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Memories of Apollo
You came to us on May 8, 2010 as a little 3 month old puppy. You were full of energy. Things were good in the house and your big sissy Satin Marie loved you. Elvis wasn't that interested in you of course. June 11, 2011 we rescued yet another boy, Jesse, and you just never got over that, 8 incidents in the 6 years you two were together. You were with us 7 years 7 months and 19 days, not nearly long enough
12/272017: Another fight with Jesse, the last fight. I had no choice but to send you home to be with Satin Marie, a decision I will regret and beat myself up over for the rest of my life. You were my puppykins, m babykins, my baby baby and my Kid. Most of all though, you were loved dearly. You were also your mommas punk and she misses you terribly. Losing Satin Marie June 1, 2017 was terrible, having to say goodbye to you December 27, 2017 has made things even more despondent here. I failed you Apollo but through it all I never stopped loving you and I never will forget you. I am so sorry it had to come down to what it did and I wish I had never done it. I am so sorry!
1/3/2018: It's been one week and the pain is so raw. I can't stop blaming myself. I wish I had changed my mind and turned around and brought you back home. I should have given you another chance. I'll never forgive myself and I feel as if I chose Jesse over you but my mind knows that was and is not the case.
January 5, 2018: I brought your remains home today. It was our last truck ride together. I miss you so much, nothing is ever going to be the same without you. I just want you to know that it wasn't your fault and that you didn't do anything wrong. I failed you in the worst way, I was supposed to protect you and I didn't.
1/10/2018: 2 weeks now and things are getting a bit easier. Jesse lays where you used to, a lot. I know he misses you and wonders where you are when he goes outside. It's not the same Kid and it never will be. I ordered an engraved stone for you, like the one Satin and Molly have on their final resting places. Although you are in the house with us, I will place your stone next to Satins, which is how she would have wanted it. I miss you terribly kid. I loved you so much and I always will.
1/17/2018: 3 weeks and I still miss you terribly. I keep beating myself up over my decision, no matter how much I try to tell myself it was for the best, because deep down inside I don't believe it was. I should've given you one more chance baby baby. I am so sorry Apollo.
1/19/2018: Your memorial stone came today but I haven't opened it yet. EDIT: It's beautiful!
1/24/2018: 4 weeks and noting has changed. It's not the same letting the other two boys outside, it's too calm now.
1/27/2018: One month now since you've been gone, since I did what I had to do, at least I keep telling myself that. I miss you so much Kid, I failed you, miserably, and I can't and won't forgive myself. I just want to hold that face of yours and give you kisses. I'm only going to write here each month but I will always come and visit you, make changes as the seasons change. Of course, your birthday is around the corner so I have to be here then. I always loved you and I always will baby baby.
2/8/2018: Today would have been your 8th birthday. All the other birthdays seemed to just come and go. I wish I had celebrated them with you as I should have with all the other kids and now it's too late. I miss you terribly baby baby. Happy Birthday to my kid.
2/27/2018: It's been two months now kid and the pain has not left me or the guilt. I miss you so much and I cannot forgive myself.
3/27/2018: It's been 3 months now since you left me and it still isn't getting better. I wish I could undue what I had to do because I miss you so damn much kid.
4/27/2018: Another month passes by without you, 4 months now since I sent you to the Meadow. I am so sorry baby baby, I really wish I had given you one more chance. The house is so quiet and too relaxed without you here but I know I did what was best for everyone. I love you so much kid.
5/27/2018: It's been five lonely months now since I had to let you go and it isn't any easier. Another month down to endless months without you my baby baby. I feel so horrible for what I did, what I know I had to do, not just for you but for everyone here. I feel your presence almost everyday and miss you terribly.
6/27/2018: It's been six months and not a day goes by that I am not thinking about you and of course, crying.
7/27/2018: Seven months, where has the time gone? I wish I could go back to that evenig in December. Perhaps if I had gotten home sooner, or if I had gone out the gate to take out the trash. I feel so guilty when I am paying attention to Jesse, and of course I think of you always. You were and always will be my Kid, my babykins, my puppykins.
8/27/2018: 8 months and not a day goes by that I hate myself for doing what I did, regardless of the fact I had no choice. I loved you so much and still do and always will. I miss you so terribly. I am so sorry for breaking my promise of never forsaking you. Please forgive me!
9/27/2018: 9 months and still missing you so terribly. I know Elvis is there with you and Satin. He was in so much pain that we had to send him to you both September 12, 2018. I'll never forgive myself for what I did and I wish I could bring you back to me. 10/27/2018: 10 months and I still miss you so very much. The guilt gets to be a bit overwhelming at times and not a day goes by that I am not crying. 11/27/1018: 11 months and still miss you terribly and cry several times a day over what I did and the fact you are gone. I am so sorry, I promised to never forsake you. And I broke that promise. 12/25/2018: Merry Christmas Kid. It's so hard to believe a year has almost passed by without you here. I cry every night, missing you so terribly. 12/27/2018: Well, it's been a year now since you left me. Not a day goes by I am not crying over what I did, no matter how much I try to convince myself it was for the best. You deserved so much better from me, but all of you kids did. I miss you so damn much and I cry every night while in bed with Jesse. He misses you so much, I know he does. It's not the same with you my baby baby and I can never forgive myself. I wish I would've given you one more chance. I love you so much!1/27/2019 and still missing you. 2/8/2019: You came to me in my dreams. It was wonderful although waking up and you not being there was very sad. I am SO sorry Apollo! And it was your birthday, what a gift it was for me my baby baby.12/25/19: Merry Christmas baby baby 12/27/19 It's been 2 years now since you left and I still cry almost everyday. I miss you so very much my babykins, my puppykins, my kid. I will never forgive myself for doing what I did, regardless of whether I had no other choice. You were and always shall be my baby baby Apollo. 2/8/20: Happy birthday baby baby, you would've been 10 this year. 12/25/20: Merry Christmas my baby baby 12/27/20: It's been 3 years since I let you go and not a day goes by that I don't regret my decisions, made in anger. It wasn't your fault my precious baby baby and I will never forgive myself. I am so sorry. 1/1/21: Happy New Year baby baby 2/8/21:Happy Birthday Baby Baby you would have been 11 12/25/21: merry Christmas my baby baby 12/27/21: It's been 4 years now since you left me and not a day goes by I am not thinking about you or crying still. I am so terribly sorry for failing you my baby baby1/1/22: Happy New year Baby Baby.2/8/22: Happy Heavenly Birthday to you my Baby Baby 12/27/22: Another Christmas without you and I still cry. I am so sorry my baby baby Merry Christmas to you 2/8/23: Happy Heavenly Birthday my Baby Baby miss you still and always. 9/26/03 Jesse left me to join all of you today say hello and I love all of you. Happy Thanksgiving 2023 12/25/23 Merry Christmas baby baby 12/27/23 Another year has gone by without you here and I still hate myself for what I did. 6 years and the tears still come to me. I am so sorry baby baby. I miss you so damn much. 1/1/24 Happy New year baby baby 2/8/24 Happy birthday baby baby
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