...it was one year ago we had to say goodbye to you, our little old doggie man. Grandma and Grandpa think of you always and carry you forever in our hearts. We're sad you are not longer with us but know your spirit watches over us always and we are comforted knowing you are young and healthy again in Paradise meadow. You now have your playmate The Monster with you as well as the little old gray lady kitty Pressy so we know you are happy with your best companions again. Love, Grandpa
6/20/16 Good Morning, little man. Love, Grandpa
9/22/16 Good Morning, handsome little old man. Grandma and Grandpa think about our little man all the time...we will always be sad you're no longer with us to cuddle but know you're watching over us from the Paradise meadow and are with us in spirit forever. Have fun playing with the Monster and give the old gray lady kitty a nuzzle from us. Love, Grandpa
12/17/16 Good Morning, little old man. Grandpa put a Christmas tree and a present filled with our love for you at your place so you can celebrate Christmas with us in spirit as we know you are always with us. Love, Grandpa
12/25/16 Merry Christmas, little man Ausie. Grandma and Grandpa really miss our little doggie man but we know you're celebrating with us. Love, Grandpa
1/1/17 Happy New Year, little man. We really miss our boy! Love, Grandma and Grandpa
2/14/17 Happy Saint Valentine's Day, doggie boy. You will be Grandma and Grandpa's special little Valentine doggie forever...always in our hearts with wonderful memories. Love, Grandpa
3/5/17 Good Morning, little man. Another year has gone by without out our sweet Ausie. We sadly remember this day two years ago when we had to say goodbye to our special little doggie man sending you on to Paradise meadow to be young and healthy again with your kitty Pressy. Grandma and Grandpa miss you so...our trips without you riding with us are not the same...we miss you helping us drive and sharing our snacks. We know you are playing happily with Pressy and the Monster kitty is now with you...you have your special kitty playmate again. We love and miss you so, little man. We'll rejoin you one day in Paradise meadow; until then watch over Grandma and Grandpa with Pressy and The Monster. Love, Grandpa
12/6/17 Happy Saint Nikolaus Day, little old man. Know Saint Nikolaus came to Paradise meadow today to pass out new toys and favorite treats to all the animal angels...we're sure there were many happy smiles, wagging tails, and loud purrs today. Love, Grandpa
12/25/17 Merry Christmas, little man Ausie. Heard you and all the furangels sing to us at Midnight last night...thank you, sweet dog man. Love, Grandpa

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